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Last update: August 1, 2022

For an industry as dynamic as finance, any successful brand will have a proper branding strategy as a fundamental part of it. Branding is all about establishing an identity for a brand in the target market.

There are different types of branding strategies, campaigns and techniques that aim to establish recognition and reach of a brand amongst its target audience. That being said, one of the most important and fundamental elements in any branding campaign is the logo of a brand. Logo for financial services is a key element just like a logo is improving for any other brand in any other industry or niche of business.

All that being said, if you are thinking of creating a logo for financial company, then there are a number of things to know and consider during the process. Regardless of the business niche and area of specialty, these factors and considerations remain constant. In the next part of this article, we have discussed all you take best logo designing ideas and what makes a financial services logo stand out in a highly competitive marketplace.

Not just that, you will also read about some of the best financial logo design ideas that can be great forms of inspiration for anyone who is looking to create or redesign a financial institution logo. So, simply keep reading.

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1. Why Do You Need Well-Conceptualised Finance Logo Design For Your Brand?

A strong track record and a good reputation in the market is extremely important for any firm in the field of financial services. With established goodwill and credibility of the company in the target marketplace, attracting the target clients towards your business becomes much easier. This is what is made possible through proper branding designs and campaigns as discussed earlier.

The first thing that a financial institution needs to do is to convey its history and capabilities in brief and at a glance to its target market. The most important thing that needs to be a part of any financial marketing and branding strategy is building a brand image that reflects the experience and expertise of the brand as well as its key area of expertise.

All of that starts with a high-performing financial logo design. This is why a unique and well-conceptualized financial logo design is extremely essential for any finance company. And if you look around in the financial services industry, you will definitely notice some remarkably well-ideated and well-designed financial services logos. This is because what we said above is something known by every leading financial brand and any specialist and experienced financial marketer working in the field.

The performance of a brand or a finance firm depends upon how trustworthy it is, how credible its products and services are and how well it can reach, connect and attract target clients towards what it offers in the market. That being said, what can be a better way than a well-designed and remarkable financial institution logo to make an impression on the target audience?

2. Things To Consider When Creating Logo For Finance Company

Logo design is definitely a lot of creativity and innovation but the entirety of the process and the task does not end there. There are a number of technical and logical factors that need to be counted in as they play a crucial role in how a financial logo impacts the target audience on behalf of the brand it represents. This is why creativity and innovation, as important as they are for financial logo design, are not enough.

The first step that expert professionals in the field of financial logo designing take is auditing competitors and their logos. Competitor analysis is a crucial part of any branding or marketing campaign. Therefore analysing the logos and ideas of the competition in the market will give you a comprehensive idea about what you need to do or plan. Once you are through with that, there are a number of routes that you can take to create the perfect logo for finance institutions.

3. How To Create The Perfect Financial Services Logo?

The question is common, and the right answer is very easy: hiring professionals for logo design is the best way to go. The process is not as complicated or challenging as one might think it to be. In fact, simplicity is the key when it comes to designing a logo for financial services. This is why hiring professionals for the job is the best route to take if you need a unique, attractive and impactful logo.

If you search the Internet for financial logo design ideas, you will come across numerous designs, templates and even free finance logo makers with which you can create finance company logos pretty much effortlessly. Although, what’s missing here is the expertise and experience that a professional in the field of financial logo design offers.

4. 5 Incredible Finance Logo Design Ideas To Ensure Brand Success

Just like it was promised, here are five of the best finance logo designs out there in the market. Five examples to be inspired from and five examples that tell you how it should be done.


Animal imagery has been a key element in finance logo design. Revomine’s geometric horse, or rather unicorn logo is just another instance of the same, and stands out with its unique appeal and significance. Animals like bulls, tigers, lions and horses in the logo of finance companies signifies strength and courage which are crucial to attract potential clients towards a finance institution. This simple, attractive and unique geometric unicorn logo does that job pretty well.

PXP Consulting Group

Intelligent and optimal use of typography and colours can be enough to enhance the image of a brand through a logo. The logo of PXP Consulting Group proves that. It comes with a bold font for the term “PXP” and the other part of the brand name gets a different font style and formatting, in a comparatively smaller size. A tall towering building in a turquoise blue-green backdrop with white coloured text serves as a perfect symbolism of a major financial company.

Smith & Co

Typography can do wonders and it is proven by the unique and creative logo of Smith & Co. The logo uses a very uncommon and unique font style for the brand name and uses a pale grey colour for the text, placed as bold and large, with the words “wealth management” placed under the brand name in a less significant but very noticeable manner. Simple, elegant and a creative way to establish the brand name and what it actually does.

Tidy Finance

A very creative and intelligently designed logo, the brand uses three or four contrasting colours, a strong font style and text indent along with the symbolism and alliteration offered by the symbol of a “tie”. As perfect as it gets, the sea green, white, black and grey combination adds an elegant touch and the “tie” image upholds the brand name that implies “tidy”.

Financial Architecture

Just what the brand name is, the logo simply describes that. The orange architectural structure is placed on an orange background and the structure has an eerie similarity to a financial graph, highlighting both words of the business name: Financial Architecture.

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5. VOWELS Is A Trusted Place For Innovative And Unique Logo Designs

Last but not the least, if it comes to the most reliable and expert for logo design, VOWELS is a perfect choice. We are a reputed firm in the field of logo design and other branding services for several years and offer extremely innovative and effective logo designs tailored for the business, its story and specialties and the target market. Contact us for the perfect logos for any kind of financial services company.

6. FAQs

Q. What are the most effective elements for financial institution logos?

Ans. Simplicity, symbolism and intelligent use of colours and imagery go a long way for logos in the financial industry. Top brands make use of typography, vivid colours and another common element of finance logos is animal imagery, usually the images of strong, ferocious and aggressive carnivores and even horses.

Q. Should I hire a professional for financial logo design?

Ans. Indeed, you must. Financial logo design specialists offer valuable experience and expertise that can be very effective to design and create a perfect logo that is suitable for the brand image, specialities and its target audience.

Q. How much time will it take to design a finance company logo?

Ans. This would depend completely upon the skills and efficiency of the professionals designing the logo as well as the needs of the brand and the complexity of the project. It can vary between a couple of weeks to even three months, or even more in some cases.

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