A Guide to Writing A Resignation Letter For Graphic Designers

Last update: March 28, 2024

It seems like you have decided to leave your current position as a GRAPHICS DESIGNER to pursue your next career move. There may come a time in your professional path when you are faced with a decision to make a change. This could be due to accepting a new position, following your interests, or simply desiring a fresh beginning. In such cases, you must bid farewell to your present employer, which entails crafting a well-written resignation letter.

How to Write A Resignation Letter

Submitting a resignation letter is not just a customary procedure but rather an occasion to make a positive, enduring impression in your professional capacity as you bid farewell.

Let’s take some time to delve into creating a well-considered resignation letter that conveys a positive message and sets the stage for a successful future in your career. 

Steps to Write a Resignation Letter as a Graphic Designer

A resignation letter is crucial to departing from a job on favorable terms. Below is a detailed sequential guide on how to write a proficient resignation letter. 

Start with: Say something official, to begin with, such as

Dear [Supervisor’s Name] 

Write your heading: Give a concise and clear statement of your resignation. For instance,

I am writing to you to announce my resignation from my role as [Your Job Title] at [Company Name], with my last day of work being [Last Working Day, usually two weeks]

Express humbleness: Thank the company for your experiences and opportunities. This contributes to keeping the mood upbeat. For example,

I want to share my deepest appreciation for all of the possibilities and assistance that I’ve received throughout my employment at [Company Name] 

Reason to quit: A simple and generic resignation reason is something you can give, but it’s only sometimes required. If you decide to explain, ensure it’s excellent or balanced. For instance,

After thorough detailed consideration, I decided to look for another chance that matches my future professional goals.” 

Reassurement: Reassure your employer that you will make the transfer as easy as possible. Declare that you are prepared to help with the transfer of your tasks or to mentor your replacement. This exhibits expertise. For instance,

I pledge to make the changeover smooth. Or during my notice period, I am ready to help in any manner I can to make sure the transition of my responsibilities goes smoothly.”  

Seek request for further resignation procedure: If appropriate, enquire about the actions required to finish the resignation process, such as surrendering company property or resolving any unresolved issues. For example,

Kindly inform me about the requirements and steps to finalize my resignation.” 

Formal Closure: Use a formal closing to wrap up the letter, like

Sincerely” or “Best wishes

Tone and Format of the Letter

Throughout the entire letter, speak in a polite and competent manner. Try not to show your dissatisfaction or criticism even if problems within the organization brought on your leaving.

Look out for any type or grammar error: Check the letter carefully for typos and grammatical errors before mailing it. Make sure to use a formal font and structure.

Tips for Professional Resignation

  • Be specific: Mention your last day of employment, and your decision to resign should be crystal clear. Keep it brief and easy to understand.
  • Notice period: Give your company as much notice as possible, preferably two weeks, so that they can find a successor.
  • Constructiveness: Express gratitude for your chances and encounters with the business. This keeps the relationship constructive.

Things to Avoid as a Graphic Designer

  • Avoid burning bridges: When resigning, keep your letter positive and professional, avoid negative emotions or criticisms, and fulfil any notice period you have agreed to.
  • Refrain from sounding frustrated: Use resignation letters to move forward professionally, not to air grievances or frustrations.
  • Keep it simple:  Keep your resignation letter short and professional—no need for a long explanation of your decision to resign.
  • Mentioned date: Include the date at the top of your letter for record-keeping and reference.
  • Think twice: Think before resigning hastily – it can have long-term consequences.
  • Don’t pre-announce: Submit your resignation letter before announcing it to colleagues or on social media.
  • Don’t damage reputation: Fulfill the notice period if agreed to avoid damaging your reputation. 

Resignation Letter Sample for Graphic Designer

Writing a well-crafted resignation letter as a graphic designer is a crucial part of quitting.

Subject: Resignation – [Your Full Name] 

Dear [Supervisor’s Name],

I am writing to inform you of my decision to resign from my role as a Graphic Designer at [Company Name]. My last day at work will be on [Last Working Day]. I am grateful for my rewarding experience at [Company Name] and the chance to contribute my creative talents to enhance our visual identity.

Throughout my notice period, my focus is on ensuring a seamless transition process, and I am willing to provide any necessary support for transferring my design projects. 

I want to know my steps for a smooth and successful departure. I am looking forward to discovering new opportunities in my career. 

Best regards,

[Your Full Name]


Crafting a professional resignation letter as a graphic designer is crucial for ensuring a positive departure from your current workplace. To help you with this, we’ve outlined some steps you can take to compose a letter that reflects your professionalism. 

If you’re looking for additional guidance as you navigate your career, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Vowels. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you secure the opportunities you deserve and grow professionally in the modern age.


Q. How can I promote my brand through graphic design?

Ans. Graphics can tell a brand’s story and message effectively. Identify brand values to select the right colors, shapes, and images. Use infographics, illustrations, and icons for simple communication. Consistency is vital across all platforms for a strong brand identity. Graphics and design services engage audiences and tell brand stories. It requires expertise in various graphic design software tools such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects, and Sketch.

Q. What is the ideal notice period for a graphic designer?

Ans. It would help if you resigned one month before you leave your firm/agency. If it’s urgent they give a minimum of two weeks notice period in advance so that the company has enough time to find someone else. Be courteous and hand over the material to the newcomer.

Q. What should be the ideal length of a resignation letter for a graphic designer?

Ans. You can write a portion of the page explaining each and everything. Keep it precise and short with a maximum of 2-3 paragraphs. Do not use a harsh tone, and keep a professional tone throughout the letter body. 

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