Logo Design: Its Place In Brand Strategy

Last update: March 22, 2021

In a world of brand strategy design and brand marketing techniques, let’s not forget that a good logo still has a place in determining the look of your business, and is in fact, one of the important parts of brand strategy. We shall thus, in this write-up provide a little more focus on this part of brand building strategy.


As we would already be aware, a good logo design is far from being a beautiful representation of a symbol or monogram of company. A logo, on the other hand, is one of the most important parts of visual design as it takes the big role in conveying the message of your business.

So, creating a logo is not just about coming up with a mix of many ideas that have resulted from all the research that I, as a logo designer have created in my excitement. A good logo, in fact, is one with more of quality, and not quantity.

Place of Logo Design in Your Brand Identity

In fact, brand identity and logo designing today, to put it in easily understandable terms, can be looked at from the scene of a man trying to propose to a woman. 

Marketing Strategy

He walks up to her, invites her for dinner, during which he puts forward his best foot to win her over. The same way a brand does it’s best to highlight its best features to its clients.

Internet Marketing

He could call her up and during the conversation keep sounding like the nice guy, all the while trying to impress her. For a brand, this is internet marketing. That takes the form of social media posts, Instagram and so on.

Public Relations

Sometimes a man could get friends to help. He tells them to build his identity before her by saying good things about him. For a brand, this is public relations, where the best talent is hired to spread the word.


And then there are some men who never miss a chance to tell the girl how lucky she will be to have him. For a brand, this is advertising, like brands that pay TV shows to come in between their breaks and present themselves to viewers of soaps and reality programs.

And finally, the woman feels she likes him. In the same way, a brand succeeds when the client is convinced. Now this is what branding, that all the above steps have led to. In other words, branding is nothing but this gut feeling that a customer has about a company he hears about.

But of course, we are all aware of the importance of this today. What’s important to note is that in the sea of new concepts and ideas and strategies, let’s not forget that visual design still has a role to play,  though functioning as a very small concept in this overall process called branding.

Perhaps visual designing can be compared to those men, who while all along putting in their best, also take the same care to look their best, because they don’t want this to be a factor to lose the woman they are trying to win. So, you see, visual design still has a place of its own in this vast world of branding, though it can’t be considered an end in itself

This could include various things like the graphics on the brand website, and the consumer experience and staff behaviour in a brick and mortar store, and then, most importantly, the logo design: the emblem that provides a visual or a graphic design that defines a company.

Why Are We Telling You This?

Because, with us, you are not going to have a design simply created for you. Because, here we understand the fact a good brand strategist is one who thinks more, and more importantly, discusses more, taking down points as you express what you have in mind and in the process,  and then, finally comes up with an end product on the lines of the conversation that you had.

Because here, we do not forget that it is going to be your logo, and do all we can in making you a part of the whole process of creating. Here, we believe that the objective reality presented should always be in line with the subjective expectation of our clients.

And we now hope that this gives you a clear picture of what could be your expectation when you look for a design from our brand consultancy.

Our brand consultancy is spread over various countries to assist all new businesses looking for a marketing strategy and brand identity, as well as old ones looking for a corporate rebranding. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Geet B.
Branding Expert

I'm a business strategist and brand consultant who helps brand solve their business problems through developing competent experiences driven by insights from diagnosing leadership mindset. Need help with your brand? — Get in touch

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