7 Simple Ways for The Brand-Building Process from The Scratch

Just like the operation of the business, the brand-building process is a crucial and valuable asset for any company. Brand building is the key to a sustained and positive relationship with the audience that ties them to a company.

Brand building starts with a brand vision with a well-defined description of the image for the brand. It also reflects what would resonate with the brand – it dictates what the brand stands for the customers and other stakeholders. It also plays a crucial role in influencing the marketing program.


What is a brand?

The brand is an identity that depends on how it is projected – it forms a foundation for brand reputation, trust and communication. As Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, says, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.

What does the brand-building process mean?

The critical aspect of the brand is its likeability. It is a known fact that customers tend to buy from the brand that they like. This is crucial for any brand that has just started. The newer brand needs to have a better branding quotient if they want a firm footing in the market.

What is the process of brand building?

Brand building is the cycle of developing a persistent presence in the market by producing an impression or understanding via different marketing initiatives.

1. Creating a brand blueprint

The brand blueprint is the business plan that explains what the company is all about to the core demographic. The blueprint aids in the brand’s differentiation from the competition. It demonstrates to your intended audience how credible, dependable, appealing, and unique you are as a brand.

It involves the following specifications:

  • Target group
  • Brand story
  • Competitor research
  • Brand voice
  • Brand identification

2. A brand’s visual identity

The brand name is also the means through which the brand blueprint is communicated to customers, and it may include more than just visual aspects.

Brand identity has the following elements:

  • Logo
  • Colours
  • Fonts and design
  • Online presence
  • Marketing
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Behaviour
  • Language

3. Brand marketing blueprint

Brand marketing is how organisations use strategic communications to showcase and distinguish their goods or services to their potential customers. Because of the outbreak, branding strategy in 2021 has gone to a whole new level. Digital marketing is becoming increasingly popular worldwide and is here to stay.

Some of the activities that are involved in brand marketing are:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation
  2. Email marketing
  3. Content marketing
  4. Video marketing
  5. Podcasts
  6. Social Media Marketing

The brand-building process is indeed time-consuming and complicated. It takes multiple rounds of trial and error to find the best combination that works. It starts with building the brand and following consistent steps for gaining loyalty.

Steps for the brand-building process

  1. Define your brand’s key elements: It might be built around six to twelve vision aspects. A single thought or word cannot define most brands, and the search for this elusive brand concept can be futile or, worse, leave the business with an incomplete vision that lacks vital parts.
  2. Identify the elements of extended vision: They offer texture to the brand concept, making it easier for most strategists to determine whether a programme is “on brand.” The extended vision provides a place for critical components of the brand, such as a brand personality, that may not be worthy of being included in the core goal and elements.
  3. Adapt the model to your brand’s specifications: What sorts of goods or services you offer, how you connect with clients, and what market segment you serve, to mention a few, all have an impact on how you should apply the brand vision model. For service and B-to-B companies, organisational values and initiatives are likely significant, but not for consumer packaged products companies.
  4. Make brand associations a priority: Given the brand’s present and future commercial plan, it’s the associations that it’ll need to succeed. Too frequently, a brand manager feels confined and uneasy about expanding beyond the scope of the brand’s present permissions. However, to compete, most businesses must improve on specific dimensions and add new dimensions to build new growth platforms. A company that wants to expand into a new category, for instance, would almost certainly need to change its image.
  5. For brand creation, it’s essential to understand the buying route: Branding requires an understanding of the purchasing process. It’s critical to examine your target audience’s buying path and pain points and their purchase path and pain points. Understanding your clients’ objectives is the most effective strategy to realise their buying journey. You might design customised marketing tactics for your customers after you know their objectives.
  6. Pursue speciality marketing: Casting a wider net in search of a larger audience may be more detrimental to a business. Focus strategy is one of the most effective ways to establish a brand. As a business, you must first identify the few people who would support your product and then create a relationship with them based on their loyalty and commitment. Because you will be concentrated and your primary demographic will know precisely what you will be giving, niche marketing will provide you with a competitive advantage over competitors. Understanding your target audience can help you succeed in every aspect of your brand-building endeavour.
  7. Create a brand position communication guide: The current positioning frequently stresses the components of the brand vision that will appeal to customers and are currently believable and attainable. The positioning message may evolve or alter as organisational capabilities and initiatives emerge or as markets change. The position’s focal point is frequently an outwardly stated tagline that does not have to and often does not correlate to the brand essence, an exclusively expressed notion.

Wrapping up

Building a brand needs a lot of work and simply cannot be done by yourself if you are serious about making one. It does require some professional help, especially concerning building a visual brand – logo and brand identity. Vowels are one of the best brand building agencies in Dubai, with a team of professionals with years of experience who can guide you through the process of brand building! Schedule a call with us to know more.

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