Everything You Need To Know About Logo Designing

One of the first steps in establishing brand recognition is creating a logo. Whatever you want to name it—a logo, emblem, or trademark—this picture will serve as the “face” of your business.


For a young company, it can be challenging to build a trustworthy, recognizable, and memorable logo design. As a layperson, it is crucial to understand logos’ creative aspects thoroughly. All the minute details we see reflect a hidden message about the brand’s goals and beliefs.

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1. The logo gives an identity to the business.

It is uncommon for customers to recall a company’s name, but they always remember its logo. A logo must symbolically convey a deeper message in addition to having an eye-catching appearance.

Create a written outline of your brand strategy and then determine whether the logo is presenting it or not. Redo the logo if it takes too long to grasp or if the language is very complex. You can also consult the best logo designers to know what works best for your logo. It should clearly illustrate your brand and be understandable to your target customers.

2. What elements make up a good logo?

The following elements serve as the foundation for successful logo design.

1- Simple

As time passes, brands revamp their logos to connect with the current generation. These days Simple logos have created a benchmark in the logo design industry. Leading brands like Nike, Apple, IBM, and Amazon have maintained their identities over time with more straightforward, powerful and distinctive approaches. These logos are instantly recognizable and communicate the message to the audience with a simple understanding.

2- Unforgettable

The logo is one element that allows a company to be distinguished from other similar businesses. If you want your viewers and clients to remember your business easily, go for an unforgettable logo using catchy colors, fonts, designs and style.

3- Relevant

Learn who your target market is and what type of demographic your company serves before creating a logo. Only develop your company’s logo after conducting a comprehensive market analysis to make it appealing to your target market.

4- Resizable

Business logos are employed in various places, from imprinted on the plastic pen cap to posted on a huge billboard banner.

They must be legible and noticeable at a distance of 10 meters and a distance of 10 millimeters.

5- Endless

Make something extraordinary that will last a long time. Create appealing logos with the help of top graphic design agencies to stand out from the competition. Avoid following trends because they tend to grow quickly.

3. Every Business needs an effective logo design.

Logos benefit companies in every circumstance, regardless of how big or small your business is. Therefore, if your company doesn’t have a unique logo, start working on it. To get a fantastic logo, team up with a qualified logo designer. Ensure the Agency you select has a stellar reputation in the industry and the expertise to satisfy your goals consistently.

HMB Gold Trading LLC: Logo Design & Guidelines

HMB Gold Trading LLC in Dubai got its Logo and brand guidelines designed by the Vowels Agency. Our highly experienced team of strategists, designers, writers, and executors did a lot of research and executed the perfect text font, shape and inspiration for their Logo.

HMB Gold Trading LLC

4. Get your Logo Designed by Vowels Agency

Vowels is a Dubai-based logo design agency working with around 300 clients across the Middle East. The team is skilled in creating logos, content advertisements, digital branding, making videos, designing websites, and packaging.

Vowels have received recognition as one of the UAE’s top 10 innovative design firms. The team is renowned for creating compelling logo designs for a lot of clients. We are creative and resourceful and love to design logos that have depth and originality.

5. FAQs

Q. How long does it take to design a logo?

Ans. It typically takes 2-3 weeks to design top quality Logos for the company.

Q. How many logos can I get as a sample?

Ans. If you are getting a logo designed by an agency, they will provide you with a minimum sample of 3 logos. The inspiration of the logos will be based on the company’s objectives, goals and ideologies.

Q. What are the requirements if I am looking for any changes in the design?

Ans. No Problem, the benefit of getting a logo designed by an expert agency is that they provide you with the best results per your expectations. If you want changes, they are always ready for modification if required.

Q. How the Copyright and Trademark Registration is transferred from the creative designer to the business owner?

Ans. Once the design is approved, and payment is done, the creative expert/ agency will automatically transfer it to you. You will probably sign an agreement document for proof and will be given the right to use it, to display, print or post as your own. For trademark registration in the market, you need to go to get it approved by the legal authorities.

Q. How will the Agency hand over my logo?

Ans. Once it is completed, you will get a comprehensive supply of files in the following material:

  • CMYK version
  • Pure black version and Pure white knockout
  • RGB version
  • Favicon – A 32 x 32 favicon of logo for website
  • Copyright Ownership
  • PDF Logo Guideline Document

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