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Vowels helps you create & revitalize your brand by building consistent communication for your customers for them to love you.We align the stakeholders vision with the business objectives to create the right strategy.

What is brand strategy?

How it works?

As our area of expertise, we excel in providing brand strategy and development consultancy through a strategic approach that aims at grabbing a mind share while creating a unique personality for the brand. Our three-fold focus is on curating a unique brand strategy design, establishing a well-defined brand identity, and setting a well-rounded brand development.

The process of brand strategy involves multiple points of communication of your brand with your customers. And each of these interactions gives you the opportunity to occupy a certain part of their mind-space. Let’s create a brand strategy design that resonates with your customers. Give us a call.

Inclusions In Our Branding Packages

Discovery Session

We help businesses define their unique brand message and branding positioning.

Brand Purpose & Vision

Define the core purpose of the brand and its long-term vision. This includes the brand’s mission statement and the overarching goals it aims to achieve.

Brand Positioning

Clearly articulate the brand’s unique value proposition and positioning statement.

Brand Personality & Voice

Establish the brand’s personality traits and the tone of voice it will use in communications.

Brand Touchpoints

Identify all the points where customers interact with the brand, such as the website, social media, packaging, advertising, and customer service.

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Brand Strategy Elements

A strong brand strategy is the roadmap to success. It defines your brand identity, messaging, and overall approach to connect with your target audience and achieve your business goals. Here at Vowels, we break down the brand strategy process into five key steps to guide you in crafting a winning strategy:

Discovery & Customer Mapping

Brand Emotion | Brand Values | Brand Promise | Brand Purpose |  Brand Philosophy | Brand Mindset

Being among the best brand strategy agencies, Vowels excels in the art of connecting the dots, especially when it comes to identifying, comprehending, and scrutinizing your customer base. Through a meticulous process, we refer to as discovery, our team of experts collaborates closely with you to gain profound insights into your brand’s essence and structure. We embark on an extensive journey of evaluating and diagnosing the various touchpoints, ensuring alignment among stakeholders. Moreover, we assist you in pinpointing your primary and secondary customer segments, crafting a vivid picture of their personalities throughout their user journey. Curious to learn more about how this seamlessly integrates with our brand strategy agency? Connect with us!

  1. 1. We craft user persona for your brand
  2. 2. Identify the primary and secondary customer for you
  3. 3. Understand the traits and personalities of your audience
  4. 4. We roadmap your customer’s journey
Designing Brand Story & Purpose

Diagnose & Analyze | Stakeholder Alignment | Competitor analysis | Brand Archetype | Brand Attributes Workshop | Brand Architecture | User Persona | User Journey

Creating an exciting & seamless evolution, we stitch together the emotions & philosophies your brand would want to relay. We lend it a past and a future, devising a brand story that resonates with all. We are the magic wand you need, to steer your brand from confusion & clutter to moving towards a well-established story that is here to stay.

  1. 1. We curate a list of brand emotions
  2. 2. We define a set of brand values for you
  3. 3. Strategies & develop a brand philosophy from the very first go
  4. 4. Establishing a brand promise which resonates with your audience
Developing Brand Personality & Image

Brand Look & Feel | Brand Character | Brand Image | Brand Personality | Brand Positioning | Brand Prism

Your brand is much more than what it has to offer. It is a name in itself- a name with a back story, a name with an aspiring future, and a name that comes with an identity and personality. This is exactly what our team at Vowels works towards. We give a well-rounded look and feel to your brand, helping it shine out as the best among the crowd. We develop its character and persona, positioning it as something that is here to make a difference in the market!

  1. 1. We curate a well-defined look and feel for your brand
  2. 2. We establish your brand’s character and image
  3. 3. Upon detailed research, we position your brand in the best way possible
  4. 4. We curate a brand identity and personality for you
Creating Brand Voice & Tone

Brand Vocabulary | Word Cloud | Phrases |  Verbal System | Brand Adjectives | Brand Adverbs

Playful or mature? Quirky or sophisticated? Whatever you dream of your brand’s voice to be like, we bring it to life! We articulate the way your brand reaches out to its audience, relaying a bit of its personality, one word at a time. Being the inevitable brand strategy agency, we curate a tonality that sets the tone for your brand to communicate in, with a set of vocabulary that is tailor-made for the brand. Our team of word masters establishes a set of guidelines and verbal systems that add character to your brand through its voice.

  1. 1. We set communication guidelines for you
  2. 2. Develop a tone of voice for the brand
  3. 3. Craft a verbal system that sets of how you interact with your audience
  4. 4. Define its vocabulary- the do’s and don’t, the important phrases

We craft a unique brand identity, navigate competition, ensure communication, and empower your team for market impact.

