The ABC of Brand Awareness – Find Out Best Ways to Increase Brand Footprint in KSA

Last update: January 11, 2023

“Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind.”  – Walter Landor, Founder, Landor


In this era of social media, individuals are always associated with each other and with the brands they cherish. If you can make an inspiring picture of your brand within individuals’ minds, it automatically means that your brand is growing already.

Like each nation possesses a one-of-a-kind dialect, culture, and cooking, each country also possesses its bespoke showcasing dos and don’ts. To form the foremost out of a market, a brand should be delicate towards this and work alongside to make a clear impact.

Saudi Arabia, too famously known as the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), is popular for numerous reasons, such as oil, coffee, the world’s biggest sand leaf, the world’s biggest desert garden, and so on. With 34.54 million people, it has developed into a rising marketing and commerce center. The Sheikhs have approximately 72.38% dynamic users of social media.

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1. Important Branding Factors in KSA

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn a reputation by trying to do hard things well. – Jazz Bezos, Founder, and CEO, of Amazon

Consumers are adjusting to the changing times, and the brands need to keep up and enhance and design to proceed to be a portion of their consumer’s life.

Like any other advertiser, the KSA has a few social subtleties that ought to be kept in intellect while curating a brand story.

There are some basics to learn before you begin with your brand in KSA.

The Language

Arabic is the most commonly used language in KSA. The majority of Saudi Arabians use the Arabic language in their daily routine.

Saudi invites individuals from all over the world, so English becomes the auxiliary dialect since numerous expats utilize English for daily communication. Keeping your brand bi-lingual and utilizing both English and Arabic SEO catchphrases is your best way to guarantee that it is comprehensive and will reach a large audience.

The culture

Like most countries in the gulf, Saudi Arabia emphatically follows the local traditions. Conventional perspectives and customs are visible in dressing, welcoming neighborliness, and so on. Although no laws particularly control the cultural substance of advertisements, cold-heartedness may crush validity and become a solid blow in your general brand story. The story’s lesson should be clear about moral values and adhering to the things that will regard the nearby traditions and solidify the consumer’s confidence in the brand.


Among all social media sites, YouTube scores the most noteworthy when it comes to utilization by the Saudi Middle eastern populace. The clients spend an eminent sum of time on the site, making it a good road to hunt for your brand. So, as a brand in KSA the first question you should ask yourself is: “Can I make a YouTube video of it?” and if the reply is yes, reach is nearly ensured, given you employ the correct media blend to convey your message.

Social Media

Every item you can think of is dynamic in social media nowadays. And why not? In this era of innovation, one can access everything online, which makes it compulsory for a brand to have and keep up a significant social media profile.

The social media consumers within the KSA are expanding at a fast pace. No matter who you are, having a significant social media profile will urge individuals to see the interior of your brand and its story even before having a deep understanding of it. As a brand, it empowers you to be there where your clients are, so you can utilize this opportunity to interact with them by becoming a part of their lives.

Hence, keep an eye on the most recent topographical patterns and narrate a story that attracts your clients.

2. Work With Vowels

We make brand voice, aesthetics, story, tagline, symbol, and esteem to engage the clients with the product.

At Vowels, is renowned as one of the best branding agencies Dubai, we reside and breathe the excellence that Saudi Arabia clients want. We are continually learning and broadening our skylines regarding the KSA. The more we get into the circulation of the culture, traditions, and heart of the nation, the more we are ready to form a bespoke brand that adjusts with the values of the local people and conveys the brand truth in a genuine and meaningful way.

If you decide to start a brand or rebrand an existing one, it is the perfect time to begin with us to convert your vision into reality. Stay engaged and ace the craftsmanship of branding in the KSA with Vowels.

Our Works:


Brand Awareness and Identity

We did the Brand awareness strategy so that customers can accurately distinguish the brand based on visual pointers such as symbols and colors.

2 Neom

Brand Awareness and Identity

We did brand awareness and created an identity for the KSA brand Neom. We create their aesthetic look, brand story, tagline, logo, and emotional values to connect with the audience.

3. FAQs

Q. What are the five stages of brand recognition?

Ans. Some examples are given levels of brand recognition

Brand dismissal. If someone is trying to connect with your brand but still hasn’t thought of trying

  1. Brand non-recognition.
  2. Brand acknowledgement.
  3. Brand inclination.
  4. Brand loyalty.

Q. What is the KPI for brand awareness? 

Ans. The KPI Indicators include Impressions, Clicks, and CTR. Moreover, the KPI marker is the number of impressions. Whereas expanding brand mindfulness on platforms, you might need to hit different objectives like counting higher transformations and sales.

Q. What could be a great frequency for brand awareness? 

Ans. An audience watching 1-4 times the same campaign is considered less. The ideal count is 7 and upwards.

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