Brand Building Strategy: A Holistic Approach for Building Brand Identification

Today’s brand strategy encompasses more than just developing visuals, a logo, and creative commercials. The brand-building strategy now offers a wide-ranging of elements to create a compelling brand makeover. Therefore, a brand is already losing if it thinks a brand strategy is limited to attractive designs only. 


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1. How to Design Brand Building Strategy

Externally, brand strategy design is a plan that helps a firm run more efficiently, but it’s much more than that. It is a strategic plan to enlighten how to create storytelling, brand voice, and values in your branding campaigns. An effective branding strategy includes the brand’s objective, customer promises, and how to present them.

This blog will teach you what you want to achieve as a brand. Who particularly are you trying to reach through this message? And What will be the best way to get your target audience?

2. How to Create and Implement a Brand Strategy

A brand strategy considers all important issues that can increase the possibility of achieving a strong brand story. The following are the point that every brand strategy should cover:

1. Convey Your Message in a Unique Way

Strategies that used to work excellently aren’t as efficient anymore. However, worry not! With a brand strategist, you can get your ideal Brand strategy with all the latest insights. An expert may advise you to connect with customers more socially to make your message more appealing. By opting through the correct platform, you can forward your message with a nice style and make it look more personalized.

2. Follow the Brand Strategy Fundamentals

By covering all the important basics of a Brand Strategy, you can thoroughly understand your target market and figure out the most efficient ways of engaging them. Hence, it will make the brand more customised and make your company look attractive. The following are the simple points of every brand strategy:

  • Brand Aim
  • Brand Vision and Mission
  • Values of the brand
  • Targeted Market 
  • Market Analysis and Awareness
  • Brand Personality and Voice




Brand Strategy with App Screens: We built a brand Strategy for Coffic from scratch. We assessed their objectives and accordingly picked the logo, typography, colors, and style. For this, we did some market analysis and empowered the business with the right branding style it was looking for.

3. Identify Which Branding Strategy is Ideal for the Brand

To keep your place in the spotlight, you must put in extra effort and plan. Before making a brand strategy, it is ideal for defining your goal. After brainstorming the purpose, brand specialists make their branding plans as per the following classification:

  • Branding a Product/range extension: Such branding is required when a company offers a new product similar to one it already provides to its clients.
  • Brand extension: Such branding is required when a business tries to expand its reach by launching products or services in a new market under the same brand name.
  • Co-branding: Co-branding is becoming common in our influencer world. It is a joint product launched by two or more different brands, offering new products to the users of each brand. Like Yeezy and Adidas, GoPro and Red Bull and Apple and MasterCard.

Example – 

Cloud GO

Cloud Go

Brand Strategy and Identity: We created an amazing branding plan for the company named Cloud GO for their global expansion. We did a deep survey, created a road map of consumers, and revamped their strategy, which could work internationally.

3. What Benefit Can a Business Avail From a Brand Building Strategy?

From creating a catchy tagline to adding details of a potential logo, Branding only provides advantages to all kinds of businesses. A good branding strategy can create customer recognition, allowing customers to identify and buy your products easily.

Apart from customer loyalty, you will also see visual consistency among all platforms. This means your credibility will increase and will have more market value. You might also believe it or not, but a good brand strategy also helps create Brand Equity. With good offerings and a reputable image via Branding, customers are easily inclined towards your product/service.

4. Get a Free Consultation with UAE’s Leading Brand-Building Agency

Modern marketing strategies go beyond visual appeal. You might locate freelance websites that can make you think they will offer superior brand assistance and experience at reasonable prices. But regrettably, they can never match the caliber of outcomes you will obtain from a reputable brand-building consultant who is a master in the sector.

A genuine brand strategist takes the time to consider each step and puts a lot of effort into branding in order to achieve success. An experienced agency will guide you and teach you the strategies necessary to secure your achievement. They also possess the necessary advanced knowledge, which your brand will benefit from.

This expert will simplify things, so you don’t have to fight to grasp them. Even if the final cost may be considerable, you can be confident that you will receive all the necessary materials and equipment from a professional.

Work with Vowels

With Vowels, you’ll get a style manual with rules and all the information you need to brand your company. We also assist with creating engaging content for social media postings and effectively communicating your brand’s story.

In simple terms, we will provide the resources you need to interact with your audience in a way that earns respect and loyalty. As a result, you have control over your branding and may successfully decide what is best for your company.

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5. FAQs

Q. What is the 8-Step Brand Development Strategy?

Ans. These are 8 Steps – 

  1. Consider your overall business strategy.
  2. Identify your target clients. 
  3. Do Research on your competition. 
  4. Develop your brand positioning. 
  5. Develop your messaging strategy. 
  6. Develop your name, logo, and tagline. 
  7. Develop your content marketing strategy. 
  8. Develop your website.

Q. What is included in a brand strategy?

Ans. A Brand Strategy is a comprehensive plan that covers many different brand aspects, including voice, storytelling, brand identity, brand values, and overall ambiance. It focuses on how a company might get recognition and favorable consumer ratings.

Q. What is an effective brand strategy?

Ans. It must be understood that a branding strategy is only a sum of your logo, color palette, or website. Even though they are an important part of a successful branding strategy, a good branding strategy also covers the brand’s mission, promises to customers, and how these are communicated.

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