What Makes A Logo More Effective in Dubai

Successful logo design is not as straightforward as it intends to be. Logo design professionals have a very unique and personal approach to designing a logo. Some take only a few hours to design a top-notch logo while some can take more sessions to understand the root of the brands.

Many companies, especially in the UAE, fail to pay enough attention to logo design which can be quite troublesome as the business competition in the UAE especially is quite intense. Therefore, designing a good logo is essential for any business, especially startups.


Have you ever recognized a brand with just a logo? It is all possible when the logo is great. It does not happen by just accident – It requires careful planning, creating a visual, and following the guidelines of a great logo. While logos can be unique and personal, they inherently have some traits in common.

In this blog, you will learn how to bring a logo’s concept to reality. We will discuss specific traits of a great logo. You will learn about combining elements of research, creativity, and ingenuity to create the best logo design in Dubai and anywhere around the world.

Evaluating the brand

One of the most crucial steps is to understand the brand values and the core principles that make the brand unique. It is also important to understand the brand’s business goals and the messaging conveyed to their target audience. This is the discovery phase of the project. Here, the logo designer understands the business that will act as a guide to create similar visuals.

If you are seeking to get a logo designed for your business, it is essential to understand that there is no one-size fit. You can’t compare the logos of other businesses because their values and messaging are very different from yours. The logo is best conveyed when there is a proper and detailed understanding of what the brand is and is easily comprehended.

It is important to involve a logo designer in Dubai to get the right logo designed. The first step by a professional in logo design in Dubai would be to refer to the brief which articulates what the business wants and what values and messages need to be visually reflected from the logo.

You need to ask the following questions:

  • What challenge is your brand aiming to address, and why do you need a company logo?
  • If you had the chance, how would you personify the brand?
  • What kind of ambience do you want to create
  • What are your brand’s core values and beliefs? What is your brand’s unique selling proposition?
  • What kind of reaction do you want your customers to have to your brand?
  • How would you like them to disseminate information about our company?

Analysing the industry

Brand usually has to compete with other brands to maintain a distinguished identity of its own. It is essential to work with professionals working at the best logo design agency who can study the competitor’s strategy and logo, which can specify some important guidelines for the same.

  • Which approaches, forms, and colours would be the most effective for your business?
  • Techniques that are overused and others that are completely neglected
  • What types of customers do you have in your industry?

Creating sketch and digital copy

Professionals in print and logo design may then assist in the creation of digital drawings using appropriate tools. Selecting two or three of the best draughts and remaking them with the finishing touches would result in the logo you want to represent your company.

For the first logo sketches, logo design businesses are likely to utilise Adobe Illustrator software. Colors, designs, and fonts may all be experimented with in the digital realm. This work is also done by other editors.

If you have certain business objectives, it is better to outsource this work to local print and logo design specialists rather than doing a ‘sketchy’ job on your own. Once the draught is complete, show the business owner the logo in a presentation that includes all variants and overlay graphics.

Editing based on the feedback

This is where you may make changes to the logo depending on the comments you’ve received. To achieve the greatest form of the logo, you’ll need to go through a few revisions. Encourage criticism and present it to a variety of individuals to gain honest feedback. Filtering out what needs to be done after getting input and making adjustments, on the other hand, is likely to be the most difficult aspect of the problem.

The final step is to send the customer the logo files. Include basic logo variants as well as layered files. Provide both a monochrome and a colourful version of the logo. If the customer wants to use the typefaces again, make sure they know about them.

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Final Verdict

It is essential for businesses to hire a logo designing agency, considering the kind of competition and business ecosystem in UAE. It would help to carry out a robust logo designing process that will help you design a great logo.

These concepts should be kept in mind as you prepare to develop a logo for your company. You can refer to them as required, and you can use them to criticise early versions. Finally, there are several resources in the UAE for professional logo design that may assist you in identifying some of the qualities of a great logo.

How can Vowels help?

Vowels is a logo design agency in Dubai, UAE, with a team of experts that have worked in digital marketing for many years. We’ve assisted in the development of excellent marketing strategies for a variety of firms, putting them on the road to success. Do you want to create a successful marketing plan for your business? Please contact us to schedule a discovery call.