Why is Branding Important for Brand Packaging

Last update: January 1, 2024

Customers form their initial opinion of your brand based on your packaging. It happens even before they see and use your goods. The wrapping or container that carries your goods and symbolizes your brand is known as brand packaging. 

Brand Packaging is an important contact point for building customer relationships. It also acts as a significant addition to their experience. Indeed, 40% of internet buyers claim that branded packaging increases the likelihood of telling others about a product. Also Read – Top 10 Branding Inspiration Brand.


Today, we will discuss how every brand should focus on its brand packaging. Furthermore, we will provide some of the most excellent brand packaging examples available. Now, let’s get started!

Enhance Your Brand identity with Packaging

Sometimes, in the rush to launch a product, brand packaging is frequently overlooked. However, ignoring brand packaging misses a fantastic chance to affect how people perceive your brand. The number of consumer touch points for eCommerce companies is lower than that of businesses with outlets. Thus, it’s critical to create a feasible packaging experience. 

Branded packaging communicates the narrative of your company and strengthens its identification. A key component of maintaining brand consistency is good delivery packaging. 

Consider it an extension of your branding that incorporates your brand’s personality, beliefs, and mission values. There are a ton of different components to mix. But adding your logo and company colors is a beautiful place to start.

  • Paper-thin postcards
  • Artfully printed business cards
  • Adhesive stickers
  • Branded ribbon
  • Personalized logo stamp
  • A thank-you message written by hand

These are just a few suggestions for advancing the narrative of your business through packaging.

Sense – Eau De ToiletteAt Vowels, we designed packaging for Sense, a premium perfume brand. After a quick market survey, we crafted a design that matched their needs. Our creative vision met both the brand’s identity and functional requirements. We worked with our trusted supplier, who provided premium quality and seamlessly translated our concept into reality. The client loved our design, and the launch was successfully executed in the market.

The Perception of Customers for Branded Packing

Customers’ perception of any business is its brand identity. It is the culmination of all of your marketing endeavors. However, Brand identity is also influenced by packaging.

When you open a package you received in the mail, do you find that the item you bought was broken? No! Packaging plays a crucial role in safeguarding goods in transportation. It can be international shipping or just a simple road trip home. Seek solutions that complement the product’s requirements and the broader brand ideals. For instance, choose easily recyclable and renewable materials if your business is dedicated to sustainability.

Remember that your product’s identity is extended through your brand’s packaging. A good unboxing experience will protect the reputation of the whole company. Conversely, a surprisingly pleasant experience will stick in people’s memories when it comes time to think about it.

Take the Example of the iPhone

Its packing is famous for its minimalist, sleek and elegant look. The packaging might look subtle, but the product’s perfectly organized documents with the mobile enhance the customer experience. There is no clutter, and the mobile is protected without any heavy packaging required.

Why is It Important to Add Visual Identity in Packaging Design

It makes sense to create valuable packaging. Imagine you receive a priceless present from a friend. Which would you prefer—a well-designed, elegant box or one covered in newspaper? Your customers will feel precisely that way when they view or receive your stuff.

Increase Brand Awareness

Consumers think that packaging affects how they make decisions. According to 70% of consumers, packaging is the only source they learn about a brand. According to 63% of customers, the packaging is just as significant as the product.

Standout on the Shelf

Do you want your merchandise to stand out from the competition? Then make your package better. 64% of retail consumers claim that if they like a product’s packaging, they will purchase it without further investigation. Much less money is spent on Branding and advertising as a result.

Coca-Cola – Iconic Shape

Packaging is not limited to its cardboard shape but also what holds the product. Within the first ten seconds of scanning the beverage section of any store, you will probably see bottles of Coke.

That is How Brand Design Works

From the start, Coke was committed to achieving brand recognition. The package is so unique that even if it broke into pieces on the ground, you could still identify it just by touching it.

Why we Think this Works

It’s iconic—Coke has demonstrated that good packaging can be made without completely re-imagining things. The curved bottle is just as striking now as a century ago. Because the bottle’s shape is so straightforward, there is always an opportunity for experimentation. The brand has done numerous redesigns and packaging experiments because of this. The corporation made no significant adjustments to its packaging design even after deciding to begin using recycled materials

Unboxing is a Whole Experience

On YouTube and other social media platforms, unboxing videos feature a packaged box opened by an influencer or anybody else. Studies indicate that viewers are keen on following the unboxing videos. Over one-third of customers (35%) watched unboxing videos online before buying it out.

Elevates the Price

Incredibly, packaging can even raise a product’s perceived value in the eyes of consumers. Customers are almost half as likely to spend a little extra if your packaging is composed. Customers also get interested in whether the packaging includes cardboard and paper and if it will be eco-friendly. Producing in a competitive market means having a more significant margin. It also translates into additional profit you can use for advertising, R&D or human resources, increasing your earnings.

Vowels is Here for Your Packaging Requirement

Always ensure that your packaging and branding identity complement the identity of your product. Along with this, it should meet the needs and expectations of your target audience. To guarantee a satisfying experience, consider every option from the consumer’s viewpoint.

Do you want to redesign your brand packaging but need specific assistance? Click here and request a customized demo.

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Q. What stages are involved in designing a custom package?

Ans. These are some points –

  • Clearly define your client and product. 
  • Examine the rivals. 
  • Determine the needs for your product. 
  • Develop the idea for your package. 
  • Print and press your packaging. 
  • Test it out

Q. How can we achieve the value of Branding through product labeling?

Ans. Product labeling refers to providing details about your goods on the container. In addition to the product name and your brand, it should include all the information. It must possess all the information potential customers need to make an informed decision.

Q. When to use premium packaging?

Ans. Branded and superior packaging increases your company’s credibility with customers. Moreover, premium packing may be more expensive, but it will secure the items that may break during shipping.

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