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Ever felt like your brand could do with some attitude? Well, then that’s a good start, and this article is written to address you. Building a brand personality all starts by asking the big question: what you would like to represent to your audience.

While the visual identity design is very important, you also need to be aware of the tone and voice in which you address your consumers. How would you like to deliver your message to them? Would you like to humour them? Or impress them? Would you like to motivate them? Or inspire them towards the greater things of life? Or would you just like to sound very businesslike and sophisticated as you describe what you have to offer to them? Well, we shall have a look at each of these by taking a look at some of the best brands that have implemented these tones here:

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Ever Appealing, Like Lego

If you were once a child, you will probably remember one of those brands that went a long way in encouraging motor coordination and creativity. Created in 1932, today even after almost nine decades, this is a brand that touches a number of cultures, thus connecting to people, with themes that can vary greatly. Overall the brand communicates in a youthful, fun loving way.

Command Sophistication and Class Like Alfa Romeo and Mercedes

Style and sophistication are their characteristics of communication so needed to impress someone buying a car. The images used here are what set this brand of cars apart.

Now, another automobile company you have is the famous Mercedes Benz. Now, how could we exclude that? Prestige, success are status and this is what you need to join our club is the message communicated here. Refined and authority, the message is all about success here. Now, you may like this or you may not, if it’s more of the latter, then let’s move on to the next one.

Or Be Sweet and Innocent Like a Dove

Here is a style that is more innocent, we give you the favourite of girls and women: Dove. The very name states us this, right? The tone is one of appreciation of beauty that can be found in all women. Now, where can you find a tone and a brand that can get more humane than this? Optimism and honesty are the tones used here, which we all know is normally so hard to find in a feminine product.

But If You Have To, Inspire Like Nike

The famous brand of shoes can’t be left out of the list of big brand personalities, can it? So, there you go. Inspiration is the key word here with its very tagline Just do it. The brand highlights a winning mentality. Nike, in fact, more like an athlete’s second coach, motivating every athlete on the way.

Get the Young to Laugh Like Lynx

Humour and jokes are good as long as your jokes connect to the audience and not simply make them laugh and then forget about you the next minute. So, as a joker, you first understand the people you are going to humour and what their needs are.

Now, while they are humorous, they are also serious about the message they want to communicate, they know who their audiences are. This is a brand that acts as a big brother to teens going into adulthood, giving them a message of confidence.

Touch Hearts Like Toms

And if you are a brand with a purpose behind it, you know the one who is not there to just sell but plays a role in helping humanity, an example you could use in communicating your message is Toms. The communication style here is warm, supportive and reassuring with an aim to bring all people together, from their customers to humanity and large, giving everyone hearing about them that feel good which is so encouraging for the promotion of charity and brotherhood. Warm, caring and helpful are the keys here.

Celebrate Like Coca Cola

Thirsty already? Now, this is one brand that celebrates happiness, linking itself to all the happy occasions of life. Recall the ads you have been watching from your childhood days. Vacations, outings, friends are probably some of the central themes that could come to mind, right? The message communicated is forget everything, have Coke and be happy.

Or Get Serious Like IKEA

Opposite to that is IKEA, no nonsense in tone, they mean business, as they talk about providing solutions to people with specific needs and requirements. While the language is simple, let’s not judge them as downright boring, there is a bit of humour here and there. So, while it is serious, it is also light hearted with a tagline that focuses on the brighter side of life.

Finally, Play It Down Like Apple

Another example of a brand that is minimalistic is Apple. A simple language and a quiet tone, they have managed to communicate their message of innovation and creativity to the world. Now, that’s an achievement, isn’t it?

Final Words

Developing a brand voice is not as easy as it looks to be. There are several factors to consider in order to arrive at that brand voice that goes best with what you have to offer as a brand. That being said, we at Vowels are here to walk with you and help you come up with just the right voice that is perfect for your brand. Here, we show you how to think out of the box, to come out as a brand that is unique with a tone and voice and style of your own.

Vowels, The best branding agency in Dubai, give you all the inputs you need to decide on the style of your brand and what you want to communicate, or you could get a whole new tone created for you if you want to.

We are available for you in different parts of the world. So, if you are located in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait Oman or Bahrain, reach out to us for all your brand needs and we will make your brand needs ours too.

From packaging design to corporate rebranding, our services are varied. We also help you build your brand identity and your brand as a whole with the right brand strategy. So, if you think your brand needs help in areas like these, remember that we are just an email away.

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