What is the Difference Between Brand Identity and Logo?

Last update: November 15, 2022

Some individuals mistakenly believe that brand identity and logos are interchangeable at first glance. Even though the brand identities and logos appear similar, they differ regarding the mindset and required tools. In this blog, you will understand the difference between a logo and a brand identity.


Let’s take a closer look at these concepts in detail.

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1. Brand Identity vs Brand Logo Design

What is Brand Logo?

In addition to being a symbol, a logo may be created using text and graphics to represent a company’s brands. This tiny image has a lot of weight because it serves as the cornerstone for one’s brand identification and tells customers who the company is and what it does. In addition to having a pleasing appearance, a logo serves as a marketing and branding tool for your business or website. Customers will identify your brand as a logo. With the help of a Brand Identity Design Company, it is simpler for you to obtain professional services to get a distinctive Logo that reflects your organisation, website, or brand.

What is a Branding Identity?

Brand identity plays a significant role in conveying objectives. It is categorised into three major components: colour, design and logo.

Hence, advanced branding software creates design ideas to help your business have a strong identity. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the business market niche to create the company’s true identity, enhanced by an amazing brand identity design.

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2. How does a brand identity constitute a logo?

A brand’s visual components classify and differentiates them in consumers’ thoughts. It encompasses the designing of a logo, a website, a brochure, or a business identity card. As a result, many firms use inventive symbols (logos) to give the public a sense of identity.

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3. Final Thoughts

A brand is typically represented by a graphic element, such as a logo. It consists of all the tangible and intangible visual qualities that represent any business in the market. Without a brand, a logo would be a decorative feature with no meaningful meaning.

Hence, with the help of a strong creative strategy and a well-designed logo, a business may effectively contact its target audience and build a tenacious, market-dominating brand.

4. Work with Vowels Agency

Investing in branding is a fruitful investment for one’s business in the long run. However, if you are a business owner who wants to launch a new brand but is unaware of the importance of a well-designed logo and its alignment with your overall branding plan, then you need expert assistance.

By working with Vowels logo design agency, you may portray your brand consistently across all forms of communication. By designing a logo for your company, our logo experts help strengthen your visual brand identification. Our logo designs serve as a key tool for portraying your brand name, beliefs, and personality to the audience in visual form.

Our Happy Customers

1. 200% Skin Brand

Our Indian Personal Skin Care Client wanted an exciting brand strategy and Logo Designing that could represent companies’ vision correctly.

Hence, we did their Brand Strategy & Logo Designing, focusing on their brand philosophy and store.

200% Brand Logo

2. HMB Gold Trading LLC

The Dubai Based Trading Company hired us to build their Logo Design & Guide. We offered them a new logo concept accompanied by a captivating guide and amazing design collateral.

HMB Brand Logo
HMB Brand Identity

5. FAQs

Q. Why is brand identity important for a business?

Ans. Building a brand is branding. Businesses create brand identities to make it easier for consumers to distinguish their products from competitors in the market.

Q. What function does a logo or brand identity serve?

Ans. A Logo is a part of the brand identity. Overall, their function is to attract consumers’ attention, leave a good first impression, form the roots of your corporate image, be memorable, distinguishable from rivals, and encourage brand loyalty.

Q. What links do brands, identities, and logos have?

Ans. The brand is the overall, emotionally charged perception of a corporation. The identity is the overall brand’s visual representation. A logo is a mark or emblem to identify a company.

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