Unique Branding Strategies for your Startup Business

Good branding is a core requirement for a brand new startup today. It helps to fuel the progress of the brand and launch itself as a lucrative venture. Startups would want to build a large audience and attract their tribe.

Starting a new business requires you to focus on a lot of things, leaving you less time to think about branding and marketing strategies that pave the way to your brand’s success and are feasible for the startup team to incorporate.

If you are on the same page, don’t worry. You or your branding strategy agency must be aware of the different tools that are used in branding and marketing to implement and measure success. However, there are many techniques that you can combine and implement for a winning strategy.

In this blog, you will learn about different strategies that can help your startup launch successfully.

From values to your tribe, you will want to start your business off on the right note.


Startup branding – What to focus on?

The brand exists in the consciousness of the audience and henceforth, anything that your business creates or offers is relative to that impression. They say, “First impressions are the most important”.

A strong business strategy is like DNA that runs through the business. It depicts the values, story, beliefs, and community that your business is based on as it takes off.

Good branding is the pulse of any successful business, let alone a startup. Successful startups can launch successfully not just by their lucrative offering but also by presenting themselves to the right audience at the right time.

It might seem a bit complicated, considering the combinations of techniques and strategies, but there are a lot of advantages of carefully crafting a branding strategy at the start.

  1. You get a chance to become a buzz among your audience. It is rewarding to create a memorable impact as a startup. Branding startups require consistency in the branding strategy to build recognition and familiarity with the audience.
  2. A strong startup brand helps to set a way for customers to view your business the right way. This makes it easier for everyone to understand the start-up from the right perspective.
  3. Branding strategies for startups to build a brand to create “identity”, personality and voice, that will help you set aside established companies in your market.
  4. Investing efforts in directing the strategy of your brand helps to make a prominent decision for the business in the future. You will be aware of what would work best for your business and what options and strategies you can switch to.

While it takes some time and investment to craft a good brand strategy, the efforts taken are worthwhile and benefit the business in the long term. Branding for startups is more than just throwing in a logo and splash of some colors or making a scheduled social media post for the month. It is more than that.

At the end of the day, every startup launches with an effort to create a memorable mark in the industry and not just end up being another startup venture.

How to start right: Branding for startups

The brand is more than just a name and logo, Start-up involves an in-depth understanding of certain factors like voice, story, persona, image, marketing, and so on.

There are various aspects of marketing that need to be laid down to build a strong branding foundation. Even though this might sound a lot complicated, the truth is that designing a brand strategy is not a nightmare. Here are some steps that you can take note of before starting a branding strategy for your startup.

#1 Locate your startup’s market

One of the most essential parts of any successful strategy for branding is context. Without knowing your audience, you might not know what your market is and your ideal customers.

You can start the branding process by understanding the audience you want to sell that product to. Even though any business would love to have ‘everyone’ as their audience, the truth is that being vague about the audience is a recipe for branding and even business failure. The best way to create a successful branding persona is to narrow it down to a particular niche audience.

To help get a better understanding of your audience, start by building the buyer persona –

  • Where does the audience reside?
  • How old are they?
  • What are their habits?
  • How do they spend their free time?

The more accurate and detailed information you gather, the more relatable strategy can be created that directly talks with your audience who are most likely to buy/invest in your business.

#2 Understand your competitors

Every business has its own set of achievements and misses. Once you enter into the field with a pool of competitors. Your best bet while building your branding strategy would be to analyze the existing players and understand what’s already working in the market.

Even though this might be a little work, it will not only help you identify the void in the market but also help you understand how you can implement a branding strategy successfully.

The key areas to focus on can be-

  • The logo and design
  • Voice
  • Customer base
  • Their marketing strategy

#3 Assess your brand’s unique strengths

No matter how amazing your offer is, there are always substitutes or alternatives in the market. One way to differentiate yourself is to understand how your product and brand can differentiate themselves.

It doesn’t have to relate to your product. It can be the customer experience, social media campaigns, and so on. Find a way to be different from others that appeals to your crowd no matter how small you are at the moment.

#4 Creating your branding strategy

It is perhaps the product of all the research that has been done above. The analysis done reflects on the brand persona you create. This brand persona becomes the basis of the brand strategy you create for your startup.

A successful brand strategy for a startup is created after deep-diving into all the factors thoroughly. It is a never-ending process of planning, implementing, and revising till you find the perfect mix.

How can Vowels help you?

Well, this blog might seem doable and simple, but believe us, we have barely scratched the surface on branding for startups. There’s a lot more that goes into the process. Doing the branding strategy by yourself will cost more than the investment itself because you are putting the brand image at stake.

You can reduce the risk by taking help from experienced professionals of Vowels for branding strategy for Dubai and UAE-based startups. Want to know more? Book a call with us today!

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