5 Brands That Have Mastered The Brand Language & How You Can Do It Too?

“The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” —Dorothy Nevill

Throughout history, we have seen how words can create stories, explain the universe, and even bring fantasy to life. However, in the case of enterprises, even a slight alteration in your brand tone can create an immense impact on the consumer’s mind. So, choosing the right language style that matches your audience is highly advisable.

But what exactly is brand language?

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1. Brand Language

These are specific words, terminology, and expressions to define a brand and its goods. It is a branding strategy closely related to content marketing and intended to assist customers in identifying and engaging in meaningful conversations with users.

While everything may appear straightforward and uncomplicated, it becomes critical for brands to identify their language style. And the most crucial question for them is how to develop it like a pro.

But don’t worry! With this blog, you can get all the answers to how brands can create and master their distinctive brand language just like experts.

2. How do You Create a Brand Language?

Before getting into the process, it is essential to understand that building a brand takes time. It is an ongoing process that requires dedication, hard work, and a creative copywriter.

Incorporate Brand Vision in the Voice Tone

Assessing your company’s vision and objective before getting started with branding and marketing is vital. By doing this, you can learn more about your company’s founding inspirations and why your audience finds you relatable. Connecting your brand language with your particular audience will enable you to communicate more effectively. For an established company, carefully examine your writing to see if it adheres to the language you like. If not, it’s time to change your writing style.

Integrate Moral Message in Your Brand Story

All brand stories have the same process of working. They would have a message to deliver, an objective to mark, and a hero (their brand) which will save the day. The story has to be morally correct and emotionally appealing. So, choose the terms and phrases you want people to associate with the business, and then naturally use them throughout the digital media channels. When weaving a message into your brand story, remember to stay loyal to those words and make a promise to your customers.

3. Best 5 Examples of Brands

  • Super Bowls: The café wanted to set up its Brand Language to represent softness, health, and youthfulness. We set their brand language by choosing soft colors like Pink, green, and beige to represent their vision. Then we picked a simple tone and classic style to evoke tenderness, sophistication, calmness, and care.
  • Diggi Palace: As the name suggests, they wanted a royal look with a touch of modernization for their Brand Language. We picked classic royal color, texture, and typography to create a big statement for a majestic tone.
  • Excelsis Green Energy Transformation: Previously known as Hansa Global wanted to shift its Voice from a non-renewable tone to a eco-friendlier, tech-advanced, and environmentally sustainable one. We picked tech-enabled, renewable-friendly keywords and updated their logo, tagline, and brand story accordingly.
  • Lanx Luxury Watches: We went for a Brand Language that shows power, ambition, wealth, and stability for the brand. The tone evokes a luxurious customer experience, making them sound knowledgeable, reliable, and trustable.
  • The Spring Kitchen: As per their industrial style theme, we provided them with a Brand Language that is clean, short, and crisp with a natural Voice Tone. The venue shows a simple color palette, so we utilized keywords representing metallic, wooden, and concrete tones.

4. Identify the Essential Key Elements for Brand Voice

After assessing your brand’s core principles and corporate objectives, be creative in developing a distinct voice that aligns with your business’s ideals. Get three to five adjectives that perfectly capture the spirit of your brand. Are you charming and funny? Or courteous yet expert? These tiny actions will assist you in deciding your ideal brand language.

Simply Sentimental

Use simple terms for a better understanding of your brand. The brand language should make a significant impression with a wide range of experience-based feelings.


Your words should communicate the goals and aspirations of your company’s employees, customers, and other stakeholders.


Catchy words that stand out and grow more memorable for the audience.

Interconnected and Flexible

You should be able to use your Brand Language in different contexts. The tone should quickly fix in any campaign or story.

Representing Emotions

According to a quote by Maya Angelou, “People don’t always remember what you say or even what you do, but they always remember how you made them feel.” Your carefully chosen words and phrases will significantly impact your customers’ perception of your business. What matters more is what sort of emotion you want your brand to convey. Do you want to sound secure and safe? Esteemed and confident? Or is it empowerment?

Observe, Practice, and Develop

You are now well-versed in branding and the significance of brand language. Now it’s time to start creating one for yourself.

Work with Vowels

Always inform your staff and other stakeholders about language creation or changes because they impact the entire company. Remember, brand language is constantly changing, just like any different language. Keep an eye on the market, interact with the audience, and develop over time.

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5. FAQs

What exactly is brand language?

Brand language refers to the words and even imagery that a company employs to define its objective, tone, and products/services.

How does brand design language work?

A design language is a framework of reusable elements, including colors, typefaces, icons, and images. This approach guarantees uniformity throughout a brand’s online presence, on the packaging, in marketing materials, and anywhere its visual identity is presented.

How can brand language assist in establishing a brand’s identity?

Aspirational uniqueness” and brand language are fundamental ways you communicate with your audience about your brand, goods, and services.

  1. Support your marketing strategy.
  2. Make you distinctive from other people.
  3. Show off the personality of your brand.
  4. Assist in the development of “aspirational individuality.”
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