Must-Follow Graphic Design Trends for 2024

We are almost finished with one-third of 2023, and already many trends have emerged in the graphic design industry. These graphic design trends are an amalgamation of last year’s aesthetic renewals and current creative endeavors.

In this Blog, you will find some exciting Graphic Designing Trends to follow in 2024 that will inspire you with some amazing ideas for your work.


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1. Graphic Designing Trends to follow in 2024

1. AI Design

In 2023, we expect to see more designs created by AI, mainly through graphic design tools or automated AI based software. Artificial intelligence is transforming the design process more efficiently. AI design tools allow graphic designers to develop strategies to optimize and enhance existing designs or create new looks.

2. Abstract 3D

This design movement, known as “abstract 3D”, produces experimental abstract and three-dimensional designs. Designers integrate abstract 3D elements to create attractive and engaging digitally animated sculptures.

3. Riso Print

The graphic design sector is embracing the risograph printing style. The rough, organic textures and brilliant hues give designs a sense of uniqueness and personality. Each print is distinctive due to the organic nature of the printing process, which enhances the appeal and character of the artwork.

4. Holographic Surrealism

Holographic vibes have undoubtedly become a massive trend in 2023; we see many holographic features in product design, digital design, or branding.

The goal of holographic design is to create a futuristic, otherworldly atmosphere. This Design style is primarily used for science fiction and technology advertising. It is defined as using neon lights, holographic patterns, and iridescent colors to produce striking, captivating, and futuristic designs.

5. Simple Layouts

Simple layouts are all about having a simplicity and minimalist vibe. A clean and straightforward form is aesthetically distinguished by using flat designs, attentive typography, and proper use of space.

This year, expect to see designers implementing minimal branding and clean layouts for website design and packaging design.

6. Modern Nostalgia

The nostalgic style, a prominent design trend in 2022, continues to flourish and adapt this year. Modern nostalgia focuses on fusing the past and present to produce something fresh and original. This style is identified using vintage-inspired elements with a modern touch, including text, photographs, and patterns.

Expect to see designers experimenting with various periods and fashion trends, fusing pieces of the 1970s and 2000s to create something fresh and intriguing.

7. Candy Colour Schemes

Bright, wacky, and candy-inspired color schemes are a growingly well-liked trend in the graphic design industry. Pastel colors, neon hues, and striking, vivid tints create a sweet and confectionery element. Designers are likely to use these candy color schemes in branding and packaging design since it allows for creating engaging, playful, and enjoyable designs.

2. Popular Color Scheme for 2023

Colors greatly influence the emotion and actions of customers. If appropriately utilized in the design, it can generate the audience’s best response. Color trends for 2023 are all about the contrast between a lighter and a dark shade.

For example, consider the bright, cheerful tones typical of the 2000s, such as Barbie Pink and Digital Lavender, which will portray a positive attitude, encouraging infinite creativity and self-expression. However, with a contrast of a gloomy intensity and realistic appeal, dark and moody colors like old wood and forest green will create a compelling and grounded design.

Making a bold statement with one design component can be tricky, especially when choosing a particular typeface and color scheme. But only an expert designer with an actual vision can work it out.

For example, Try contrasting an electric blue, bright green, and yellow color scheme with the serif typeface. Alternatively, you might utilize a soft pink and blue color scheme with a big, bold display typeface.

Vola! You made an incredible creative vision with a perfect balance of typography and color combinations.

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3. Top Logo Designing Trends to Follow in UAE

To develop an effective brand identity, designers must stay current with changing logo design trends. Businesses are putting a lot of effort into developing distinctive logos that reflect their brand values and resonate with their target market in 2023.

If you are looking for the top logo design trends to look out for in 2023, then try for minimalism, vivid colors, gradients, hand-drawn logos, negative space, personalized typography, and 3D designs.

The fresh eco-style look

The eco-friendly sector has historically had trouble with uninspired colors of green and brown. Thankfully, that is quickly changing this year. Every color is naturally present on Earth, and designers are exploring this infinite color spectrum to find inspiration from everything, including coral reefs and tropical jungles.

Consider the bright green of seedlings, birds’ blue and scarlet gradations, and the pinkish-purple tone of Fuchsia blossoms. Even the spots and stripes on animals from African safaris can be used!

Client Example:

200% Skin Care

Branding and Logo Designing: An organic natural skincare brand that wanted to incorporate nature’s elements with luxury. Keeping this vision in mind, we chose rich mineral-based colour, tone and theme to present the purity of mother nature. The client loved the concept; thus, we went ahead with this theme and added it to their branding material, logo and packaging layout.

  1. Modest Fonts: Designers use bold and simple fonts to create remarkable monogram logos with subtle variations that make them unique. Hence, Font Based logos can stay simple but practical enough for their audience by including minor alterations such as stretched writing, strong hand-drawn strokes, or letter stacking.
  2. Keeping it Genuine: Opting for a tone-deaf technique for advertisements in 2023 will be a bad idea. Featuring unrealistic physique types and unattainable lifestyles is not acceptable this year. Instead, do brand activism by adding sustainability, diversity, and inclusion. Brands are embracing friendly, honest, and inclusive language from everyday life. Businesses are more open about what they do and how they do it.

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4. Connect with an Expert

How do Vowels Select the Trending Elements for a Brand?

First, we observe the elements consumers are relating to, such as the raw textures like marble, stones, and earthy color tones. Then we incorporate these into Brand Tone, packaging, marketing materials etc.

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5. FAQs

Q. What is the role of designing in branding?

Ans. When discussing designing in branding, it is common to refer to the importance of brand components like the logo, color scheme, typography, and other visual features. Graphic designing helps a company stand out from its rivals and become recognized by consumers.

Q. What are the Gen Z design trends to follow in 2023?

Ans. The Gen Z design trends of 2023 are highly inspired by their preference for relatable content, funny viral memes, and life-changing hacks. Designers use maximalism and surrealist design themes with loud color schemes and excessive layering to become more appealing for them.

Q. Why is branding dependent on design?

Ans. Graphic Designing significantly enhances brand reputation and authority. The appropriate colors, typeface, artwork, and overall design help to develop consistency and coherence in their public image, eventually increasing client trust in your brand.

Q. What branding trends might we expect in 2023?

Ans. In 2023 Branding is all about having a modern appearance. This concept works well for emerging and developed brands that want to stand out in the market.


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