World’s Most Famous Logos? Who are Designers?

It is always good to have a single image that represents the company without telling the story. In short, a brand’s logo design is the single and most crucial element that will take your business to the moon. And all the biggest brands have one thing in common that is unique and striking logo design. It is the bridge that connects, greets, and provokes the audiences’ emotions to make a worthwhile alliance. So now, let’s delve deep to know the brilliant mind behind iconic logo designs and their logo design agencies and designers:


Who Designed the Microsoft logo?

Microsoft, the epitome of technological evolution. The 21st century made human life so comfortable, and immense credit goes to this four-colour window tech giant. However, have you ever wondered who designed the four-colour window design that evokes simplicity yet is most influential?


The latest Microsoft logo brilliantly portrays the brand’s essence in its logo. A well-known designer Jason Wells created the four-colour window logo demonstrating Microsoft’s character, product suite, mission, and corporate identity. The four-box icon represents its own ideation.

  • The red colour portrays the Office suite or the PowerPoint.
  • The Blue square is for Window or Word.
  • The green colour depicts the Xbox or Excel console.
  • Lastly, the yellow box represents Bing or Outlook.

Who Designed Apple Logo?

The journey of the biggest and wealthiest brand in the world started with a fruit. Apple’s iconic logo truly depicts its brand. It is a gift when a logo epitomizes your complete business. Undeniably, it is the most creative brand in terms of technology.


Rob Janoff is the inventor of Apple’s logo. He gave an individual rendition of the classic Newton logo of Apple Computer Co. Today, this divine fruit has become the symbol of creativity and originality, principally in the technological realm.

Who Designed the Logo of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan?

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was a historical step that aimed for “open-defecation free” India. It was a nationwide initiative to clean up the roads, cities, lanes, rural areas, towns and make our nation clean and prosperous.


Anant Khasbardar of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, designed the logo of the revolutionary initiative, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The logo comprises spectacles of respected Mahatma Gandhi and the central hinge with Indian flag colour that signifies unity. The logo became the face of the biggest voluntary movement post-independence of India for a noble cause.

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Who Designed Netflix Logo?

The world’s most popular streaming site Netflix has its own unique marketing strategy. In July 2021, it had over 209 million subscribers from 190 countries. One of the aspects behind Netflix’s immersive success and worldwide reach is its impeccable logo design. The American over-the-top content platform was founded in 1997 and has altered its design on numerous occasions.


In 2014, Gartel, an American brand design agency, was commissioned to create an influential and attractive logo. They come up with a natural yet scintillating logo design. The latest design of logo has been one of the most comprehensive ones and completely transformed Netflix’s brand essence. In the mainstream, it has two popular designs, “N” and elongated “Netflix”, with the same colour palette.

Who Designed Coca Cola Logo?

When we talk about the best logo design, the most familiar and alluring beverage brand pops in mind. What are you thinking? Here is a little hint, it is a bottle of happiness. Now, you got it; surely, the brand is Coca-Cola. It is sold in more than 200 countries and daily consulting rates around two billion servings a day.


The story of the Coca-Cola logo style goes way back to 1886; it was designed by Frank M Robinson, who coined the brand name and designed its eternal logo. The design of Coca-Cola was inspired by the famous Spencerian script that provides a timeless and vintage look. Notably, the originality in logo design gives the brand an ageless dimension, and the Coca-Cola design is the perfect example.

Who Designed the Adidas Logo?

Adidas, one of the largest sportswear brands carrying a glorious legacy since 1924. Just like other biggest brands, its logo design is immensely popular in the mainstream. Millions of customers are familiar with it and feel interconnected. The Adidas logo portrays the stability and elegance that assist the brand in reaching unprecedented heights.


Since the inception of the brand’s journey, the design of logo has been changed on multiple occasions. However, the 3-Stripes mark is the quintessence of the Adidas logo. Originally, Peter Moore, a creative director, crafted the most distinguished logo of Adidas in 1990.  With the transition of time, the brand identity has been modified in accordance with the trend; however, the popular 3-Strips mark has always been the soul of the design. 

Who Designed the Logo of SAARC?

SAARC, the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, is a prominent intergovernmental organization of seven countries that endeavors to promote economic development and regional integration. It was founded in 1985, and its headquarters is situated in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Talking about the SAARC logo, it is an embodiment of ethical values with creative originality. Shailendra Kumar Maharjan, a famous artist from Nepal, designed the beautiful logo of SAARC. Here are some characteristics of logo design:

  • It comprises eight pigeons representing eight nations, and traditionally pigeon has been the emblem of freedom and peace.
  • The two eyes of the Lord Buddha symbolize peace and unity.
  • The two thumbs and two hands together portray the message of friendship and a Sankalp (Vow) to support each other in the time of crisis.

Who Designed the Starbucks Logo?

It would be unwise to say that you haven’t seen the Starbucks logo; the brand is the most celebrated and the world’s largest coffeehouse chain with more than 31 000 locations worldwide. The striking green mermaid logo has helped the brand to become wildly successful.


Terry Heckler, a prominent artist, created an exemplary logo by modifying the earlier one. The glowing green mermaid, flaunting her hair and a beautiful crown coated with stars on her head. He incorporated his imagination with perfect placement and thus crafted an immersive logo.

Who Designed Dubai Expo 2020 Logo?

The influential Dubai Expo is the world’s largest conference that offers a window of opportunities that facilitates networking and enhances International cooperation. Furthermore, it aims to increase participation and awareness regarding the various challenges humanity faces across the globe.


The impressive Dubai Expo 2020 logo created a huge buzz in the mainstream, and it was revealed by H.H Sheikh Muhammad, the vice-president of UAE and the ruler of Dubai. The logo is inspired by a traditional 4,000 years old archaeological site comprising a ring located in the middle of the desert. Mohammed Souheil Bin Ali (graphic designer and architect), Valeri IInitki (computer graphics artist), and Mouza Al Mansouri (communications professional) were rewarded for being the three finalists of the Dubai Expo 2020 logo design competition.

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