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We've spent the last ten years honing our design approach, which allows us to build logos and brand identities that elicit trust, professionalism, and establish a consistent design basis for quickly growing companies.

What is logo design? How to design a logo?

Developing a strong brand is critical for every business. While several aspects come together to form a powerful brand identity, the logo is often at the centre of well-designed branding. Even if you currently have a logo, you may need something new for a new product, a merger, or simply to modernise. A logo is the company's face, and making it simple and timeless helps you represent it most effectively. It personifies the company’s vision and voice.

A well thought of and creatively designed logo enhances your firm's credibility, communicates your brand’s values & beliefs to your audience, and takes a persuasive approach in reaching out to your customers.

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So, what qualities do you look for in a logo? Simple, powerful, memorable, timeless, and versatile. These five characteristics make a logo instantly recognisable and ensure that people will connect with your brand when they see it.

The key steps in the logo design process include Scope and Planning; Research & Ideation; Logo Designing, and Style Guide Delivery.

Logo Design Process:

Scope and Planning

  • Discovery Workshop
  • Understanding Business
  • Brand Vision and Values
  • Brand Archetype
  • Brand Attributes
  • Brand Architecture

Research & Ideation

  • User Persona
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Stylescaping
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Mockups
  • Brand Image
  • Brand Look & Feel

Logo Designing Activity

  • Logo Finalisation
  • Final Logo Clean Up
  • Converting to Vector File
  • Adaptation in PSD, AI and PDF
  • Color Pallette
  • Fonts & Typography

Style Guide Delivery

  • Logo Usage
  • Font Usage
  • Grid System
  • Patterns & Illustrations
  • Brand Collaterals
  • Stationery Files Delivery

Scope and Planning:

The first phase entails identifying the project's objectives and organisational requirements. We deliver a Creative Brief, scope, budget, and deadline at the end of this step. The process has two main goals: getting to know the customer or business that the logo will represent and defining the project parameters for what will be produced and when. It sets expectations and serves as an agreement for the services to be rendered. The design team will also learn about the company, its brand strategy, and personality during the second crucial discussion. The findings are summarised in a Creative Brief, which allows the design team to affirm that they've heard and understands the project's aims and demands. Over zoom and offline meetings, this can be performed through interviews, questionnaires, and discovery workshops.

Depending on the extent and availability of existing marketing materials, we take a different strategy. It should include things like:

– Audience
– Descriptions of services or products
– Vision and Mission of the brand
– Core Philosophy
– Market Competition

Research and Ideation:

This includes researching and speaking with potential customers, competitors, and the market as a whole. Painting a picture of the brand's who, what, and where. What is the most effective strategy for the biggest competitor? Are there any important details about the brand's regions, interests, or passions that others are overlooking? What is it about such customers that appeal to them?

– We design and develop a visual language for the brand
– Our stylescape depicts the look and feel of your brand
– We curate a set of brand assets- typography and colours, elements and patterns
– We translate your ideas about the brand into designs and layouts

Logo Design

Logo Designing Activity:

Acing the first step of brand building and recognition, our best creative logo designers digitises the logo with expert refinement, colors and more complete feel that translates your brand ideology in the best way possible. We not just curate a stylistic element with captivating colours and fonts but also pan out its well-defined journey. Our logos and illustrations have a well-developed back story, just like your brand does.

– We choose the apt colour, font and style for your logo
– We curate a back story for the logo, upon an in depth discovery session
– We devise and develop a tagline for your brand
– We design patterns and layouts, and iterations of your logo as per your brand’s need

— Style Guide

Upon gathering all visual and verbal elements for the brand, we carve a precise and distinct style guide which lays out the look and feel and personality of your brand. Our style guide helps one place and position its brand in a competitive market, showcasing a unique identity. We curate a detailed and comprehensible style guide for your brand, so as to keep all your stakeholders and team members aligned and on the same page.

– We convey the brand values through a clear-cut and fresh style guide
– We layout the tone of voice and designs to simplify what the brand stands for
– We ensure brand consistency with everything from design to writing

Style Guide

FAQs About Logo Design Agency

It depends on a variety of factors such as the scope of work for your project, the deliverables and the strategy that our team implements before we get down to designing your logo!

The process we deploy for designing and conceptualising logos is derived out of a full-fledged strategic approach wherein we use brand segmentation, positioning, personality and other factors to arrive at a logo.

Depending on the specifications and the deliverables, our team gets back to you with a feasible timeline for strategising and logo designing.

It is a case to case and brand to brand decision which our internal team, in tandem with your marketing team derives at, after proper market research and analysis. We advise slight logo changes so that the audience can still resonate with the brand, rather than completely changing the look and feel of it!

Each project of logo designing is a unique process that requires a different and customized approach. Upon working out a proper strategy, we design logos that may be studio-designed or hand-drawn, depending on what suits the brand.

Yes, logo is essentially an emblem which emerges once a thorough strategy for the brand is in place. We, at Vowels, take a step by step approach which helps us design a suitable and unique logo for your brand.

In order to design an apt and fitting logo, our team of strategists analyze and understand your brand. We decipher and decode its persona and image, and then design a logo that fits as a suitable face for your brand.

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