The impact of Web Designing on E-Commerce Business

In the online market, the first impression is everything. Therefore, a website should always have a wow effect that immediately captures visitors’ attention. Hence, a website design is one of the many factors that can influence a customer’s decision-making process.

But how come a web design for e-commerce will impact online sales? Let’s find out:


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1. Is Web Design Necessary for an E-commerce Business?

An easily readable view cart button, a search bar, and a clickable logo are all essential components of a decent e-commerce website design. The layout must accommodate the eye’s natural movement. A good website’s design creates an easy user experience for the audience regardless of what a brand sell. This trick makes the typical user more likely to purchase from a brand. The e-commerce design should highlight the benefits of the goods while encouraging users to take action.

An e-commerce website with a professional design helps to establish confidence. It lessens any concerns a customer might have regarding the site’s security. Furthermore, finding information about the company, such as its address, phone number, and return and shipping policies, should be simple for a new customer. A micro cart should be incorporated into the layout of an e-commerce website so that customers may add items easily.

The e-commerce industry is highly competitive; only a few websites can turn visitors into buyers. Your e-commerce website must differentiate itself from its many rivals. An expert e-commerce web designer like Vowels can apply top UX and UI standards to create a seamless buying experience and boost conversion rates.

2. How to Pick a Web Design Agency for an E-commerce Store?

You can always ask a specialist to build your brand’s ideal e-commerce web design.

  1. First, examine the preferred e-commerce website designs you may find attractive and check their content quality to see if they are committed to best SEO practices.
  2. Evaluate their work and client reviews to decide if they can handle your projects. When assessing their websites, consider using various mobile devices, such as Androids, iPhones, tablets, and laptops, to gain more understanding.
  3. Examine the agency’s portfolio and prior work to determine which will provide the best e-commerce web design services in the UAE. By doing this, you can understand how adaptable they are and what areas of e-commerce web design they specialize in.
  4. As you continue to read customer evaluations, you should establish your price range because it will affect how things happen.
  5. Once you find the ideal one, they explain your ideas to them so they can assist you in creating an aesthetically beautiful and efficient e-commerce website without any hassle.

3. How to Create an E-commerce Website

Creating an e-commerce website can be easier than you think. Today’s e-commerce software takes care of most of the work for you. However, you still need to know what’s available and what to require for your site. If you conduct proper research, you can make choices that result in a stunning website.

For choosing as ideal e-commerce platform:

  1. Invest in a domain name.
  2. Look for a developer.
  3. Choose an e-commerce theme.
  4. Make your e-commerce template your own.
  5. Add your merchandise.
  6. Set up a payment system.
  7. Set up your shipping preferences.
  8. Publish your online store after testing and previewing it.

Example –

The Fashion Net


E-commerce Website Design and Development: The Fashion Net is a clothing and lingerie e-commerce store in UAE. As it operates in the Gulf and Middle East region, we provided them with a domain in .ae. The Shopify template was shortlisted, and we made it SEO-friendly. Our expert designers then constructed the whole front-end interface with an enthralling UI/UX design.

4. Effective Ways to Market an E-commerce Website

Go for Newsletter and Mailshots

It is a fantastic opportunity to consider promoting to the people on your email list. Newsletters and mailshots remain among the most successful marketing techniques in the e-commerce industry, so continue gathering email addresses on your site. Some businesses utilize pop-up boxes to request consumers’ email addresses in exchange for a discount, such as 15% off their initial order or free shipping.

Talk About your Online Presence

If you already have physical stores, now is the time to broaden your reach. Publish more frequently and spend more time producing high-quality visual content and concise videos on your website. Increasing your engagement raises the likelihood of brand exposure among the audience.

Make your Website SEO-friendly

A good website hides SEO optimization via good design so that it doesn’t look obvious and gets smartly ranked on search engines. Try for on-page content optimization by including product names, descriptions, pictures, and blogs on your website. Ensure your content employs easy language that your customers can use when finding relevant products and giving satisfying answers.

Always add Meta Descriptions

Meta tags are also essential. All website pages should each have a distinct title tag. A search engine’s title tags, which function as headlines, assist in determining the subject matter of each page on the search engine.

Run Google Ads on the Website

You can place keyword bids when using Google Ads for search engine marketing.  Here design plays a vital role in making Google ad banners, online visual ads, and much more. It’s a terrific approach to promote your website. You’ll receive results instantly and be able to modify your advertising strategies according to your performance.

Collaborate with Related Brands

Create cross-promotional collaborations with other brands. Find and collaborate with a company with a complementary product and a similar target market. It will expand the customer footfall on the website.

Use Influencer Marketing

A blogger writing about your product, a social media user reviewing or showcasing your product, or an influencer speaking about your product on any occasion can all bring their audience to your platform.

Utilize your Physical Store

Offer flyers with discount codes to customers on online buying. This will create word of mouth and promotion at the same time.

Work with Vowels

If you are starting your business, working with a design company like Vowels can assist you in many ways, some of which you may not even know. Vowels have all the technological know-how to swiftly design and set up your e-commerce so that you may begin selling as soon as possible. So don’t wait, just contact us!

5. FAQs

Q. How is an e-commerce website designed?

E-commerce website is designed with following some points –

  • Select a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Open a new account (or purchase web hosting)
  • Decide on a template or theme for e-commerce.
  • Create web pages and customize your site.
  • Develop a product listing.
  • Create an inventory, a payment gateway, and tax tools.
  • Test and open your online store.

Q. What is the price of building a custom e-commerce website?

The overall cost to construct an e-commerce website differs based on the company’s requirements and skills needed. Click here to get a quote today.

Q. Can I host my online store?

Many e-commerce building platforms offer both domain registration and web hosting. However, you can utilize a different web hosting service like GoDaddy if you like to make your own decisions.

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