Distinctive Visual Identity

Distinctive Visual Identity

Forge a memorable & recognizable visual identity system. Tailor logos, colors, and design elements to communicate your brand's essence.

Unified Communication

Unified Communication

Ensure consistent and seamless communication across all channels. Foster internal alignment and empower your team for impactful market presence.

Harnessing Archetypes in Brand Strategy: Unlocking the Power of Symbolism

Embarking on a psychological journey, archetypes in branding draw from universal symbols and narratives deeply ingrained in the human psyche. By aligning your brand with archetypal personas—such as the Hero, Sage, or Rebel—you tap into powerful, pre-existing narratives that resonate with your audience on a primal level.

Key Elements:

Symbolic Connection:
Forge a symbolic link between your brand and archetypal personas, leveraging shared cultural symbols and stories.

Emotional Resonance:
Invoke emotional responses by tapping into archetypal themes that align with your brand’s values and aspirations.

Consistent Brand Story:
Craft a consistent brand story that aligns with the chosen archetype, ensuring authenticity and resonance across diverse touchpoints.


Why Choose VOWELS for Your Brand Strategy?

  • Proven Expertise: Leverage our extensive experience in crafting effective business strategies.
  • Customized Solutions: Benefit from tailored strategies that align perfectly with your unique business goals.
  • Innovative Thinking: Take advantage of our creative approach to solving complex business challenges.
  • Collaborative Approach: Experience a partnership where your input and feedback are valued and incorporated.
  • Focused Execution: Trust our ability to execute strategies efficiently and effectively.
  • Ongoing Support: Count on our continuous support to adapt and refine strategies as needed.

Branding Reviews

Based on +300 reviews

“Some of our best packagings were designed by their team.”

Mohamed Saim Product Development Head, Ergonomic

“Their efforts and dedication towards the brand were priceless and unmatched.”

Jaivardhan Agarwal Founder & CEO, Ayurvridhi

The final look and feel of the brand were clear and unique. Vowels Advertising has great creative capabilities and is proactive in the work they take on. They were easy to work with and understand their clients’ needs perfectly.

Tapneesh Kohli Kohli's Owner

“An absolute breeze working with the Vowels team. Worked on a product packaging project & loved what they’ve done. Give them a try, they wont disappoint”.

Mohammad Salman Founder, Navo Brands LLC

Packaging is more than a protective shell; it's a canvas that tells your brand story, captivates customers, and sets you apart on crowded shelves. Our packaging design process transforms functional necessity into a compelling brand experience.



Furniture Industry


Simply Kitchen

Cookwear Retail Industry


200% Skincare

Skincare Consciousness Industry

Brand naming process unfolds the narrative of your brand across every interaction. From the harmonious selection of words to the strategic alignment with your brand ethos, we curate brand names that not only signify but elevate the perception of your business.



Industrial Water Treatment



Real Estate Industry


Hue Pad

Lifestyle Industry

Let’s Create An Awesome Logo for Your Brand Together

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    If expanding your name, resonating with your customers, cutting an edge
    in the market and amplifying your brand image is on your mind, then
    you should most definitely be investing in brand strategy!

    Yes, rebranding is what you’re looking for! Here, we partner with you
    to give your existing brand a fresh and renewed look and feel- in terms
    of a visual and verbal language, refined brand personality,
    positioning and more.

    An essential part of your brand strategy, the logo is a symbol that
    represents the brand. While it may be regarded as the face of the brand,
    there are many other elements which comprise your brand.

    Your brand is an amalgamation of the name it carries, the product
    or service it offers, and the feeling it evokes in your audiences’
    mind when they think of you. It is a mix of both, tangible as well
    as intangible deliverables and feelings.

    Branding helps you create a memorable impression that sets you apart
    from your competition. It enhances brand loyalty by creating a unique
    tribe of your customers, thereby positively impacting sales.

    A completely unique and differentiated process, the time taken to
    conceptualize a brand strategy varies from one brand to another.
    It ideally depends on the scope of work and the facets that you
    want to cover while devising your brand strategy.

    At Vowels, we take a unique approach where we work from scratch to
    know your brand and build its strategy. Additionally, we build a
    stylescape which becomes your brand guide in terms of design,
    tone and visuals.

    Depending on the parameters that you wish to cover, we design a
    brand strategy and stylescaping in accordance to your budget and
    goals. Again, this varies from brand to brand and project to project.

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