Top 5 Graphic Designing Types for Branding

Graphic designing is a broad, imaginative subject that employs visuals to convey concepts and provide solutions. Even though there are numerous categories and methods in graphic designing, it will be challenging to follow all of them. Hence, we have shortlisted five specific types of graphic design which you can use efficiently.

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Types of Graphic Design

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1. Print Graphic Design

Designing for print still has value today despite the growth of digital design. Print designs are found in physical venues like brochures, billboards, and business cards rather than online. The print design employs visual visuals to convey a message to viewers, similar to digital formats.

2. Digital Graphic Design

Additionally, you must consider that websites are a more dynamic medium in contrast to print media. There are two types of specialized graphic designers: UI (User Interface) Designers, who focus on the website’s layout and general aesthetic, and UX (User Experience) Designers, who focus on how the website feels.

Do I need a Graphic Designer for my Brand? Let’s Find Out!

The word “user interface” (UI) is frequently used in contemporary graphic and web design. As consumers interact with an application or device, UI design makes everything more straightforward and user-friendly. It all comes down to striking a balance between the technical functionality and the outlook. A UI designer controls how a target audience feels and responds to a digital product’s elements. He/she must be aware of the following abilities:

  • UI/UX fundamentals
  • Flexible Web Design Theme
  • Graphic Design in a Simple Style
  • Interfacing Components
  • CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  • Brightness, colour, and contrast
  • Brand Integrity

3. Packaging Graphic Design

Packaging designers generate product concepts, mockups, and print-ready files. It necessitates extensive knowledge of print techniques and a complete industrial design and manufacturing awareness. When packaging design touches so many fields, it’s common for designers to find themselves developing additional elements for a product, such as photography, illustrations, and visual identity.

4. Graphic Designing for Branding

When talking about designing a brand, people often talk about important brand elements like the logo, color scheme, font, and other visual features that make one company stand out from another and make it easy for customers to recognize.

Aside from creating the main parts of a brand identity, this type of Branding is more about how a business presents itself in the real world and online, whether it’s on social media, in stores, or even in the way the office is designed.

More and more, it’s important for businesses to make sure that their brand design is consistent across all of these touchpoints. One way to do this is to use brand guidelines. It helps to improve the brand’s image among its audience, leaving them with a clear idea of what the brand is all about.

Creating Advertising for Your Company

Creating advertising is the most prevalent and well-liked genre in graphic design. It produces visual content for use in promotional materials such as postcards, flyers, periodicals, newspapers, brochures, email templates, and other forms of printed media. It is how effective marketing raises the bar for engaging the target market regarding their requirements.

Small and large businesses work with graphic designers to produce eye-catching designs that appeal to customers. Beginners in the design industry enjoy starting with this category to ace their skills. Following are a few of its examples:

  • Newspaper & Magazine Ads
  • Infographics
  • Display advertisements
  • Personal ads and direct emails
  • Ads on social media
  • Emails Designs
  • Designing Sites and blogs
  • Making video Ads

5. Concept of Graphic Designing and Art Illustration

Although graphic design and art illustration are unrelated; they have a strong collaboration to produce outstanding artwork. Because of this, we continue to consider it one of the most important genres in the design sector. These elements are frequently utilized in various fields, including periodicals, posters, games, motion graphics, t-shirt designs, websites, book covers, infographics, and many others. It resembles a creative partnership between graphic designers and illustrators in certain ways. For more information, you can always get advice from industry professionals who are the greatest in this field.

Client Example

Omni Ice Cream


Brand Packaging: One of the key elements for drawing FMCG customers is choosing a popping packaging theme. It is one of the first things people see compared to other elements like writing, drawings, or graphics from a distance.

Hence, for our client Omni, we picked bright colors, sharp images, bold typography, and format as the four primary components for designing their packaging. These components tend to have a high recall rate, making it easier for customers to relate to the brand.

Work with Vowels

Each company has its unique story to share, and how it represents it is called corporate designing. Vowels Agency helps its clients find their own distinctive modern design category. To do so, we always learn about the company’s vision, goal, and policy. Whether it is creating a logo, selecting typography and colors, or rebuilding your brand, our design will identify the DNA of a company.

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6. FAQs

Q. How can a brand use graphic design in Branding?

Ans. Effective marketing materials must be designed with a coherent, consistent aesthetic theme. By effectively utilizing logos, photos, and graphics on your website, social media pages, and other platforms, graphic design can contribute to developing a memorable brand with increased recognition.

Q. Is Designing Considered a Part of Branding?

Ans. It is correct. Graphic designers play an important part in brand development by creating a visual identity that reflects the business’s personality and values.

Q. Do logos count as graphic designing?

Ans. A logo is only a part of the graphic designing segment. Nevertheless, logo designing has significant marketing and business value. If the graphic designer is unfamiliar with marketing concepts, no successful logo will ever be produced.

Q. What does a brand identity design entail?

Ans. Brand Identity Designing is all the choices we make in graphic designing to establish a brand. It encompasses a company’s visual identity, including the logo, color scheme, graphic components, and marketing collateral like business cards and product packaging.

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