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Anyone can make your brand look pretty,
but we make your brand matter.

Brand Design

Our brand design process begins with a comprehensive discovery workshop and thorough secondary research. This allows us to craft a unique personality for your brand, anchored in a deep sense of purpose. Our designers then create a brand framework that not only sets your organization apart but also articulates your purpose and develops the ideas, systems, and principles necessary to establish a sustainable advantage in a rapidly evolving world. Read More

– We start with an interactive deep discovery session to understand your vision.
– We develop your brand's archetype and attributes.
– Our team strategizes and devises your brand story to resonate with your audience.
– We give your brand a distinctive personality and voice.
– We curate the brand's positioning to ensure it stands out in the market.
– We pave the way for visual and verbal identities through stylescaping, ensuring consistency across all brand elements.

Brand Strategy

Through a deep discovery workshop and secondary research, we carve a personality for your brand with a deep anchor of purpose. Our strategists curate a brand framework which provides your organization special, articulate your purpose and develop the ideas, systems and principles you need to create a sustainable advantage in a fast world. Read More

– Starting with an interactive deep discovery session with you
– Develop your brand archetype and attributes
– Strategise and devise your brand story
– Give your brand a personality and a voice
– Curating the brand positioning
– Paving way for visual and verbal identities through stylescaping

Logo Design

A Logo is a design symbolizing one's organization. It is a design that is used by an organization for its letterhead, advertising material, and signs as an emblem by which the organization can easily be recognized. It is a signature representation which usually combines a brandmark, logotype and a tagline. Read More

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Corporate Rebranding

Looking forward to revamping your brand? We are just the right people to help you out. Starting from brand auditing to understanding the current positioning of the brand, we work towards a refreshed appeal of the brand. We equip you with the new guidelines that are carefully drafted keeping in mind the renewed feel that you wish to lend to your brand. Let’s just say we not only redefine but also refine the brand. Read More

– Brand auditing
– Revised brand strategy
– Logo redesign
– Establishing new guidelines

Brand Identity

Intrinsic to the brand, there lies its identity which gives meaning to what it has to say. It is the core of the brand, from where everything else branches out. We understand your brand, delve deep in its story, and then devise an identity which is unique and ownable. We work on its logo, photography, verbal and visual schemes, among a bunch of other stuff which makes your brand what it is. Read More

– Logo designing and illustrations
– Coming up with a tagline
– Exploring visual tonality through photography
– Experimenting with patterns and layouts
– Framing a style guide

Brand Guidelines

As part of our holistic services, we strategise and conceptualise a set of brand guidelines which act as a manual to the brand. It covers a plethora of touchpoints which help keep everyone aligned to what the brand and its assets really are. Starting from setting the logo, font, colour and photography usage, we work our way up to curating print, digital and advertising templates. So, if you find yourself in even a slight clutter and chaos, hit us up as we’re ready to harbour your brand to precision and clarity! Read More

– Setting logo, font and colour usage
– Laying guidelines for photography usage
– Templatizing print, advertising and digital assets
– Setting up communication guidelines

Packaging Design

Let’s talk about the tangible aspects of your brand! We pay attention to all the big and small assets associated to your brand, from the box you place your product in to the tags that you attach, from the hand bag designs to the product labels. Our team of designers possess an eye for finesse and quality and conceptualise design which accentuate the persona of your brand. Read More

– Product tags and label conceptualisation
– Carton box and handbag designing
– Small box designing
– Visual appealing

Packaging Guidelines

Lending a wholesome approach to your brand, we work towards setting packaging guidelines so as to maintain uniformity across markets. Once the packaging design is finalised, our team of graphic artists work on proportions and colours, fonts and styles to set a unique yet uniform tonality. When we promise you we’re perfectionists, we mean it. Connect with us to find out for yourselves! Read More

– Setting logo proportions
– Devising font and colour usage
– Templatizing box, label, tag and bag design
– Curating text placement and image usage

Web Design

Elevate your online presence with our expert web design services. We focus on creating visually stunning and user-friendly websites that reflect your brand's unique identity. Our team of designers combines creativity with technical expertise to deliver websites that not only look great but also perform seamlessly across all devices. From concept to launch, we ensure that every aspect of your website is crafted to perfection. Read More

– Responsive and user-friendly design
– Customized to match your brand identity
– Seamless performance across devices
– Attention to detail in every element

Your one stop solution for all things branding.

We create a strategy for your brand so that you can write meaningful marketing statements, your brand looks like a true replication of your personality and business culture and your brand survives and thrives where every other competition is just noise.

Our team of strategists start from scratch, right from curating a story behind the brand, all the way up to growth through swift strategic, verbal, and visual brand clarity.

Our core clients are ambitious business leaders from The Middle East but we work all over the world. Our partners think of us as an extension of their team and trust our clear and transparent process.

In a nutshell, Vowels, The Branding Agency in Dubai that will position your brand – both visually and verbally in the way your customers become superfans.