Branding Guidelines: A Brief Overview With Examples

Every brand’s stature in the market is not overnight fame! Companies undertake a lot of changes, modifications and procedures before becoming a brand. This detailed process is what we know as branding guidelines, and the steps that cover this concept are brand guidelines. These are some set standards that we use to define a brand using a symbol or logo. For instance, a bitten apple instantly strikes the iconic symbol of the Apple logo.  This robust symbolism is a result of brand specifications. Let us comprehend the meaning of brand guidelines with some conclusive examples.


Brand Guidelines In A Nutshell

It helps a firm to convey a detailed and symbolised representation of what it is, what it represents and what it stands for in the market. These specific rules and regulations demonstrate a label’s consistency. It is a comprehensive manual that enlists rules on communicating the business presentation in the market. This heavy representation gives a unique status in the target industry.

Five Basic Elements

The fundamental elements of brand principles are –

  • Logo: This element comprises both primary and secondary logos with icon or wordmark
  • Typography: The size, spacing, and style of fonts used in the representation are also a part of these guidelines.
  • Imagery: This element incorporates artwork and illustrations.
  • Colour Palette: The combination of primary as well as secondary colours form this palette.
  • Voice & Tone: The expression of language and emotions used by a brand reflects this element.

Inspirational Examples of Brand Guidelines

Some creative brand designers and graphic designers have made a mark by implementing brand guidelines with utmost class and uniqueness! For example, who knew a correct stroke of black ink could represent an international brand named Nike? While there are many examples of ultimate brand specifications that we can opt for, let us have a look at the most widespread ones!

Uber: The Comprehensive System

Uber uses as many as nine elements in its defined system of brand instructions. These core elements are the basic five elements explained above as well as the composition, motion, iconography and illustration. All these nine elements combined are compatible in forming a brand presence that reflects the best of design.

Netflix: A Vintage Cinemascope

Did you know Netflix is over a 20-year old company? The world started Netflix and chill almost a decade after its foundation! The use of motion and sonic branding in its guidelines expresses something unique and relatable to the global audience level. It uses logo, symbol, motion and typography. The company has named its standards “Brand Site” to describe the use of only four basic elements which are those elements?

Starbucks: Undisputed International Queen

Named as the “Brand Expression Guide” by the company itself, Starbucks logo is all about royalty logo! It covers all the basic elements of brand principles in the most exhaustive way possible. The colour and illustration used by Starbucks is a work worth talking about.. Its website is also exclusive and can serve as an online manual to many!

Audi: The Iconic Rings

Four interconnected rings represent a lot more than shapes! The immersive design represents the effective application and scalability while preserving the interactive essence of the brand. The iconic and perceptive trademark blended with the idea of freedom and flexibility enhances the tangible presence in the mainstream. Also, the precise allocation of the space for the iconic ring is more generous.

Spotify: The Musical Wi-Fi

A brand can be both uniquely named and designed” is what we learn from Spotify! Its guidelines explain how it uses the simple Wi-Fi symbol in its logo and gives it a completely successful makeover. The label plays with the basic elements yet brings some class to the creative table with its representation.

YouTube: Epitome of Simplicity

A red square with a silver play button represents the success of a billion-dollar company. It uses only four basic elements but with such fine detail that it catches viewers’ eyes. Its brand strategies are available on its website, and every company can look up to it for reference!

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Implementing Brand Guidelines: Useful Tips

Companies should keep a few basic things in check before undermining brand principles to ensure the effort is successful. The victory of every famous Brand Strategy team that came up with the famous logos depends upon these minor details. Here are some tips that can help paint a clear picture!

  • Chalk out the do’s and don’ts clearly as per the ideology of representation. A team must comprehend the ideology of a company and its stakeholders
  • One must not setback from being descriptive and to the point! Specifying all the guidelines clearly must be the goal.
  • Take every brand guideline as a marketing material that can be put into an exemplary logo.
  • Represent a primary colour and play with its tone to bring an exceptional touch. For instance, the red bold colour of Netflix is uniquely different!
  • Always use a professional team of designers to weave these brand aspects successfully.

Utilise The Creative Expertise of The Best Designers

The implementation of all these brand-building instructions with utter success is not possible without the best in the field! Companies need to hire the most creative minds to put together the technicality of this subject in an artistic flow. Our team at VOWELS is one such group of professionals that comprehends brand guidelines meaning thoroughly. Using these guidelines, we can put together a unique and stylish definition of the brand in the perfect symbolism. Contact us online and get a quote to create your brand identity in this competitive market!