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Vowels is a leading logo design agency in Dubai, UAE.

We specialize in creating premium logo designs that effectively communicate the unique story and identity of your brand. Our team of expert logo designers work closely with you to understand your brand values and deliver a custom logo design that reflects your brand’s personality and connects with your audience

What is Logo Design?

How to design a logo?

Developing a strong brand is critical for every business. Logo and branding are a major part of any business. Among several aspects of a brand identity, the logo is often at the center of a successful Brand Strategy. A logo represents the company’s face and effectively personifies the vision and voice.

A well-strategized and creative professional logo design is a persuasive approach to enhance your firm’s credibility and communicate your brand’s values and beliefs for an enduring impact on your customers.
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What qualities should you be looking for in a logo? A logo needs to Identify, be memorable, and be unique. That’s it! The key steps in the logo design process include Scope and Planning, Logo Conceptualisation, and Style Guide Delivery.


Why Choose VOWELS for Your Logo Design

  • Experienced Designers: Our team boasts years of expertise in creating impactful and memorable logos.
  • Customized Approach: We tailor each logo design to align perfectly with your brand’s identity and vision.
  • Innovative Creativity: We push creative boundaries to ensure your logo stands out in the marketplace.
  • Comprehensive Research: We conduct thorough market research to understand industry trends and your target audience.
  • Versatile Designs:Our logos are designed to be scalable and versatile across various platforms and media.
  • Ongoing Support:We provide continuous support to ensure your logo remains effective as your brand evolves.

Let’s Create An Awesome Logo for Your Brand Together

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    Logo Design Process

    Creating a compelling logo is a meticulous process that blends creativity with strategy. At Vowels, we follow a comprehensive approach to ensure your logo reflects your brand’s essence and leaves a lasting impression. Here’s an overview of our logo design process:

    Scope in Logo Design

    Discovery Workshop | Stakeholder Alignment | Business Objectives | Brand Architecture | Brand Manifesto

    This Logo Creation step focuses on two main goals:
    Understand client vision and business objectives
    Define the project parameters

    The professional logo design company will learn about the company, its brand strategy, and personality during the second crucial discussion either through online or offline meetings.

    Plan the research &Design

    Discovery Workshop | Stakeholder Alignment | Business Objectives | Brand Architecture | Brand Manifesto

    The findings are then summarized in a creative brief, allowing the design team to affirm that they understand your business. It could include things like:

    1. 1. Descriptions of services or products
    2. 2. Vision and Mission of your Brand / Startup / Company
    3. 3. Core Philosophy
    4. 4. Target Audience / Persona Creation
    5. 5. Competition Mapping
    Logo Conceptualization

    Logo Concepts | Symbol & Wordmark Design | Branding Elements | Color Palette | Typography

    To ace the first step of brand building and recognition, logo, and branding plays a crucial role. our best creative logo designers curate a stylistic element with captivating colors and fonts to pan out a well-defined journey of your brand’s ideology. We make sure that our logos and illustrations demonstrate the story behind your brand.

    1. 1. We start by creating mood boards to show the source of inspiration
    2. 2. The Logo Design Ideas are shown through Style Scapes ( full illustration of Brand Identity)
    3. 3. Based on Feedback, Iterations are made for final presentation
    4. 4. Logo grows on the client and is mutually approved. Hurray !!
    Style Guide

    Logo Rules | Font Usage | Color Usage | Patterns & Illustrations | Brand Collaterals

    Once we have gathered all your brand’s visual and verbal elements, we design a precise and distinct Logo style guide. With this brand book, we aim to showcase the following:

    1. 1. The do’s and don’ts of the final Logo Design
    2. 2. The visual and verbal elements complementary to the Identity
    3. 3. Few Examples of logo placement on Corporate Collaterals like Stationery, Letterheads, etc.
    4. 4. All source files are delivered in relevant formats like PNG, PSD, AI

    Our logo design services provide you with a comprehensive guide ensuring consistency and recognition of your brand across various platforms.

    Branding Reviews

    Based on +300 reviews

    “Some of our best packagings were designed by their team.”

    Mohamed Saim Product Development Head, Ergonomic

    “Their efforts and dedication towards the brand were priceless and unmatched.”

    Jaivardhan Agarwal Founder & CEO, Ayurvridhi

    The final look and feel of the brand were clear and unique. Vowels Advertising has great creative capabilities and is proactive in the work they take on. They were easy to work with and understand their clients’ needs perfectly.

    Tapneesh Kohli Kohli's Owner

    “An absolute breeze working with the Vowels team. Worked on a product packaging project & loved what they’ve done. Give them a try, they wont disappoint”.

    Mohammad Salman Founder, Navo Brands LLC

    Through a deep discovery workshop and secondary research, we carve a personality for your brand with a deep anchor of purpose. Our strategists curate a brand framework which provides your organisation special, articulate your purpose and develop the ideas, systems and principles you need to create a sustainable advantage in a fast world.


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    We advise future designers on aligning their brand with big goals. To do this, we translate the vision and business model of demanding customers into strategies for brands with appeal – internally and externally. We bring measurable indicators, the latest technology and the sensitivity from more than 100 brand projects from a wide range of industries with us.



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    Real Estate Industry

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    It depends on a variety of factors such as the scope of work
    for your project, the deliverables and the strategy that our
    team implements before we get down to designing your logo!

    The process we deploy for designing and conceptualizing logos
    is derived out of a full-fledged strategic approach wherein we
    use brand segmentation, positioning, personality and other factors
    to arrive at a logo

    Depending on the specifications and the deliverables, our team
    \gets back to you with a feasible timeline for strategizing
    and logo designing.

    It is a case to case and brand to brand decision which our internal
    team, in tandem with your marketing team derives at, after proper
    market research and analysis. We advise slight logo changes so that
    the audience can still resonate with the brand, rather than
    completely changing the look and feel of it!

    Each project of logo designing is a unique process that requires
    \a different and customized approach. Upon working out a proper
    strategy, we design logos that may be studio-designed or hand-drawn,
    depending on what suits the brand.

    In order to design an apt and fitting logo, our team of strategists
    analyze and understand your brand. We decipher and decode its
    persona and image, and then design a logo that fits as a suitable
    face for your brand.

    Yes, logo is essentially an emblem which emerges once a thorough
    strategy for the brand is in place. We, at Vowels, the best logo
    design company in Dubai, take a step by step approach which helps
    us design a suitable and unique logo for your brand.

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