Brand Building Strategy: Everything You Need to Know

Last update: September 14, 2021

The world’s most adored and successful brands were not built overnight.

The reality behind the unshakeable brand is a long-term strategy and a whole lot of work. For a business to be successful in the UAE, the core team might need help from a brand building agency in Dubai.


But what exactly is a brand strategy?

A brand strategy is a specific long-term plan that is designed to meet marketing goals and build a thriving brand over some time.

Businesses that look for long-term success take their branding strategy very seriously.

In short, it is your plan on how you would enter the market and how well you can conquer a place in the market. It portrays every other aspect of your brand – like brand identity, messaging, and values – that makes a brand unique.

It can be one of your greatest assets or a big misfortune. It entirely depends on the game plan. It is like an instrument that connects your brand to customers and claims their loyalty.

In this blog, you will read everything about a brand strategy and what are the things that you need to know before you hire a brand-building agency in Dubai or anywhere else. If you are interested, keep on reading.

What are the elements of a good brand strategy?

  • Branding objective: This entails the core mission, vision, and purpose of branding. It gives them purpose and a goal for the branding strategy
  • Target Audience: Speaking of the audience, it is all about understanding your target group and understanding their needs, habits, and pain points.
  • Brand positioning: It defines how your brand interacts with the audience. It consists of all the visual elements along with the messaging, tone, and overall reputation of your brand.
  • Marketing strategy: It is the game plan that you implement – it includes how and what you will communicate. How will you nurture the relationship with the audience?

How can we develop an effective branding strategy?

Building a brand calls for companies to make smart choices with the brand story and visual branding. The good news is that certain guidelines can help you create a strong branding strategy.

A comprehensive and well-planned branding strategy can help you gain a competitive advantage over others and pay you handsomely. The brand strategy helps businesses make a huge success, regardless of their current position.

To understand successful branding strategy, let’s understand what are phases of creating an effective brand strategy.

Phase 1: Discovery:

This is the initial phase of building a branding strategy. Unlike other components, this phase is all about going all out and understanding your business. If you are an established business, you may skip this step. However, it is advisable to revisit and assess the current position to get a better idea. This includes understanding evaluating customers, industrial vision, mission, values, and the brand itself. Make sure to do enough research to ensure that you have a solid handle on the market.

Phase 2: Evaluation:

If you don’t already have your vision, purpose, and values written out, don’t stress. Some businesses opted to photograph them and display them on their workplace walls or their webpage. Some are less formal, but they invest time in learning about their vision, purpose, and values. For existing businesses, determining if their initial vision, purpose, and goals are still applicable is critical.

Phase #3 Market Research:

After you’ve figured out your basic brand identity, you’ll need to do some market research and competitive analysis. When conducting market research, consider the following questions:

  • What is the size of your industry?
  • What makes your consumers tick?
  • Who are your main rivals?
  • What has changed in your market since you began your business?
  • What has been the most significant change in your business since its inception?

Phase #4: A Strong Brand Story:

It’s critical to get your narrative correct before you can build a successful brand strategy. Your business is driven by your story, which attracts your targeted audience. It explains who you are and why you are here to the rest of the world.

Phase #5: A Distinctive Brand Identity:

Developing brand equity requires a brand to personify itself and establish a relationship with its customers. Brands must stand for something to which their target audience can connect and respond regularly. Customers’ emotions may be effectively evoked by powerful brands.

Phase #6 Implementing the branding strategy and updating:

When we claim that strategy should meet creativity and vice versa, we are correct. This is especially the case for brand design, which should emphasize everything that makes you distinctive and leverage it to attract the proper kind of attention.

The great brand design unifies the aspects of the name, logo, and slogan into a single statement that emphasizes the business’s core values. Consider brand design more than anything else as the original cover that allows you to communicate and convey your narrative.

Every letter and every typeface counts in this situation. Make a list of all the principles you want to be recognized for to guarantee you come up with a design that reflects whatever your brand stands for.


The importance of consistency cannot be overstated. Similarly, avoid using profoundly emotional messages in favor of sarcasm and humor. The goal of the brand planning process is to establish a clear, identifiable voice and picture for your firm, and to keep to it in all you are doing. Discard a fresh concept if it’s even slightly off, and try afresh. It’s crucial to maintain your branding and messaging consistent, as well as to follow through on all of your commitments. If you promise one-week delivery, the bundles must arrive in one week. The easiest way to lose a customer’s trust is to lose their business.

Why choose Vowels for your next branding strategy?

Vowels is a renowned brand-building agency in Dubai. With a team of highly skilled professionals, we can deliver the most effective strategy, tailored for different businesses. We understand the pulse of the market. Want help with your next branding strategy? Schedule a call with us today!

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