What is Private Label Branding?

Private Label Branding is a business setting wherein the seller company procures customized products from a third-party manufacturer. A private label company buys manufactured goods in bulk, gives them a touch of its own, and sells it under its brand banner. Unlike White Labeling, Private Labeling allows businesses to bring a unique touch to their product line and maintain authenticity in the market. Nike, for example, is one of the most successful private label companies that sells its products globally. This branding design process gives the seller direct control over the quality and procurement of all products. Also read this – What is branding?

If you have ever dwelled upon “what does private labeling mean in the industry?” then we have covered everything you need to know!


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1. Private Label Branding Introduction In Categories

We can start with the Private Label branding introduction by understanding the different consumer goods categories that usually fall under this category. Popular brands like IKEA and Nike sell Private Label products. Since consumers seldom get into the details of the manufacturing or origin of products, it is difficult to make a difference. The standard classifications are:

  • Personal care and wellness products
  • Paper Products
  • Fast food items and beverages
  • Skincare and cosmetics
  • Frozen food items
  • Apparels
  • Dairy products

2. Is Private Label The Same As White Label Branding?

No, Private Label and White Label Branding hold different nuances in technical terms. Although most people perceive both concepts as one, you must know the significant difference between them.

  • Control over the manufacturing unit: Private label companies can control the quality, quantity, and procurement of third-party manufactured products under a tailored agreement. White Label Services Dubai make mass purchases from manufacturers who are allowed to pitch sales to other companies as well.
  • Maintain Authenticity: Private label allows businesses to stay unique under the binding terms of the manufacturing contract. White Labeling does not come with this liberty.

3. How To Start Private Label Branding

Now that you have understood the concept of “What are Private Label Products?” you must know how its branding works. Private Labeling is a recognized business plan for people looking for a cost-effective yet unique presence in the market. However, branding plays a huge role in gaining customer trust and loyalty. You must put some experienced hands on the deck to make it a profitable deal!

Consult leading branding agencies to chalk out a market plan, collaborate with a reliable manufacturer, and you are good to go with your Private label products.


4. Embark On Private Label Branding With VOWELS

Speaking of a reliable branding agency to help you with Private Labeling, you can avail the services offered at VOWELS. With years of experience in hand and a great creative team, our alliance has helped many companies and startups taste success in the market. We look after the end-to-end branding needs of our clients. Visit our website to get a detailed understanding of what we offer, and call us if you have any queries!

5. Some Common FAQs

Q. What does private labeling mean?

Ans. Private labeling means procuring manufactured goods from a third party and selling it with your brand name and identity. It is more like working on a contract to get customized goods for sale.

Q. Which branding agency helps with private labeling?

Ans. Companies like VOWELS assist with all kinds of branding needs for every firm, including private label businesses.

Q. What are private label UAE products?

Ans. Private Label UAE products are the consumer goods that companies sell under a private label business setting. These goods are sold with the seller’s or retailer’s brand name.

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