Brand Storytelling is the Head of your Sales Team

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell. People do not buy goods and services. They buy relationships, stories and magic.Seth Godin


People are drawn to new narratives and relish being part of a story. They seek brands that grasp their essence and align with their perspectives. Consequently, when a potential customer’s psychological needs are met, both planned and impromptu purchases are triggered. Positive brand narratives shape the customer’s perception and foster a desire to possess the product.

This is where storytelling comes into play! It serves as your enchanted tool, providing an edge even when your product mirrors others’.

Understanding brands is crucial for penetrating consumers’ minds.

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1. Connect Via Emotions

Neglecting human emotions in your branding strategy is wrong. A pleasant purchase will follow if your brand narrative can emotionally connect with a potential consumer. Make sure your brand narrative is a heart-breaking tale generating emotions and thoughts.

Airbnb narrated their Storytelling to the world by hiring a top artist as their face brand. They beautifully displayed the concept, experience, and connection with classic Storytelling.

2. Marketing Tricks That Don't Appear Like Tricks

Without the brand doing all the talking, the goal is to get people talking. Any brand may change the game with a clever campaign. Professional branding agencies are aware of the topics that might spark passionate discussions on social media and other platforms. They develop fool proof marketing tricks that don’t appear to be marketing tricks to the general audience.

Dove is a good example. It emphasizes being true to oneself and being content with one’s natural attractiveness to people of all skin tones. It is an example of breakthrough branding that is consistent, much more in-depth, and well-applied.

3. The Protagonist of The Story is Your Brand

Why do people enjoy watching movies so much? It’s because people are storytellers at heart. Always remember that your tale’s main character is your brand. Some companies aggressively market their goods through various channels and make hard sales leads. On the other hand, innovative brands manage to generate buzz about their products without actively promoting them. When they produce material, they subtly highlight the product, but the whole narrative is so compelling that people share and enjoy it, and the word quickly spreads like wildfire. The brand is still the hero, although softly.

At the marketing level, you must ensure your narrative is conveyed naturally and consistently without appearing overly eager to create an impression. Creative firms are the ones that understand how to walk the tight line between compelling narrative and desperate Storytelling.

4. What Should be The Story Plot?

It could be a story about your brand’s origins, the manufacturing process, where you get your raw materials, the artisans who make your products, whether or not you donate a portion of your profits to charity, or how your company employs people from underprivileged backgrounds in underdeveloped areas, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

For instance, despite the epidemic, the Dubai-based cosmetics company Huda Beauty, which beauty blogger Huda Kattan started, saw high record sales in 2020. Although her items are more expensive, her brand’s story is straightforward and uncomplicated. She advertises her brand as a means of self-assurance. Huda describes her business as empowering individuals to express who they want to be, regardless of who they are or where they are from. It’s a beautiful approach to replace the “feel good” component with the consumers’ concerns about paying more. The buyer becomes nearly addicted to the brand due to their sense of self-expression and keeps returning for more.

5. Find an Expert Story Maker

You might communicate your brand story on your packaging or through an advertisement with the help of an expert.

Select a few reputable creative companies in Dubai that are experts at understanding how to win people over with simple packaging and marketing. See if they have mastered the art of leaving a lasting, genuine impression without going overboard and hire the best.

Client Example:

Lanx Luxury Watches


Brand Identity with a Luxurious Story: Vowels helped Lanx Luxury Watches to create a compelling brand identity that depicts a luxury lifestyle. Hence, we went for a luxury brand story that helped them capture attention and create benchmark over time.

Vestworn Wellington University


Brand Campaign with A Story Twist: Vestworn Wellington University wanted to create a brand story of the student experience in their university program. Thus, we went into detail about the extent of what it’s like to be there as a student, drew emotions in our designs, and showcased how students can achieve with Vestworn Wellington University.

6. Work with Vowels

As Jim Signorelli, a well-known author, said, if someone asks you what your company’s USP is, you may say it’s your Storytelling. It’s an era of the narrative in which a well-articulated tale can take a brand to the pinnacle of popularity. It is not right to become famous overnight by engaging in intensive social media marketing. Instead, the goal is to position the brand in a distinctive way that makes it stand out from the competition and keep your community eager for more.

If you’ve been planning to establish a new business or rename an existing one with a compelling story then it’s time to contact reputable Dubai branding agencies like Vowels to realize your vision.

7. FAQs

Q. How do you develop a brand’s narrative?

Ans. Apply the following rules to develop a brand narrative:

  • Identify your motivation.
  • Recognize your product.
  • Recognize your audience.
  • Be concise and transparent.
  • Focus on human interest tales.
  • Connect with customers, establish trust and loyalty, and differentiate your brand.

Q. What are the five pillars of Storytelling?

Ans. People, Place, Pictures, Platforms, and Personal are the five pillars of Storytelling. By utilizing these components, you can help your brand stay true to its beliefs and can thoughtfully present them to the audience.

Q. What does brand storytelling aim to accomplish?

Ans. It enables you to connect with your audience on an emotional level. Brand storytelling helps you differentiate yourself from rivals, make you remembered and recognized, and it can help you win over customers.

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