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Last update: September 14, 2023

Today’s site offers much more than just basic data and content. Viewers enjoy sticking to a site that offers them an excellent, creative, secure, and reliable experience. The visual representation of a page and the positioning of the CTAs influence how long viewers will linger on the site. It is a simple way to make a site more accessible and user-friendly.


User-Friendly Website

A user-friendly site is proficient, accessible for negotiation, and attracts viewers. It is specifically for brands that want to give consumers a good user experience. The main goal of a user-friendly website is to offer a platform that is easy to use and gives correct details to the viewer without any hustle.

Why does a Brand Need a User-Friendly Website?

A website acts as a sales funnel, which attracts leads, and a good user experience converts them into consumers. Having flaws on a webpage can damage the company’s reputation in the market and weaken the sales funnel.

If you face a similar issue on your website, contact Vowels today. We have all the knowledge and experience required to develop a user-friendly site.

*How to create a friendly website experience?

No matter what device is used to visit a site, it should be appealing and easy to access. This technique is called responsive web design. Here developers use CSS and HTML processes to resize, hide, lessen, or expand the content to make it presentable on the screen.

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Make Sure the Website is Easier to Navigate

Active navigation is a key factor of a user-friendly site. Whichever theme is selected, it should allow the audience to have an exceptional journey in a well-organized manner. The best way to give your audience a good experience is by directly asking them through a survey. This technique will help the brand better understand what consumers want and how to fix any errors or bugs.

Use Clear and Concise Language

The audience prefers to visit that site, which provides detailed information on a certain topic. Therefore, having clear and understandable content is necessary. If a site succeeds in appealing to the visitors and providing all the information they require, then the audience will likely stay there a little longer.

UX copy is a text that helps conduct, notify, and engage the audience on a webpage or app. It can be proved as a successful tool. Hence, it is necessary to opt for a UX copy that is understandable, short, and reliable. Moreover, it represents a company’s style, tone, personality, or theme. It defines a brand’s values, principles, and guides in developing a reliable and healthy relationship with clients. Extensive and clear data regarding what should be offered are also included.

Use High-quality Images and Videos

Adding video and images is one of the best ways to create an ideal user experience. Nowadays, there is so much information on the internet that the audience only likes to see meaningful, simple content. In this case, video plays an efficient, helpful, and enticing role in interacting with clients. Coming up with a unique video that succeeds in engaging with the viewers is an efficient strategy and also a great technique to quickly inform them about any update. Videos, tunes, visuals, graphics, and movements attractively deliver the content, making it a powerful tool for communication.

How to Make Your Website Stand Out From The Competition

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1. Use a Responsive Design that Works on All Devices

  • Mobile Compatible: The audience is more likely to visit a web page on a smartphone than a computer as it is a popular media source. Hence, all features of the webpage should be flexible to a variety of screen sizes.
  • Speed it up: The audience prefers a site that loads quickly. According to research, viewers want the site to load within two seconds, and if it takes longer, they will lose interest and leave the page. Therefore, speed is a key factor in engaging with viewers so they can decide whether to conduct a business or not.
  • Working on Call to Action: CTAs should be located at the correct place so customers interested in purchasing an item or wanting to sign up for a subscription/newsletter should know the procedure. Always try to make it easy and accessible for clients by using a strong CTA that is simple to find.

Our Client

Excelsis : Website Rebranding

Our recent project was about rebranding a multinational company Hasna Global to Excelsis Business Solution. We designed a new theme keeping their business values and ethics in mind. The latest web design represents the brand’s modifications. The new brand logo represents their new goals. The site uses green and earth-tone colors to promote nature and the company’s commitment to innovation. We offered our client a simple yet exclusive pattern with UI/UX design and an understandable font style. The website includes effective call-to-action buttons and is unique, reliable, and easy to navigate.

Work with Vowels:

Developing a user-friendly site can be challenging. Therefore, a web page should be designed so well that it easily guides the audience on what to do next, such as filling out a form or contacting the company.

Considering all the basic knowledge discussed above, one can easily improve its current design and develop a unique webpage that is user friendly. If anyone is hustling to improve the overall theme of their web page, they have come to the right place. Vowels Agency helps brands upgrade their design and make the sites efficient. We have expert web developers who can create your dream webpage with 100% creativity and uniqueness.

2. FAQs

Why is website user experience crucial?

It is necessary as it fulfills all user requirements. The major goal is to offer a quality user experience to keep customers sticking to the product or brand. An efficient user experience allows you to define customer journeys on your site, which is very important to attract more audiences.

How to develop a user-friendly site?

The following are ways you can create a user-friendly site:

  • UX Design Process
  • Have the skill to understand the problems and challenges that users are dealing with.
  • Create a user image.
  • Outline user journeys.
  • Create webpage sketches under the guidance of web developers. 
  • Start prototyping.

How to create an active site that is easy to run on all devices?

Use graphics and CTAs displayed efficiently over all kinds of devices. To make the text readable, set a maximum width that automatically adjusts text according to screen size. Lastly, the picture, source, and image tags are merged into a single image suited for the user’s device.

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