Top 10 Best Food Packaging Design Ideas

Packaging design is a Messiah of your brand. Honestly, we all judge a book by its cover, specifically for food products. The food packaging product design very much influences our buying decisions. Its colours, shape, size, infographics, tagline and other elements aligned perfectly in accordance with the brand value.

Beautiful food packaging designs are the guardian of your brand. It links the expressive connection between the user and the product. Consumers get captivated by witnessing distinct packaging that reflects a unique and purposeful meaning.


Trending Food Packaging Ideas in 2022

If you are in quest of packaging ideas for food, you need to experiment with changing trends. In this volatile market, thousands of companies are waiting to grab your position. Once you lose your ground, it takes unparalleled effort to get back on the track. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a grocery packaging cover design or a specific food packaging cover design; you need to ensure it delivers the brand’s message to the target buyers.

Nowadays, the idea of sustainability, recycling, conservation of nature, and social welfare is very evident in food product packaging. So, craft your food product packaging design by considering these external elements. Let’s take a small voyage and understand the diverse packaging for food:


Here are Trending Food Packaging Ideas for 2022

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1. Coffee Packaging Design

Coffee is a refreshing drink and a vital part of our daily intake. The beautiful fragrance of original coffee and its blended sip revitalizes individuals instantly. In the same way, creative food packaging design of the coffee tempts consumers to associate with the brand. Talking about ideal coffee packaging ideas, it should be an integration of various fundamental aspects such as demography, simple language, creativity, and visually appealing.

The upswing in demand for coffee in the mainstream has opened many windows to experiment with the packaging style. Moreover, the online revolution has given manufacturers access to the world market. So, having an inclusive design connects worldwide audiences into a single string.



2. Tea Packaging Design

Since ancient times, tea has been an integral part of various cultures across the globe. Some use it as a refreshing drink for medicinal purposes and health benefits. Its demand is amplifying day by day whether you’re living in England, Dubai, America, or other corners of the world. The packing cover design of tea is an essential aspect in securing a stronghold in the market.

You will generally witness the tea packing comprises compact and dextrous packages like sachet, tube, cylindrical, and curved glass containers. These packages reflect sophistication and are very practical. Many brands also incorporate some sense of distinctiveness with creative approaches and unusual patterns, such as pictures of nature, adding friends & family pictures, sunrise and more.


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3. Ice Cream Packaging Design

People loved ice cream. It is one of the most desirable sweet treats having hundreds of flavours. Having a scoop of palatable ice cream soothes the soul, and nothing matches its delicious cravings.

Well, the major question arises: what are the perfect ingredients for ice-cream food packet design? Normally, we witness yummy ice cream packets that are beautifully decorated and look very vibrant. Baskin-Robbins, Magnum, Morelli’s Gelato, Marble Slab Creamery, and Cornetto are some of the biggest ice-cream brands; one thing is common; creative and colourful packaging that perfectly presents the brand’s value and purpose uniquely.

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With time, people are becoming more health-conscious and attentively looking at their intake or eating habits. Therefore, the brand should clearly represent ingredients and other aspects like fat-free, protein, vegetarian, freshness, hygienic, sugar-free, etc. This will enhance the brand’s reputation and create a sense of trust among consumers.



4. Milk Packaging Design

Everyone cherishes the childhood memories when our mother runs towards us with a cup of milk. In every household, milk is considered the staple drink full of nutrients. So, when we talk about the milk packaging inspiration and recipe, our mind is full of pictures of bottles, packets, and hard-cartoon packs. All these milk food pack boxes are decorated with logos, cattle images, small children, mothers and other pictures which directly or indirectly aim to garner human affection.

There are a lot of other elements that contribute to the product packaging design, primarily colour (while to make a resemblance with milk). While designing the packaging, the main idea should revolve around a healthy lifestyle, nature, and how effortlessly your brand converts potential buyers into a uniform consumers.



5. Juice Packaging Design

Food packaging boxes design always influences the buyer’s decision; it is the primary medium of communication to the target consumers. Unlike other beverages, the juice is the most diversified drink having endless flavours. It is a healthy, natural, detox, refreshing drink made from fruits and vegetables featuring distinct colours and tastes.

