Top 10 Examples of Branding to Take Inspiration for Your Brand

Last update: February 19, 2024

In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, having a strong visual identity is no longer just advantageous—it’s essential. Successful companies recognize the value of professional branding, which extends far beyond mere logos and taglines. It encompasses the entire visual experience, including website design, marketing materials, social media presence, and packaging.

Businesses often draw inspiration from their competitors or admired brands, observing their branding strategies and aesthetics. They may be attracted to specific colors, fonts, or design elements that resonate with their target audience. However, it’s crucial to understand that imitation is not enough. A branding agency can help translate this inspiration into a unique brand identity that reflects core values, sets them apart from competitors, and resonates with their ideal customers.

By collaborating with a branding agency, businesses can develop a comprehensive brand strategy that covers all aspects of visual communication. This includes creating brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all touchpoints, from marketing materials to customer interactions. Ultimately, a well-executed brand strategy can enhance brand recognition, foster customer loyalty, and drive sustainable growth.

Today, we’ll explore ten innovative examples of effective brand branding that can inspire your own business strategies. These companies have mastered the art of creating visually appealing designs that captivate their target audience.

Top 10 Examples of Branding to Take Inspiration

10 Best Examples of Inspiration

1. Spotify

Spotify is a well-known music streaming service that has distinguished itself visually via its color and design. This captivating branding example shows the importance of embracing risk-taking in design and establishing a unified visual language. These are some essential features of Spotify’s branding:

  • Color scheme: Spotify stands out from rivals thanks to its eye-catching shade of green, which also forges a strong brand association. Their platform and marketing materials are all colored in this vivid hue, which makes them readily identifiable.
  • Waveform design: A crucial component of Spotify’s branding is the waveform, a graphic depiction of sound. Their app, marketing materials, and promotional photos frequently use this design element, strengthening the brand’s association with sound and music.
  • Consistent visual language: From their app design to ads, Spotify keeps things simple across the board. This consistent look helps people easily recognize and connect with the brand, strengthening its identity.

2. Tesla

Tesla is a cutting-edge company dedicated to protecting the environment and revolutionizing transportation. Here, innovation is the basis for the company’s logo and visual identity. The Tesla symbol’s “T” is derived from a mechanical part, indicating the company’s dominance and intellectual leadership. 

Tesla’s brand character and message further reinforce this emphasis on innovation, simultaneously appealing to the curiosity of its clients. In short, the Tesla brand is young, trendy, entertaining, and quite brilliant.

3. Starbucks

Starbucks has cultivated a reputation for being more than a coffee company. By focusing on community work, creating experiences, and talking about sustainability, the business carefully considers the values of its clients. 

Starbucks Logo has a mythical vibe. The green and white color scheme emphasizes development and cleanliness. Its friendly and captivating tone gives everyone a sense of inclusion and belonging.

Starbucks uses its marketing approach to advocate for the community, actively participating in global social and cultural movements and providing ongoing customer support.

4. Amazon

One of the modern market’s most outstanding examples of effective branding is Amazon. The company’s name was intentionally chosen to reflect its dedication to providing a broad and varied selection of branding examples.

The Amazon brand even strives for an emotional connection with its customers through its distinctive logo. In addition to highlighting the product collection’s diversity, the orange arrow from A to Z gives the wordmark a happy appearance.

Amazon’s objective is to be the world’s most customer-focused corporation. To do this, the business has made significant investments in developing fresh approaches to community service. 

5. Careem

After evolving from a ride-hailing platform, it changed to cover everything, including Careem Pay, Careem Food, and Careem Quik. These subsidiaries have developed into a distinct sub-brand inside its leading brand.

New color schemes and graphic components representing each sub-brand are part of the revamp, along with an upgraded visual system that may be unlocked to enable each to thrive in its own cutthroat environment. The iconic logo has slightly changed, but the vibrant green color and “C” wink still serve as the cornerstones of Careem‘s new brand.

6. Emirates

One of the most well-known and thriving brands in the aviation sector is Emirates. Emirates Airlines’ striking brand design demonstrates their mastery of the visual storytelling technique. Their logo exudes sophistication and elegance with its streamlined, contemporary form. Their whole visual identity is infused with an air of sophistication and expertise.

Passengers’ faith in the airline is strengthened by this aesthetically pleasing and consistent branding, which leaves a lasting impression. What makes them unique is their constant dependability and everlasting dedication to client satisfaction.

7. Fuel Sneaker Branding


Vowels collaborated on package designing for a young and funky brand named Fuel Sneaker. We offered the customer creative packaging ideas that appeal to Gen Z and Gen Alpha consumers. We carefully considered font choices, color palettes, and packaging design. Our goal was to create aesthetically pleasing, robust packaging to safeguard the shoes.

8. Verunia

Verunia Brand intended to give its logo branding a touch of elegance and luxury. To do this, we developed a powerful branding strategy that primarily aims to tell a story that would resonate with the intended audience’s emotions. Based on a company’s narrative, the right color schemes, tones, and font styles were chosen. We also did proper branding on their letterheads, formal business cards, home pages, and other materials.

9. Sense


Sense, one of our clients, asked us to develop a brand identity that smartly positions them as a luxury brand in the market. We created a unique logo that captures the essence of this goal. We selected a few color schemes, typographic standards, and picture aesthetics to enhance brand identification. Consequently, our client was satisfied with the significant customer engagement and brand recognition strategy we offered.

10. Lanx Luxury Watches


Brand Awareness and Identity: For the KSA company Lanx Luxury Watches, we conducted a brand awareness campaign and developed an identity that could communicate elegance, power, wealth, and beauty. We implemented this strategy to build their visual style, brand narrative, slogan, logo, and emotional values and successfully engaged with the audience.

Work With Vowels

At Vowels, we live and breathe quality for our clients. At Vowels, we’re ready to craft a unique brand that resonates with local values and authentically conveys the brand’s truth. We dive deep into the country’s culture, customs, and essence for meaningful and impactful communication.

Turn your idea into a reality, whether you want to launch a new brand or rebrand an old one. With Vowels, maintain focus and master the skill of branding in the United Arab Emirates.


Q. What are the four main steps in Branding?

Ans. The four steps of branding include:

Step 1 – To understand the company.

Step 2 – To learn about your audience.

Step 3: Select the brand’s positioning and essence.

Step 4: It involves tracking the growth of the brand.

Q. What does a marketing brand mean?

Ans. A successful brand is one that distinguishes itself from competitors in the market, thanks to its unique and easily recognizable personality. This involves elements like the product name, label, and packaging that evoke specific feelings in the consumer’s mind, such as value, quality, or flavor.

Q. Which three categories of branding exist?

Ans. Corporate, product and personal brands are the three primary categories. Product brands relate to goods or services, corporate brands designate a business or organization, and personal brands highlight traits/message/goal of a certain people or groups.

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