Best Juice Product Packaging Design Ideas

Fruit juice is one of the fastest-growing segments in the beverage industry. Popular among both kids and adults, it is a refreshing beverage. Juice packaging designs come in a variety of layouts just like food packaging designs. Juice packaging depends on several factors such as target audience, distribution process, climate, etc. Good packaging will prevent the juice from being spoiled, lock on its aroma and preserve its taste. Some other factors to keep in mind are its shelf life and the recyclability of the packaging material. In this article, we’ll discuss the best juice packaging design ideas that are popular in the market today.

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Importance of juice packaging

Nowadays almost every segment of the market is saturated. Hundreds of brands compete in a limited space and offer their products to the same consumer. Thus, businesses need to be smart and utilise every space available to bring customers to their products. Packaging is a good way of doing it.

The main purpose of juice packaging is to protect the juice during its journey from the manufacturer to the consumer. It protects it from chemical deterioration and microbial spoilage. The shelf life of the juice depends largely on its packaging. Keep in mind that packaging only protects the juice. It cannot improve its quality.

Effective Juice packaging will not only protect your juice but will also attract the attention of the customer. The packaging will communicate the ideals and message of the brand to the customer. It will also effectively inform the consumer about the fruit juice and list out its strengths and benefits in a smart manner. Creative juice packaging bags help the brand stand out. It conveys health and freshness and turns fence-sitters into loyal customers. After all, customers appreciate a unique and creative design.


The trend of fruit juice packaging

Customers prefer drinks that are easy to store and consume. Currently, the non-alcoholic beverage market is filled with tea, fruit juice, bottled water and carbonated beverages. In the coming days, new kinds of products will be released in all categories. And with more products, will come more packages. In such a situation, customers will prefer personalised packaging that resonates with them.

The market decides almost half of the changes in packaging design. As the need of the consumers evolves, the packaging also evolves. Customers now prefer clean and good looking packaging that is pretty to look at and saves time. Packaging for juices such as orange juice packaging with distinct and attractive colours will attract customers’ attention and win them over. Many brands are also experimenting with juice bottle accessories such as caps, shapes etc.

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Best Juice Packaging Ideas

There are a lot of juice packaging ideas that a business can go for. These packages should express the positives about the product all the while keeping it attractive enough to bring customers.


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1. Eroski Juice

Supperstudio of Spain packs their Eroski juice in a carton pack that explains the importance of the featured fruit. The key idea here is to personify the main ingredient of the juice, and that is exactly what you’ll see on the front of each juice packaging pouch. To attract further attention, the personified fruits are laden with accessories on a bright background.


2. Pitanga Juices

The Brazilian establishment places its emphasis on health. An unfortunate thyroid condition led to its founder establishing a juice company making healthy and filling juices. In addition to local Brazilian foods, the juice also includes herbs and vegetables. The Pitanga juice comes with a minimalistic design that emphasises its healthy ingredients.


3. PuraFruta

The bright packaging of Pura Fruta looks like a leaf that wraps around the fruit to protect it. This design implies that the juice inside is very fresh and untouched as if it was squeezed from a fruit recently. Its designer also uses a watercolour stained aesthetic to give its juice bottle packaging a unique look. Its attractive design makes it stand out and brings attention to its selling points. People who are looking for a healthy and organic drink will certainly enjoy PuraFruita’s packaging.


4. Cuckoo Juice

Cuckoo juice has a very bright and attractive packaging design with the picky bird taking the centre stage on the juice package. The design is based around the cuckoo bird which is very picky about the fruits it eats, which is a subtle way to spread its message. The juice emphasises its animalistic roots all the while avoiding being preachy about its message.


5. Rejuice

A social enterprise from the UK, Rejuice uses food surpluses for making its fruit juices. Their brand message brings attention to practices of wasting food all the while turning it into a positive. The ethical implications of Rejuice certainly resonate with a lot of customers concerned with the environment. It also helps that their juices are quite affordable.


6. Antidote’s Juice

A name like Antidote Juice is bound to leave a few people scratching their heads. And that’s where the packaging comes in. Antidote’s Juice packaging not only breaks the mould with its design but also tells a story. The designs feature colourful illustrations that explain the benefit of each different juice.


7. Jooze Juice

Jooze juice boxes are a hit with the youngsters. They have a very unique design geared toward children and toddlers. Their juice box packaging is designed in the shape of fruit slices with the illustration of the fruit flavour taking up most of the space. They stand on an angle and provide an enticing solution for children who do not drink juice.

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