For an inspirational juice packaging design, you should create a visual masterpiece that precisely reflects the source of fruit juice, the company’s value, cool patterns, nature, and ingredient index. In addition, brands can experiment with other designs or visual information based on topography, i.e. adding pictures of popular celebrities and creative taglines in the local language. So, the need and style of packing differ significantly from one place to another.



6. Pasta Packaging Design

Mouth-watering and lip-smacking snack, pasta is among the world’s favourite cuisines. Originating in Italy, it has now deeply integrated with food culture in almost every corner of the world. So, its popularity has opened the door for hundreds of companies offering exquisite pasta to consumers. However, only brands rule the people’s hearts and innovative food packaging design influences consumers to associate with the specific brand.

Creating an eye-catching and intriguing packing design is a work of art involving various components. Interestingly, pasta comes in various flavours with different shapes, sizes, and flavours. The company should highlight its uniqueness while crafting the packing design, their speciality, i.e. tomato, Lasagne, creamy, Spaghetti, Macaroni and more. In addition to this, the other basic elements include a touchy tagline, infographics, social welfare, nutritional value, and the company’s theme.


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7. Pizza Packaging Design

When we talk about pizza, our mind pictures cheesy, warm, soft, delicious fillings and toppings between bread. It is a simple and highly desirable fast-food, especially for the younger generation. You may have tasted popular pizza brands, but have you noticed their packaging style? What makes them unique, their eye-popping patterns and creative logo and tagline?

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The answer is a minimalistic design that efficiently conveys the brand’s message or value to the audience. Most pizza companies use cardboard packages that vary in shape and size. So, your brand needs something different to lead the marketing campaign from the front, follow the KISS approach like Pizza Hut and Dominos. An appealing pizza packaging design is a valuable asset and leaves a long-lasting impression on the consumers.



8. Burger Packaging Design

We all have huge cravings for fast food, especially burgers. The sizzling blend of stuffings, cheesy layer and fluffy bread makes it a delicious treat. But what about food box packaging design? How will you attract your consumers in one go?. These are some popular concerns if you have a burger food chain.

We all know packing design is a great investment that helps in building a great brand. So, striking packaging is a mixture of multiple ingredients comprising brand name, tagline, product descriptions, and convenient structure. You will see there are reputed burger brands such as McDonald’s and Burger King that have a simple yet impactful design. Nowadays, brands also manifest their social obligations on the packets, such as recycling material, welfare contributions, and preserving nature.


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9. Noodles Packaging Design

Noodles- are a popular fast food and have been a staple cuisine in many cultures. Now, it has spread worldwide; youngsters and children can go off the limits for noodles like Maggi, Top-Ramen, TOMO, YUI and more. The concept of two-middle noodles has brought remarkable trends in the industries. If you are hungry, just add hot water to a bowl of noodles and enjoy the treat. It was a great marketing technique to increase the consumer base.

Importantly, you will also notice the layout of the packaging design is practical and adored with infographics health benefits, i.e. wheat noodles, veggies, and other nutrients. There are various flavours that all should be precisely mentioned on the package, along with custom designs or patterns to ignite buying impulse.


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10. Snacks Packaging Design

The snacks industry is consistently rising; we all love munching chips and cookies. However, we hardly check out how realistic and impressively the chips packets are designed. There is a lot of research & development involved in creating a compact and impactful design that invites the audience to buy the product in one go. For instance, brands like Lay’s, Cheetos Crunchy, Chips Oman, Pofaki and Aladdin have unique food packaging designs that conveniently convey their brand positioning statements.

Some of the important aspects that need to be addressed are the target audience, brand speciality, appealing tagline, and other essential infographics. One can make slight changes depending on the demographics and people’s choices. The design should be light-hearted, energizing, and reflect the brand’s tone.


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Summing Up

Well, now you have understood the significance of unique creative food packaging design and how it stimulates the buying urge among the people. Notably, one needs to follow simple rules of convenience and functionality of the packing. It doesn’t matter how special your food design is, but everything will be fruitless if it fails to connect with the target audience. So to ease your problem, VOWELS, the packaging design agency in Dubai offers a range of customized, innovative food packaging design and grocery packaging design that gives additional leverage to your product to succeed. Connect with our professional team and get a quote.



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