Why Do You Need A Branding Guideline?

Last update: December 15, 2022

Consider your product/service with great potential of becoming a brand, but unfortunately, you are unaware of how to make a good brand-building strategy. If taken lightly, it can lead to failure to achieve customer attention and, ultimately, will get fewer sales at the end of the sales funnel. Hence, to develop a good strategy, a brand must set its guidelines first to ensure that all its marketing initiatives are geared toward increasing brand awareness among current and future customers.


Brand guidelines are crucial for a branding agency as they encompass various elements of a brand that resonate with stakeholders and the general public. These guidelines can include fundamental principles, vision, colors, imagery, typography, tone, and even the emotional response elicited by ads adhering to these guidelines. Ultimately, brand guidelines ensure consistency and coherence in a brand’s visual identity and overall strategy, reinforcing its impact

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1. Four Convincing Reasons You Should Have Brand Guidelines

1. For Brand Consistency

Your branding design will be more compatible if your communication is consistent. A harmonic association between language, design, or viewpoint clears what your company stands for, permitting it to express its mission, character and capability.

Three essential aspects of brand consistency drive client loyalty:

  • Customer Experience – A consistent or steady client experience develops faith and reliance in your company.
  • Values – It is built through your dedicated commitments.
  • Brand Identity – Steadiness in visual components distinguishes your brand and assists you in differentiating from competitors.

2. To Get Acknowledged by the Audience

As per Nelson Report, if the consumers know your brand, they will make the buying decision within 13 seconds. In short, your client searches for what they know about you and makes the decision quickly based on that. It is referred to as “instinct purchasing.”

3. Brand Guidelines will Help to Add Value

Brand consistency makes it easy for customers to perceive your worth. Slowly customers begin to depend on you and look for your material when you constantly provide quality. They believe you, and this eventually creates the ground for long-lasting connections.

4. Brand Guidelines Build Great Aesthetics.

Everyone remembers aesthetically pleasing campaigns. Accurate reporting and smart design make it easier to remember by your observer. Actions such as alignment, data visualization, visually pleasant color, or legible font directly imprint the consumer’s brain.

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2. Components of the Brand Building Guidelines

Brand Guidelines components are used in every aspect of marketing. From designing websites, banners, emails and even content development, they help to create one strong distinguishable identity on every platform.

The following are its components:

1. Color Scheme


Previously, brands chose limited colors like one or two, but today’s firms use a variety to bring vibrancy to their brand message. Include the appropriate hex codes, RGB values, and CMYK color codes to ensure that your colors are shown uniformly throughout the media.

2. Typography


It is very important because if it is done right, nobody will pay much attention to it, but if there are errors, it will stand like a sore thumb. Thus, the Brand style guide contains all the typefaces, font sizes, and font hierarchies for all collaterals.

3. Logo


Brand Guidelines must also show how a logo needs to be shown in various media as a critical component. The style guide also shows the logo size, color amalgamation, and how it should appear on various backdrops.

3. Brand Guidelines Help Brand to Communicate its Identity

  • Company Voice: Brand voice is your organization’s language to convey its norms and persona. Finding a style that appeals to your audience and complements the essence of your brand requires time and effort. Once you’ve found it, apply it to all your channels. Additionally, the value of using a steady brand voice throughout communication cannot be overstated.
  • Brand Vision: Every brand has a strong brand story that explains its goals and beliefs. The brand story summarizes a company’s aim, mission, and core values for those unfamiliar with the terminology.
  • Visualization of Images and Data: Imagery is the technique or way of depicting creative pictures, visuals and material to communicate their message. Your company can use it on its website, campaigns, social media, or banners.

Hence, a brand guideline generally establishes a framework for imagery (photos, illustrations, charts, infographics, and so on) that can help your business to incorporate into the material for promotional purposes.

4. Why Should You Choose Vowels?

Without a leading document, every brand may devolve into erratic anarchy. Marketing Departments frequently construct brands using these rules. It is also known as Brand Bible, Brand Usage Guide, CI Manuals, Identity Guidelines, etc. Regardless of numerous names, its only objective is to keep your brand identity consistent, recognized, and distinctive.

Contact us, and we will create a style guide that will assist you in keeping a powerful, unified, and identifiable brand.

Our Works:

1. HMB Gold Trading LLC


Logo Design & Guide

Vowels Agency developed a custom logo design and brand guidelines for a Gold Trading Company based in UAE. In the Brand Guideline, we provided them with design collateral, Logo, Color Combination, Font Selection and all other components.

2. Excelsis Group Renewable Energy


Brand Identity & Guidelines

We did a Corporate Rebranding for a global conglomerate from Hansa Global into Excelsis Business Solutions. We covered all their new business objectives and provided them with a new Guideline Book.

5. FAQs

Q. How can Brand Guidelines be upgraded?

Ans. By following these 4 basic steps, you can upgrade your brand guidelines:

  • Add a compelling brand narrative.
  • Create a memorable brand trademark with a Logo
  • Include your company’s primary color palette.
  • Make a typographic hierarchy.

Q. Do we need brand guidelines?

Ans. It gives you authority on how to utilize your brand. It reflects accuracy and ensures that the outer look is of the best quality.

Q. Are brand guidelines considered private documents?

Ans. They should be available to anybody involved in marketing on the organization’s behalf (both internal and external). Because nothing in this document is private, many creative agencies also keep a digital copy on their website.

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