Most Important Burger Packaging Design Ideas

Burgers are one of the most popular food items on the planet. From one end of the Earth to the other, you will likely encounter burgers. And when people think about burgers, they think about a sturdy takeout box. However, that image is changing fast and people are opting for more environmentally friendly designs. For decades food chains have used plastic for their food packaging design. This can be quite expensive for the brand. Eco-friendly biodegradable burger packaging is not only cheap but good for the planet as well. In fact, the design of the burger box and its environmental impact are major factors in consumer preferences.

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Critical Features of Burger Packaging

Chances are, if you go to a decent food chain store, you will encounter a customized packaging burger box design. Such boxes suit the needs of the vendor perfectly and give them a chance to inform the consumer about its features. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that burger packaging can make or break a burger business. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don’t know what key features a burger packaging should have. So here are some of them to keep in mind.

  • The burger box should be durable to protect the content. The customers should receive their burger in perfect shape without any spillage or deformation.
  • It should have a good design to attract more customers.
  • It should be easy to assemble. You do not want to spend a lot of time assembling your packaging.
  • Should be capable of being used as a marketing tool. You can advertise your burger on the packaging itself.
  • Should be environmentally friendly. Many people are conscious of the impact of packaging on the planet.
  • The packaging should be customizable so that a lot of designs can be created.
  • The packaging should be budget-friendly.

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Best Burger Packaging Design Ideas

The design of your burger packaging boxes is vital to increasing your business. Before people even taste your product, they will look at the packaging. Good packaging will result in a positive impression and help make the customer a regular. Some of the top designs used by brands are given below. Take some inspiration from them and get started on your designs.


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1. Burger King

Burger King has a burger packaging design with a contemporary twist on an old-school design. Their design is simple and can be dismantled and assembled easily with a few folds. It has a very funky design with Falafel branding all over the package. The product name is also highly several times on the package.


2. Kimi Burger

A bold choice with a colour that goes completely against the standards. Its bright fluorescent green packaging helps it stand out from the competition. Add more to the design are white squiggly lines and illustrations of the logo and the burger. This packaging design is impactful but never turns overbearing.


3. Burger and Love

A classic design that still stands the test of time with a few additions. Burger and love use a simple square box for their packages. Their brand logo is squarely on the top center on a white background. The rest of the box is covered with small illustrations of hearts and foot items. It is cute, pleasing to look at, and simple.


4. Cloud Kitchen

Black and red color create a great contrast and an all-white interior. This design features an image of the burger on the side with the brand logo on the top. The name of the brand is also written on a black background with red color. It has a hook mechanism that prevents any spillage and is easy to open and close.


5. McDonald's

McDonald’s has a highly simplistic design. Most of its red and white space is left empty. There is the brand logo on the top and side and an image of the burger. The name of the product is written on the front using white color on the red background. The package can be easily assembled and has several hooks and crooks to make closing and opening it easier.


6. The Burger Lab

A simple brown cardboard box design prominently featuring the brand logo in a circle. The packaging is riddled with small ages of fries, burgers, and other food items. Its brown color signifies its eco-friendly nature. The packaging is sturdy and easy to hold.


7. Diner Bedford

Their takeaway packaging consists of a burger wrapped in paper and a paper bag. The burger wrap is not an afterthought and features the brand name in faded colours. The takeaway bag is all brown with the brand name taking up the whole front. It is closed and twisted on the top to seal the burger and keep it fresh till consumption.


8. Jack’s

Instead of highly sophisticated designs, Jack’s takeaway box makes creative use of typography to leave an impact on customers. WIth clever punchlines in different fonts and the brand name on the front in a white font, it really brings in the customer’s attention. The package is made out of paper and hence easily disposable and eco-friendly.


9. Nonna Cucina

This burger packaging uses a pentagonal design. With its top sealed and folded, the burger inside remains spill-free. Its front and back side has a white background while its sides are yellow. The band logo is in black on a yellow circle on the top front and immediately catches attention. The middle has a thick yellow stripe with images of various food products randomly littered all over.


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