The Power of Unique Product Packaging

This article briefs about what goes into product package designing – What you need to know before you start to design, the process of packaging design, design tips and inspiration for unique packaging. If you are in UAE, strong packaging design in Dubai and other Gulf countries can make you a knight with shining armour.


Product packaging involves different factors that influence how customers perceive the brand and packaging design you choose. It all breaks down to how the product is presented and is closely associated with customer perception. The packaging design reflects the brand story.

We at Vowels ask our clients the brands that inspire them, the same brands in their industry always pop up. With product packaging, companies like Apple, Glossier, Gucci mark a unique brand position in the GCC and across the world. This is the power of powerful packaging design – Bold, memorable and enduring. It helps to earn attention among people who don’t even buy their products.

This is not a coincidence. Besides marketing strategy, what do all these brands have in common?

Something which most of us can agree on, a compelling outer packaging.

Let’s begin by understanding what you need to know before designing a product

There’s a lot that goes into designing a product – colours, visuals, size, shape and boxes. Here are the four things that will impact the design significantly.

  1. Understanding the audience: Identifying the audience and understanding what packaging design would appeal to them.
  2. Feeling you want to evoke: What do you want your audience to think when they see a brand? For instance, rustic, earthy tones and natural packaging would be great for organic lifestyle products.
  3. The existing visual branding: If your company already has a brand name or logo, the packaging needs to work well and support your brand rather than work against it.

When your brand packaging narrates a story that aligns with the purpose of the brand, it becomes a strong touchpoint, a unique image of the brand beyond the market competition.

How to make your packaging unique?

Whether it is a box, bag or anything beyond, This blog sets out the best and unique concepts of product packaging that can inspire you. From classic to cutting edge, the ideas have been listed down. Because great design is a great design.

Popular Packaging Concepts

  1. Super artsy: Works of art that folks will want in their home. This artsy Smirnoff packaging design celebrates diversity in food culture.
  1. Storytellers: Packaging that tells about the brand. The Butlers Pantry range of cuisines has their colour sketch and content that narrates the culture and story associated.
  1. Smart worker: Packaging that makes products work better. This Coca Cola packaging is genius! A combo of bottles is a pack that’d help the customer carry the bottles with ease.
  1. Creative: Unforgettable, creative designs. Huda Beauty, a Dubai-based global brand woo their customers and fans with a memorable and attractive packaging idea!

Box Design

When a company thinks about product packaging, boxes are something that comes to mind – A great canvas for limitless creativity!

  1. Use your product: Combine your product packaging with the product itself to make a unique statement. For example, Nikita pasta stands out with its packaging design, They used different shapes of pasta to complement with package designs
  1. The power of simplicity: Simple and elegant designs makes a masterful and beautiful packaging. Burgisto is a Dubai Burger Chain company that makes a statement with minimal design.
  1. It’s storytime!: Creative product packaging can be the perfect canvas to craft a story that connects with the brand – Either a fact or fantasy. The comical elements in packaging narrate a lot about the product. This funny packaging is defining creativity.
  1. Not your typical square box: You can experiment with unique box packaging shapes that reflect the core product of the brand. This genius packaging idea makes it worth buying the product!

Bags Design

Bags carry anything from shoes to snacks. Let’s peek into some creative ideas you can implement

  1. Reuse it: Creating a reusable bag is a very clever idea. It is a conscious choice – a great example of “green packaging” that reduces the amount of packaging that gets thrown away.
  1. Create something joyful: The product package can be made entertaining and playful. Surprise your customers with a laugh, instantly making them remember your brand.
  1. Brown is boujee: Even though brown paper might seem dull and boring, it is a perfect canvas to get creative! Creative designs make brown packaging sleek and leave a lasting impact on customers.
  1. Brand story: The perfect packaging can communicate a brilliant brand story after the customer looks at the product from the shelf! The packaging needs to catch their attention and narrate the product more than just words. Nuala, organic granola, together with its colour and texture communicates with the brand’s earthy natural story.
  1. Add some character: Find the right character and mascot that gives the right energy to your product and a deeper emotional connection with the audience.

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Design Tips for an Interesting Package

Personalisation – A bland packaging is a complete no-no. Consider the box as an extension of your product. Depending on your niche, choose a sturdy box or a handmade custom paper wrap. You can add designs and content to this space to make it more personalized for the customers.

Colour and Style that Resonates with the Brand

The Colour and the style of the packaging needs to resonate with the brand. Pick a colour that evokes emotions like pink, green or blue to name a few. Elements like colours, typography, shapes, font and lines add personality to your product packaging.


Inserts are a creative way in which brands can add a personal touch almost instantly through the packaging. Brands either print a personal message on the packaging or choose to add a card conveying gratitude towards the customers for choosing their products. Remember, every element counts!

Unusual Materials

Take your customers by surprise by adding elements and personality inside your packaging. The texture of the packaging communicates the personality of the brand. A good quality velvet packaging instantly gives an impression of luxury, even if the person is not aware of the brand. Spacious packaging with a cushiony finish looks more luxurious than just a basic cardboard box.

Make it Look Like a Present

Make the unboxing experience seem like a Christmas gift! Make it a fun and joyful experience. Most of the customers indeed remember special unboxing experiences. Add a classy ribbon and personalise it. For example, use earthy and organic packaging with minimal elements for an eco-friendly brand. Know who your target audience is and design the elements of packaging accordingly!

Here’s How We can Help You

It can be difficult to find the perfect packaging for products that resonate with your brand. Product package designing is a very creative process.

With a good brand strategist, you can brainstorm, discuss and express the packaging that you want and we will help you bring it into reality. More than just design, your product packaging should communicate brand values.

Looking for a product package designing agency in GCC? Schedule a call with us today!