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Last update: June 30, 2022

A fine dining experience goes beyond the taste of the food served in a restaurant. The ambience, interiors, representation, and creativity also play a vital role in creating brand value. A unique restaurant logo helps get the required recognition in the market way before customers savour the delicacies! After all, we all recognise McDonald’s from the golden arches on its logo, don’t we? A logo serves as a brand’s identity and helps it stand out in the market. So, the real question is, what elements make a logo eye-catchy and pleasing? Every feature is noteworthy, from the typography and colours used in an emblem to its vector designs. This one symbol which you would choose to represent your restaurant will be on display 24×7 on different platforms. Well, we are here to help! Here, we have curated some of the best restaurant logo designing ideas that you can take inspiration from to create the one you need!


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1. What Makes Restaurant Logo Stand Out?

The restaurant logo stands out when it reflects the essence, kind of food served and the story of the brand to the best. It should be simple yet appealing with its typography, choice of colours, and overall design. Every element used in the logo must express an idea that makes the brand stand out. For instance, most healthy food joints use green colour in their logo to appeal to their customers. In this way, your restaurant logo design should feature the core qualities of your brand and the type of food you serve! The more personalised and simple you keep it, the greater are your chances of standing out as a unique brand in the market.

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2. What Are the Major Elements of a Restaurant Logo?

Now that we know what a restaurant logo should look like, it is essential to identify the prime elements that create such designs. Here are the principal facets of an attractive and appealing logo.

  • Colour: A maximum of two-three colours work best for a restaurant logo.
  • Simplicity: Try to keep your logo as simple as you can to make it more appealing to your target audience. Complex logos are difficult to understand!
  • Typography: Use simple text styles and fonts for your brand name if you are trying to use it in the logo.
  • Memorability: Choose a logo that you and your audience will be able to memorise effortlessly. Like, a restaurant logo with a star is easier to remember than the one that features the entire galaxy. So, once they see it, they will be able to recognise your brand.
  • Vectors: Vectors bring appeal and design to a logo. Your focus should be on using them to give a feel and meaning to the symbol.

3. Creating Restaurant Logos Design: Note the Top Ideas!

The design ideas for restaurant logos are not something you can find in a textbook! It is about utilising the expertise and creativity of creative logo designers who are good at this job. The task is to make sense of the elements used in the design to express an idea associated with your restaurant and the food you serve. Nonetheless, you can always take a lot of inspiration from the leading designs and logos that have made a mark in the industry. Here are a few tips that you can use to your benefit!

  • A food restaurant logo must communicate the theme and concept of the restaurant to the customers. You can use simple icons to feature this quality.
  • Choose an appropriate logo layout, keeping the number of elements you wish to use in mind.
  • Try not to make any language-specific logo. You must go beyond geographical boundaries to promote your brand.
  • Do not feel afraid to use classic colour palettes like red, white, blue, etc., when it comes to designing a logo.
  • Use colours that express the personality of your restaurant and the type of food you serve.


4. Restaurant Logo Ideas: Learn From the Top 5 Brands

We often take inspiration from our leaders who have set an exemplary record in the market, isn’t it? Well, when it comes to restaurants and cafes, you will get plenty of names! Some brands have left a mark internationally, with us recognising them with their logos. Here are a few trailblazers that can give you ideas for the best restaurant logos!

1. McDonald’s


Speaking of famous restaurant logos, how can we miss out on this one? McDonald’s is a well-recognised restaurant in 119 countries with over 34,480 outlets. The two golden arches that make an “M” on the logo of this widely popular fast-food chain represent the 25-feet golden gates of the first few outlets. The synergy of the two prime colours used in the logo creates a visual impact on the audience.

2. Oodles Noodles Bar


Oodles Noodles Bar has come up with one of the most creative and eye-catchy logos of all time. The chopsticks illustrated in the restaurant logo design are covered with noodle-kind typography that reads “Oodles”. The red bowl under it displays the rest of the restaurant’s name. So, you can look at the logo to know what kind of food the menu will offer!

3. Domino’s


Domino’s logo has gone through some minor changes over the years. However, the basic idea, design inspiration and colour palette have remained the same. It displays two dominos in red and blue with three white dots on them. The dots represent the first three outlets of the restaurant where it all started for the brand. Interestingly, the owner wanted to add a dot to the logo after the opening of every new outlet, but the chain spread so fast that he had to drop the plan!

4. Starbucks


Using an online restaurant logo maker to create a logo as perfect and stylish as the one for Starbucks seems quite challenging, doesn’t it? Well, yes, the artistry and creativity behind this kind of logo is the art of a professional! The brand started with a two-tailed mermaid and ended with a queen-like figure named “the siren” in their methodology. The owner got this nautical and mysterious logo inspiration from mermaid books. Sounds fascinating, right? No wonder the brand impersonates royalty and riches!

5. Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut started with a logo that featured Pete, their mascot, holding the restaurant’s name in his hands. Later, they started opting for more simplified logos by settling for the one they use currently, which was launched in 2014. The latest logo illustrates a spinning, thin crust smeared with tomato sauce.

5. How Useful Are Free Restaurant Logo Makers?

If you have been searching online for restaurant logos designs, you must have come across numerous restaurant logo makers. Well, these platforms offer a few ready-to-use design templates, tools, texts, and colour palettes that you can use to create your logo. However, the usefulness of these restaurant logo makers depends upon your creativity skills and design knowledge. If you have never gone through the nitty-gritty of designing, you might not get your desired output! Therefore, the most efficient way of creating a restaurant logo is by taking the help of professionals who can help you through the process. Contact a well-known logo design agency in the market like VOWELS to meet your logo designing needs.

6. Craft Your Restaurant Logo Design With Us!

Like every brand, restaurants also go through logo redesigns as per the market trends! You need to incorporate the latest designs and tools to create an effective logo. We, at VOWELS, will help you with your restaurant branding and logo designing keeping these factors in account. Our team is well-versed in the current industry requirements. All you have to do is share your vision with our experts, and we will take care of the rest! Visit our website or call us now to get all the details.

7. Some Common FAQs

Q. How do I make the best restaurant logos?

Ans. You can get a wide range of restaurant logo designs from a leading logo designing team to create your logo. Although there are multiple logo makers available online, the best way is to utilise the expertise of people in the business. Professionals in this field will help you get the best results using all the exemplary design elements.

Q. Can I create a free logo for restaurant?

Ans. Yes, you can use an online restaurant logo maker to make free a logo for restaurant. However, you need ample knowledge and understanding of design patterns and graphics to utilise the tools. So, if you are looking for a unique and stylish logo that represents the essence of your brand, it is best to consult a logo designing agency.

Q. Which restaurant logo makers are the best? Ans. Most popular logo makers do similar jobs when it comes to designing. Almost every logo maker for restaurant offers some fundamental tools, colour palettes and designs that you can use for free. You will have to buy creative design templates and tools if you want to make the most of the platform.

Q. What should a restaurant logo look like?

Ans. Your restaurant logo should look like the name and essence of your brand. It must express the authenticity, services, and type of food that customers can expect at your restaurant. Therefore, there is no conventional way or rule book that you can follow for this purpose. You should consult a logo designing team to design your restaurant logo.

Q. Where can I get help with my restaurant logo designs?

Ans. You can get the best restaurant logo ideas from an expert logo designing agency in the market. A team of creatives can help you design your vision and give an identity to your brand like no other! VOWELS is one of the leading names in this arena. The team will help you with all your branding needs.

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