Best Branding Strategies That can Help Attract More Clients

A successful brand building is a compilation of strategies that helps to improve brand visibility, trust, and relevance to the potential customers, which further induces them to make buying decisions.


Brand strategies are all about creating valuable experiences and brand interaction, which helps to convert potential customers into actual buyers. These experiences are very creative and unique from brand to brand. There are no said guidelines that work for all the brands.

However, some factors and pillar strategies need to be customized for specific brands and goals.

What does your brand stand for?

The best way to build aligning strategies is to define your brand. Understand what are the key traits that resonate with your buyers. People will repel away if the content is not something they connect with. Tell them or show them, visually or verbally, in simple and understandable terms.

It narrows down to understanding the core values, unique selling points, and core theme for the branded content.

Understanding the core values

It can be quite difficult to describe a brand without any values. The brand value relates to what the brand stands for, who it serves and what is the core business – all in a few lines.

To help draw brand values, consider the mission, vision, and goals as a starting point. The ‘why’ of the business serves as a foundation to the core values and gives a reason for why a company does what it does.

By having conclusive brand values, you are making it clear for the buyers to identify you with and also gives them a reason to stay connected with you as a brand.

Unique Selling Proposition

You must be familiar with the saying that if you are trying to sell to everyone and do not have a target audience, you are selling to no one. It is essential to identify what is making you different and unique from other competitors. Brainstorming the unique characteristics of the business is a great start to understand what would make you stand out as a brand.

To help potential customers identify you, they need to know what is unique about you as a brand. Once you identify the things that make you different, shout it to the world! It doesn’t have to appeal to everyone. It’s okay if it doesn’t appeal to all. Focus on the aspects that resonate and have a unique appeal with the audience who will appreciate it the most.

Position your brand to attract more customers

An industry has several brands that stand in different contexts. Despite dealing with relatively same products, brands serve very different audiences. There is no top position, you need to have a clear brand position. Block the position based on your brand’s goals, add your unique voice in the conversation, and align with like-minded businesses and audiences.

Set a target

One of the best branding and sales strategies for any business is to create a specific niche market. This helps to unify the brand voice and help identify opportunities in your market. Customize your marketing in a way that resonates with what they are looking for. You just need to have a healthy market share and relevance to your audience. Find a vulnerable group that needs your brand and serve them the best they’ve ever had.

How to build a brand persona that attracts an audience?

A brand persona is an essential aspect of bringing all the above-discussed elements in a comprehensive and actionable way. Certain steps will help you build an effective brand persona.

  1. Personality traits: Now that you have narrowed down the core values of the brand, brainstorm and select a few words that describe your brand’s personality. It is a starting point that can help you realize the brand’s story. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can always revisit and change them. You can prioritize the words and select the top five from the list.
  1. Brand color: Another aspect that sets a brand persona is the color used. Make sure that you don’t select more than 3 colors otherwise it would be difficult for your audience to recognize your brand. Every color holds a specific emotion so beware before you choose some.
  1. Finding a strong theme: Understanding what your business does well helps to establish a strong brand theme. Don’t assume that people will figure it out on their own. You need to establish it and evaluate it with the pain points of your target audience. Everyone wants to associate a brand that values their concerns, giving a reason for them to talk about the brand itself.
  1. Your brand’s story: People connect better with stories than anything else. It is essential to have a powerful story in your brand building that helps to define all the brand assets and builds a brand culture around them. It is how your audience can relate to your brand, understand the problems and world itself. Stories will help the customers understand what to expect from a product and the company. It will also help them resonate with the brand better, which in itself helps the brand to build its personality.

The Bottom Line

Brand personas are a great way to build a lucrative brand that converts audiences into customers. People love to be associated with a lively brand that has a voice, a story to tell, and a personality that can be related to. Interaction is a great way to know your audience better and build a pool of devoted buyers.

What can Vowels do for you?

All the above steps are a guide to an effective brand-building process. However, it can be quite difficult to execute these steps without a professional who can help you navigate through this process. Doing these steps by yourself can get a bit tricky and overwhelming, costing a fortune to your brand and even hurting the market reputation. This is where Vowels come in. We are a UAE/Dubai-based brand-building agency with experienced professionals who know the pulse of the market and help you take the right and latest marketing approaches. Contact and schedule a call with us!

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