The Impact of a Good Web Design on a Non-Profit Organization

Last update: August 22, 2023

Developing a quality website for nonprofitable organizations is exceptionally delicate. It demands special actionable design features to convince the audience to donate, learn more about services, or subscribe to information. All these features make the website effective, thus, creating a bridge between the NGO and the audience.

We all know that a call-to-action-based website can be complex and, if not done right, create confusion among the audience. That is why getting help from a best web designer like Vowels is better. With an agency like ours, you will quickly get all the features for your NGO.


If a non-profit organization does not have a website, it may cause problems running its operation online. However, if you still need convincing; here is a list of reasons a non-profit organization should consider designing its webpage.

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1. The Importance of Web Design for Non-profit Organizations

Telling Your Story

A non-profit organization combines different kinds of people and their ideologies, all working towards one common goal. A website can be a perfect opportunity to help everyone to serve their purpose under one platform. Hence, a website becomes a medium where every NGO can tell its story and connect worldwide.

Helps in Increasing Audience Size

A website is an excellent method to grow your audience. It ensures that people can find you and know about your incredible work. Build an email list and leverage social media to bring more people to the website.

Make a Good Impression

A website is a fantastic tool for making an impact and ensuring the audience knows who you are and what you stand for. An NGO can beautifully represent its essential data, mission statement, values, and team members via a website.

For Generating Interest

Generating interest among the audience may take more work for the NGO. However, a creative website is a fantastic resource for informing people about your mission.

Obtain Conversions

The objective of non-profit organizations is to increase conversions. Explaining the goals with a great visual theme is an excellent way to generate awareness and expand the scope of its activities.

2. How to Choose a Web Design Company for your Non-profit Organization?

The following are some essential things to consider when selecting a web design firm.

  • Look at their Portfolio: Finding a firm with a solid portfolio is necessary. You must pick a company that demonstrates more proficiency in creating the non-profit website you want.
  • Count their Experience: Look at the company’s background and the particular capabilities they provide before you consider them. Furthermore, they should also have prior experience dealing with a non-profit organization.
  • Working Process: Considering the company’s desire and willingness toward you and your task is essential. Another vital factor is placement. Are they able to get along with your working style? Do they have the same goals or passions? Before choosing a website agency, ensure to get all these answers.
  • Budget: Finally, it’s vital to consider how much their services will cost and whether they will provide maintenance after officially launching a website.

3. How to Create a Non-profit Website?

Picking a Platform

An NGO can create a unique web page by incorporating safe contribution forms, volunteer registration forms, and free limitless hosting features on the website. Common platforms like Wix or WordPress provide user-friendly templates for non-profit websites.

Design a Creative Layout

The initial step is choosing the best color scheme for an attractive website presence. Make a straightforward layout that could easily comprehend all the ideas.

Logo Designing

A logo is a great way to tell people visually what it stands for. It’s also a plus point if the users can quickly return to the home page from any section on your website. Place the logo on each header that will link to the home page. Doing this will make it very convenient for the visitors, who will perform actions without difficulty.

Use Relevant Content

Creating an easily accessed website is possible by adding a good user experience design or UX design. The design must have to flow naturally and logically. It entails striking a balance between content, images, and navigation. Use photos to break up long paragraphs and write the text in font color and style that is easy to read.

Finding the Right Domain Name

The domain name must incorporate the name of your NGO. A customized domain is essential since it will raise your website’s authority among users and search engines. A powerful domain name helps communicate an NGOs’ trustworthiness to those considering giving their money or effort to a cause they support.

Make it SEO Friendly and Mobile Optimized.

The simplest way to start SEO is by selecting your primary keywords and applying them to the content. You can also use Google Search Console, SEMRush, or Ahrefs to find related keywords. Nonprofits may employ keywords in their websites, videos, and other digital material to increase their visibility in search engines.

Apart from it, a website should also be mobile-friendly. Investing in mobile website design has become necessary to give users a simple-to-use experience.

4. How to Market your Non-profit Website

Design an email campaign that encourages people to sign up for your website. Send a weekly email with your latest news, organization updates, market research, and volunteer opportunities. Consequently, send out monthly emails outlining donation requirements and possibilities.

You may add a variety of visually attractive event campaigns on your website and share them on your social media. Ask the audience to buy tickets through the website, including fundraisers, auctions, and contests.

Moreover, people prefer video material over boring texts. Other forms of marketing cannot claim to evoke empathy or feelings as it does. Add short videos on your website so people can get a feel for what you’re trying to accomplish.

Work with Vowels

Do you want a well-designed website for your NGO that doesn’t break the bank? Vowels employ a distinctive method for designing sites for non-profit organizations. We provide more services than a self-built website builder (like Squarespace or Wix). We create bespoke websites from scratch to meet specific demands and criteria. Contact us now for more details.

5. FAQs

Q. What kind of website is a Non-profit?

Ans. Non-profit websites don’t seek to make a profit and try to send a good message to their visitors. They persuade the audience to donate to their mission. One of the main ways non-profit organizations communicate with interested donors is through adding organic videos of how they work, call-to-action buttons, seamless and secure donation transaction methods, and much more.

Q. How can I acquire a quality NGO website design?

Ans. Vowels provide website templates that are elegant, useful, and modern. Every design is responsive, loaded with fantastic features, and perfect for any company.

Q. Where do I go to design websites?

Ans. Squarespace and GoDaddy are ideal for web design because they are comprehensive platforms offering to host the website, domain signing up, and built-in editors to users. You can look at various providers of services based on your requirements.

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