Emerging Logo Design Trends

The logo is one of the simplest means of communication. An attractive yet insightful logo provides relevant information about the brand identity. Did you know that the famous apple fruit with a bite logo was not the original conception? That’s right! Logo trends change over the course of years, and companies need to make necessary modifications to the existing logo designs in order to stay ahead of the curve. The creation of a unique and catchy logo is no easy feat. But don’t worry! Here we will discuss the upcoming logo design trends that can lead your brand to success.

With the advent of new technology and innovative ideas, creative logo designers in UAE can create impressive designs keeping up with the trends. The wide array of logo design ideas and concepts aids in rebranding the company.

Numerous companies have made changes in their logotypes in recent years. For instance, Burger King made the decision to modify its logo. The result is a stunning design that grabs the attention of potential customers while keeping the loyal ones hooked.

It is essential to keep up with the latest logo trends in order to beat the competition in the niche. Sustaining in the old digital environment is not a recipe for success. Simplifications, modifications, or complete changes are needed to redefine the brand image. logo-design-trends

There are some logo trends that last for a few months, while others tend to make reappearances very few years. The trick is to choose ideas and concepts that can turn heads in the current digital landscape.

Here are our predictions for logo design trends 2022

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1. 3D gradients

logo design specialists predict that 3D gradients, especially the conical ones, will continue to gain momentum in the present scenario. With 3D effects, it becomes easy for the designer to highlight the contrasting colors. Even the simplest changes can result in a massive aesthetic transformation of the logo. Moreover, 3D gradient logos have an appealing presence. Designers can use a wide range of 3D effects, shadows, depth, and color contrasts to bring life to the logo. Using one color with subtle shading is also a popular approach. 3D gradients give the perfect opportunity to designers to make the logo look sophisticated without making massive changes.

2. Blurred logos

Did you ever think that blurring the logo text is going to become the next big thing? In 2022, blurred logos are taking a higher position in the logo design trends list. Logo designers are constantly experimenting with different blur effects to highlight the logo even more. Here, readability is not a matter of concern anymore. There are several ways you can use the blur effect to make your logo look appealing. For starters, you can blur the corner of the last letters. That way, the main part of the text remains transparent and readable. However, you can also blur the symbol while using the brand name in a clear format. Also read – How to Create an Effective Logo.

3. Symmetry

Balance is a vital criterion in logo design. When it comes to the principle of balance, there are two major logo design trends. These include symmetrical logos and asymmetrical logos. In the symmetrical one, if the logo is cut from the middle, it will be the same on both sides. However, asymmetric

al logos do not yield to this rule. In asymmetrical logos, the USP lies in its eccentricity. It is the complete opposite of the minimalistic concept. However, you need to be cautious not to overdo it. Logo designers can experiment with a wide array of elements and use different combinations to bring playfulness.

4. Fine details

A complete opposite version of the minimalist concept is the heavily-detailed logo. Opting for this logo style is an excellent idea since maximum brands tend to choose the “less is more” approach. Moreover, logo designers can include finer intricacies within the logo, rendering excitement to the visitors. Once the logo catches their attention, they will be highly inclined to read it to know more. With a detailed logo, you have an excellent opportunity to display your skill. The challenge is to ensure that the small canvas of the logo doesn’t appear cumbersome or overdone. Attention to the little details will help you make the logo exciting.

5. Minimalist concept

People often confuse minimalism with design deprivation. That is not an accurate assessment. With the minimalistic approach, the logos get rid of the ambiguities. It makes it easy for the audience to get the message without the additional elements that might cause confusion. A clear message with aesthetic visuals can make the logo extremely appealing. However, in order for the minimalist logo to work, it needs to be effective. That means designers need to add details without overdoing it. If you are looking for inspiration, assess the logo of Apple. It is simply a silhouette of a bitten Apple fruit.

6. Playing with letters

One of the most emerging logo design trends of this year is letter-play. It can range from letters overlapping each other to incomplete letter structure in the logo. Moreover, you can also bleach or blur out certain letters. Other styles include line emptiness and destruction of specific letters in the logo. You need to ensure that the logo catches visitors’ attention right away! However, it is important to understand that overdoing letter-play can be devastating. You don’t actually want to confuse the audience or make it too complicated. It is essential that the viewers remember your brand rather than trying to second-guess it.

7. McBling

Inspired by the highs and lows of the iconic 2000s, McBling is the logo design style that got its name from Evan Collins in the year 2006. Wondering what McBling is? Simply put, it is a style that includes a wide range of contrasting features such as gothic fonts, over-obsession with pink color, the advent of Twitter, and the pinnacle of celebrity worship. It is true that logo designs are often recycled, and McBling is a prime example. Visiting the 2000s might be the right solution to induce bling, spark, and brightness to the existing logo. The only pitfall you need to avoid is being tacky!

