Proven Ways to Differentiate Your Brands From Competitors

If you are trying to build a successful branding strategy in Dubai/UAE, make sure that it is unique and different, with the help of the best branding agency in Dubai.


The competition in the market is intense and the only way to make your mark is to be unique and create your persona in the minds of the target audience. Being different is all about being memorable, personal expression, and reflection of fresh ideas – which makes it difficult for anyone to compare your brand with competitors.

Now before we start, let’s understand what brand differentiation means.

In short, it is a process of showing the world how it is different from the competition. With countless companies in interaction with the audience, there needs to be a definite strategy to stand out from the competitors. A brand is a promise to the customer – an experience that makes a customer want more.

In this article, you will learn about definite strategies that can be used for businesses anywhere with the help of a branding agency in Dubai or anywhere in the world.

Why is differentiation and branding important?

In today’s business scenario, your brand needs to stand out from the sea of competitors. Simply being better than your competitors will not help you enough. It is too easy for brands to copy and do better than what you do.

Your brand needs to be different – different in a way that is significant to your core target customers. When you do something different to catch the attention or different response, you might generate some interest for a short period but it lasts longer only when there is a significant difference/shock in a positive way.

If you try to brand your business similar to your competitors in a bid to play safe, your target audience will compare you with other brands on factors like price and availability, which does not give you enough leverage for a long period.

The best way to create differentiation is to make leverage in certain aspects of branding that is easily identifiable by your target audience. It is the unique feature or aspect of your business that sets you apart and makes your brand more worthy!

Here are some ways in which you can differentiate your brand from your competitors

  1. Target Market: You can differentiate a product by looking into a specific segment. You can specialize in a particular kind of content. This way, your customer remembers you in a certain area more specifically than any other competitor.
  2. Feature: Another way to differentiate from your competitors is to create your unique feature or attribute. The attribute is the descriptive quality of a product or service. The key is to identify the attribute concisely so that your brand becomes synonymous with it, making it easier for a brand to be recognized.
  3. Specifications: By having certain specific features, attributes, or ingredients, your business can set itself aside from competitors. Identify what you can add or elements that you can include that no one else does.
  4. Establish the Aesthetic of your Business: After you’ve determined what your brand excels in, it’s time to start developing your aesthetics and public image. This should be done deliberately and purposefully, and it should represent your business identity. This is where aesthetics, as well as the creation of the proper logo, web designing, and color scheme, play a role, all of which may help to strengthen your brand.
  5. Recognize your target market: The construction industry’s target audience is quite diversified. The objective should not be to target the whole industry, but rather to identify your specialty and focus on that market. Take the time to understand the market and pinpoint the consumers and segments that would most benefit from your offering. Take your domain expertise, discover what people want, and position your business as the answer.
  6. Patents and/or proprietary technology are also convincing differentiators. If your consumer target doesn’t grasp their worth right away, make sure to explain it.
  7. Your people may differentiate your brand if your firm has a unique manner of recruiting or engaging workers, or if the employees themselves are unique.
  8. Endorsements: Thanks to the growth of influencer marketing, you can have certain influencers onboard who create content relating to your niche and have a relevant following for your target audience.

How to do the necessary research for branding strategy?

  • Identify: Put your existing client experience to the test. Analyze each stage of the procedure and feel for yourself where the pain areas are. To compare, do the same with your rivals if feasible.
  • Identify places where you may improve: Document the friction points that will drive consumers away, as well as the places that stood out positively, once you’ve built a clear image of your customers’ experience. To have an even better experience, fix the issue areas and boost your strong aspects.
  • Prioritization: It is everyone’s responsibility, not just the customer service team’s, to provide a memorable customer experience. Make customer experience a daily topic of discussion at all levels of your company.


Though branding has been vital in propelling a company ahead, rising competition makes branding essential for your company to stand out from the competition. The very first step is to take a pause and determine what value your firm adds to the market. Creating a more authentic public impression by tailoring your brand around this will assist. Use both classic and contemporary types of media to continuously reinforce your brand identity once you’ve defined your target demographic. By putting these ideas into practice, you will be able to better define your brand for customers and, more crucially, begin to set yourself apart from the competitors.

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