Sustainable Packaging Today and Beyond [Ideas and Concept]

Last update: May 13, 2021

Sustainable packaging design has become popular for both brands and customers – more now than ever before!

McDonald’s has recently announced that its packaging will be 100% renewable and recycled by 2025.

Today, customers are pushing brands to be more socially and environmentally responsible.

It is now clear that “green packaging” is more than just a trendy term.

Green packaging coupled with sustainable package designs is a potent strategy for branding.

Implementing eco packaging to the brand is no longer an option, but a necessity to build trust among customers.

Here’s how sustainable packaging is the new norm –

  1. 37% of the US consumers lookout for sustainable options when buying decisions.
  2. Nearly 51% of supply chain professionals expect sustainable packaging in the next two years.
  3. 30% of the customers are ready to pay more for sustainable alternatives.

It is essential that by now, your business should also reflect these ideas. It not only helps the environment but also helps to improve brand loyalty.

In this article, you will learn –

  1. What is sustainable packaging and design in sustainability?
  2. Why is sustainable packaging important to your brand?
  3. Examples in sustainable packaging

Material sciences and packaging techniques are improving widely at an accelerating rate. There are eco-friendly options available in the market that can help you select from a wide range of products.

There are many innovations in plant-based and biodegradable packaging.

Plus, it also makes the public aware of bad packaging.

Let’s look at what sustainable packaging means and what are the key principles of sustainable packaging with examples!

What does sustainable packaging mean?

In simple words, sustainable packaging is one that, over time, reduces carbon footprint.

This is achieved by different methods

  1. Material of the packaging
  2. Minimal packaging
  3. Reusability of the packaging

It is easy to say that eco-friendly packaging is all about the environment. It should also be economical and social.

For instance, plant-based packaging may seem like a good option, but it also means the destruction of plants and crops.

For instance, Dubai-based Agthia Group PJSC’s Al Ain water became the first company in the region to launch the first plant-based bottle that is 100% recyclable!

Eco-friendly packaging should also consider economic factors. It needs to be on par with pricing with traditional, single-use packaging.

Why is sustainable packaging important to your brand?

It is clear by now that you are reading this article, you know that it’s crucial.

To solve your residual doubts, understand that the push towards sustainable packaging is not just from the customer’s end.

Recently, large corporations like Unilever Australia are pushing the Australian government to work more on reducing plastic pollution.

  1. Consumers want to be associated with brands that prioritize sustainability.
  2. It helps large corporations in building a public image
  3. Smaller/ other brands compelled to bring sustainability packaging.

Here are important things that your brand needs to consider:


The right way to plan for sustainable packaging is to ask questions to your sustainable product packaging agency.

Sustainable Packaging Coalition is a good resource to consider. You can find certifications that are necessary for different kinds of eco-friendly or recyclable packaging in general.

Check for materials like recycled paper which is economical and sustainable. Couple eco-friendly packaging with sustainable design to make a mark in your industry. It is a great way to score above your competitors and gives a competing edge!

Sustainable design in packaging

The purpose of sustainable design to do no or very little harm to the environment. This is achieved by using eco-friendly materials or waste materials, creating a circular economy.

Sustainable branding requires designs that communicate the purpose and conscious messaging of the brand. To create that, light-hearted, eco-friendly, and classy abstract designs can be paired up with natural and sustainable materials. To bring out the sustainable intention, you can add earthy colors with a pop of bright color – Bold yet minimalistic.

You can also design the packaging with other purposes in mind, making sure that the packaging does not dispose of the waste.

Sustainable design with reusability or repurposing in mind also helps to improve the brand’s loyalty within the audience.

Sustainable packaging is as easy as reducing the material for packaging, regardless of what it is. Minimum is more!

The results?

Decrease in packaging cost and reduction in the overall weight.

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Examples for sustainable product packaging

1. Eco-friendly packaging material

Many consider humble cardboard as an eco-friendly alternative. It is organic, ethically sourced, sustainable, and reusable. It is a go-to option for sustainable product packaging because they are organic.

For instance, our work with Daamudi, a UAE-based brand, required a minimalistic humble cardboard design with minimal print and occupies less space. What a sustainable idea indeed!

These cardboard boxes can hold a generous amount of weight, helping your product to be safe and secure throughout the shipping process.


3. More than just cardboard – recycled paper

Even the tags of UAE-based Daamudi are sustainable! With minimum printing, recycled material, and zero lamination, this sustainable option is viable and hence, we finalized the well-thought designs.

It easily breaks down in landfills and can also be recycled.


4. Eco-friendly boxes

As a company, UAE-based Simply Kitchen is all about reducing waste. We were able to consult and design eco-friendly product packaging for the cakes.

The material is selected based on a trial run. The study recycled cardboard looks sleek and smooth while holding on to the cake perfectly without spilling or staining the board!


Tips to eco-friendly packaging

If you are a brand looking for a switch to eco-friendly packaging, the following tips may help you get the most from the process.

1. Don’t change everything at once

Whether you are selling a single product or many, it is best suggested not to commit completely to sustainable packaging before you have tested the viability of packaging.

2. Product samples test

As said earlier, the best practice is to make sure that the new packaging is inspected. Consider ordering a sample pack to inspect the quality of packaging before scaling it.

3. Consider redesigning

New packaging implementation is like a double-edged sword, just like launching a new design of a brand.

Alter assets like logo, color scheme, and design elements that truly match your sustainable product packaging.

4. Market your eco-product packaging

A brand that aligns itself to sustainability, the world wants to hear you! It is a moral and trust that will make your brand stand out!

Looking for sustainable packaging design in UAE?

We understand that understanding the dynamics of sustainable packaging can be quite a task. Vowels is all here to help you with a sustainable product packaging design that aligns with your brand.

A good brand packaging agency can help you implement what you have in your mind and finally come up with an eco-friendly product packaging design that resonates with your values and is a viable solution.

We hope this article gave you a distinctive overview of sustainable product packaging design and branding. If you have any questions or a product designing inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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