Excelsis Group Renewable Energy

Brand Identity & Guidelines

Corporate Re-branding for a global conglomerate from Hansa Global into Excelsis Business Solutions to fulfill the new business objectives

Excelsis Vowels Case Study Cover
Introduction Excelsis Scope of Work Brand Strategy Identity
Excelsis Brief and Review of Vowels Work
Excelsis Internal Brand Positioning Vision Mission
Excelsis Brand Personality
Excelsis Brand Signage Design by Vowels Design Agency
Brand Architecture of Excelsis by Vowels Branding
Global Brand Strategy for Excelsis Business Solutions
Logo Redesign for Comapnay Excelsis
Logo Conceptualisation for Excelsis
Excelsis Tagline by Vowels Creative Agency Dubai
Logo Construction for Excelsis by Vowels Logo Agency
Logo Reasoning for Excelsis
Symbol Creation for Excelsis by Vowels Logo Design Company
Corporate Logo Design for Excelsis by Vowels Dubai
Logo Background for Excelsis
Excelsis company vision and mission by Vowels
Excelsis Brand Guidelines by Vowels Dubai
Corporate Identity Design for Excelsis
Creative Branding for Excelsis by Vowels
Excelsis Exterior Signage Design for Vowels Design Agency
Signage Design for Excelsis Business Solutions
Employee ID Card Design by Vowels Agency
Excelsis Office design by Vowels Branding
Vehicle Design for Excelsis Energy Company
Excelsis Product Design by Vowels
Marketing Material design by Vowels
Brand Placement on cap for Excelsis
New Branding for Hansa Global by Excelsis
Office Reception Graphic Poster Design for Excelsis
Excelsis Billboard Design by Vowels Branding
Excelsis Energy Company Hoarding design
App Icon Design for Excelsis
Excelsis Linkedin Banner Design
CEO Office Graphic Design for Excelsis
Airport Marketing Design

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