8. Maintaining balance and harmony

It is important to maintain the harmony and balance of the logo design in order to catch viewers’ attention. Similar to life, logos too can have impressive results if the balance of the different elements is well-maintained. In this logo design trend, the main point is to ensure that there is an excellent balance between various design elements. These include the correct usage of shapes, colors, and fonts. It is essential to make sure that the logo stands apart from others. However, you also need to concentrate on making it memorable and trustworthy.

9. Hand-made logo

Despite modernization making its way to logo styles, manually drawn logos distinguishes your brands from others. Apart from lending a vintage style to the logo, it also induces personality to it. Nowadays, consumers want to know more about the brand value and what it stands for. With a hand-made logo, you can portray the sincerity and seriousness of the company in regards to its services and products. Moreover, hand-made logos offer designers the perfect opportunity to get rid of the templates that most digital design has. Here, they can have much more freedom when it comes to designing the logo. That way, you can make sure that your logo is unique and authentic.

10. Combined

Do you want to add flair to the existing brand logo? In that case, the inclusion of a suitable inscription can do the trick. There is no need to necessarily integrate a symbol separately within the logo in order to make it catchy. You can use regular fonts along with symbols to create a memorable logo. In 2022, combining the font and the trademark of the brand is a great idea. It will definitely make your logo adaptive, exciting, and different from others. The main aim of the logo is to make sure that the viewers remember it long after they have seen it.

11. Emblem style

To be honest, emblem style is not a recent concept. It has been used by logo designers for the past several years and is still a hit! Numerous well-known global brands such as Apple, Nike, and Pepsi have emblems. The main purpose is to signify the brand and make it memorable for the audience. With an emblem-style logo, designers can include a wide range of things. For instance, they can use a diverse color palette with distinctive images. Moreover, they can also include graphics, vibrant colors, and other details. However, the main concern is to make sure that the audience gets the brand’s message. Apple-Logo

12. Trying out line thickness

Line thickness is a crucial component of logo designs. In 2022, variation in the line thickness can play a major role in upping the aesthetic beauty of your logo. Experimenting with the balance of line thickness aids in integrating complexity and depth to the logo of the brand. The dynamic feel of the logos is in perfect sync with the mood of this year – 2022. The fonts used in the logo are either thick or thin. If that is not the case, the designer plays the weight of the line thickness in different places. Not playing by the rulebook offers the freedom that designers love in this logo design style.

13. Geometric shapes

It is true that geometric shapes are easy to remember than letters or pictures. That is the reason why major global brands opt for geometric shapes in logos. For instance, Twitter has the imagery of a bird while YouTube has a rectangular shape with a play button. Moreover, it gives logo designers the perfect opportunity to explore the bold and versatile style. Geometric shapes are not a new concept that has come up in 2022. In fact, it has been relevant throughout the past several years and has managed to retain its popularity in the list of emerging logo design trends list.

14. Animations

Animations are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. The usage of animations in logos infuse excitement, playfulness and makes it worth remembering. Logo designers can opt for a mixture of 3D and 2D animations. With animations, designers can play with different complex images and weave a brand story with ease. 2D and 3D animations can aid in grabbing the viewer’s attention without much hassle. Moreover, it is even fun for the designers to work on the project. However, animated logos are much more suitable for the screen rather than for the printing media. With creativity and skill, animated logos can bring success to the brand right away!

15. Eye tricking logos

The popularity of magic shows is an indication that people love things that they cannot explain. The same applies to logos too. In the eye-tricking trend, the primary purpose is to use methods that trick the perception of the viewers. For this, the designers opt for hidden shapes, depth games, using surreal imagery, and taking advantage of distortion. Playing with the depth element is becoming exceedingly popular nowadays. However, it is essential to know when to stop. You don’t want the audience to get confused with a plethora of hidden things. With simple tricks, you can now make the logo engaging.

Wrapping up

In the ever-evolving technological landscape, it is essential to understand the importance of a logo. It is not merely a symbol or design representing the brand. In fact, it is much more than that. The logo must be memorable enough to make the audience remember your brand instantly. That is why opting for the latest logo design trends is a must. It is vital to keep up with the latest changes in order to stay relevant in the industry. For that, taking the assistance of logo designing professionals is a great idea. Choose the best logo design company Vowels for your venture. With a team of experienced domain experts, we aim to create the perfect logo for your brand. Get in touch with us, and our team will guide you through the process!

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