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Last update: March 11, 2021

While we are blessed with numerous digital platforms to showcase our brand‘s potential, we often fail to identify the right one, and right strategies required to make the most out of it. It is crucial that brands understand the value that these platforms hold and create strategies to engage with each of them in a value based barter.


In this new digital age, every brand is struggling with creating an impactful digital identitiy on various social channels. With new algorithms snatching your organic reach, it also lands one in a worrying situation, leaving them juggle between platforms. LinkedIn, on the other hand has proved to be one of the best platforms to establish consumer relationships like never before. It helps brands engage directly with their consumers, create brand awareness, and It also helps brands and businesses to develop professional relationships globally.

Here are a few reasons to deepen our understanding of the value that LinkedIn as a “Marketing platform” holds.

  1. B2B clients
  2. Organic reach
  3. The unique algorithm
  4. Targeted advertising
  5. Content strategy

1. B2B clients

LinkedIn‘s social content is distinct in the type of communication that follows. If you are a business that serves other businesses, LinkedIn is the place to be. As each business there, is seeking to not only market their products, but also collaborate and seek partners to create an exceptional customer experience. Marketing with appropriate and niche content reaps businesses well when your customers are able to associate with the content and value proposition you put out.

It allows you to design a communication strategy in the platform itself, reducing the different stages of customer journey in making a sale. Your communication strategy also brings in room for effective visual design which facilitates a hassle free communication between brands and businesses.

2. Organic reach

While the creators are focused on saturated social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The data presents that organic reach in these platforms are well below one percent. Having a downward curve since there’s an overabundance on content’s supply.

Organic reach on LinkedIn though is at an all-time high, since there is a huge gap between the creators and user awareness. We all know the feeling when an exceptional content and design doesn’t realize the potential it holds for your business. With LinkedIn’s high organic reach and an abundant motivated audience, you can use your page’s content to drive traffic in your brand’s other social handles and website.

It provides your brand with a perfect opportunity to create content which stimulates interaction, the interaction in turn generates value for both, the consumer and the brand. Creating visuals which align with the values of your audiences will help you target niche consumer groups and will let you attract relevant audiences in order to make a sale.

3. The unique algorithm

Unlike any other platform. Shareability and awareness in LinkedIn is uniquely designed to increase meaningful relationships.

Explaining with an example. Say when you like a page’s post from your LinkedIn account. That page gets an added potential of reaching out to your network. The LinkedIn RSS feed of your network will show you that post since you hit a like or made a comment and that increases the potential of the value providing content. When aimed at generating engagement and comments, it is very helpful to reach an exponential growth and make further more relationships in a shared sense of community.

Hence, the more likes, comments you get, the more it spreads among the followers and connections of the engaging audience.

While the uniqueness of LinkedIn’s algorithm lets you engage with varied audiences, it is important that the content that goes out there is visually accessible. For example, if you are targeting to get more corporate clients, share your brand catalog pdf. Make information easily accessible. It will help you engage with the right audiences.

4. Targeted advertising

Whilst most digital platforms are diving into creating exceptional brand experiences by uniquely tailoring advertising for brands.

LinkedIn’s target advertising differs from any other social platform, as it not only lets you target audiences based on their interests but also lets you segregate audiences professionally.

With easy targeting tools it gets easier to know your audience better and then one can tailor content according to their target groups.

For example, if your product targets executives, create content related to leadership roles, communicate through unique designs, which encourages interaction and guides to your website or other social channels.

5. Content strategy

Like they say, if you are not already using LinkedIn to market your products and services, then you are already a step behind.

LinkedIn has proved to be one of the best places to find high quality content according to the top tier marketers.

While we have discussed about all the value that LinkedIn marketing holds and how it is crucial for your brand to be out there and make an impactful presence, It is now important to understand how your content strategy has to be aligned with your brand strategy, what kind of visual design will lead to impactful results, How the content can be designed in a way that it derives ultimate value from your social channels, etc.

Once the brand is out there, your communication strategies play a very crucial role in stating your brand values and make your brand or business stand out from the crowd. While LinkedIn also lets you understand your competitors better, it is an unique opportunity for the brand to create relevant content and derive maximum value out of it .

For example, Recently Bank of America started creating short video clips, not just related to banking, but more generalistic content like talking about their stance on a particular social issue.

With usage of simple visuals and relevant yet trendy topics, you can engage with your followers on a much deeper level, and maintain meaningful relationships with your audiences.

Infographics are also one great way to communicate about your brand on LinkedIn, For example, you have a Christmas sale coming up and you want to attract audiences for corporate orders, creating visually appealing graphics which are easy to read and ensure effective communication is a great way to communicate with potential audiences. These infographics can also be converted into targeted ads.

In conclusion

Now when we know the significance that LinkedIn holds for your brand. It’s time to work in action towards creating an impactful brand image on LinkedIn by creating unique content which helps you cater your targeted audience better.

Focus on creating visuals which speak to your audiences, share your brand catalogs to provide information about the brand, engage in trendy content to generate better traction.

If you are looking to start your Journey on LinkedIn, and want to create an impactful brand image, by rebranding and effective brand design, you have come to the right place, Vowels, best branding agency dubai can help you craft just the right brand image.

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