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Last update: July 29, 2022

Marketing is one of the four pillars that helps a company stand in the industry. In the digitally dominated arena that we live in today, marketing has taken two different disciplines; offline and online. Yes, digital or online marketing has become significant in every economic sector. Both these disciplines implicate a lot of interaction, communication and movement. Therefore, the added effect of these domains requires well-developed marketing company logos.

Well, it goes without saying that a digital marketing logo puts a company on the business map by giving it a unique identity. Customers can relate to a firm, rely upon its services and identify it distinctively by recognising its logo. So, you must be wondering what an appealing and truly notable marketing logo should look like, isn’t it?

When considering a logo for marketing company, you must have an idea of what this process requires. It is vital to have all the prior information that can help you form a symbol, icon or emblem that you can use for your soon-to-be brand. Owing much to your relief, we have sorted out and simplified all the information you need in this case. Let us go through all logo designing ideas and ideologies used in creating marketing logos!


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1. What Makes A Good Digital Marketing Logo?

A digital marketing logo comprises certain elements that represent the pillars of marketing. Communication, reach, growth, etc., are a few of the things that put an apt description in this context. You can opt for polygonal nodes, lines, graphs, and abstract shapes in your company logo. The focus should be on redefining the core ideas of marketing using the new and advanced elements of graphic design. Let us find out how all these elements work together in logo creation for marketing firms.

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2. Standard Features of A Marketing Company Logo

Every brand logo comprises some specific attributes that express the nature of the business. You cannot use too many colours, feathers or stars in a digital marketing logo, right? Here are four standard features of a marketing company logo that you must try using for your company.

Abstract Vector Designs & Shapes

Abstract designs and state-of-the-art symbolism define a marketing firm logo very well. Shapes and vector designs can make millions of logo symbols that you can use for your marketing brand.

Communication Icons

Communication is the essence of marketing and a synonym that defines the work that marketing firms do. The use of communication icons like phone, cell, internet, etc., can help you in getting your logo for marketing company.

Graph Symbols

Graph designs like histograms, pie charts, etc., can also be given a symbolic representation in a marketing company logo design. You must consult your logo design team regarding the use of this element.

3. Tips & Tricks to Use While Making Marketing Logos

A successful logomark is a result of persistent design experiments. With the help of some practical tips, you can make these attempts more focused on your creation. Here are a few handy tips to give a thought to!

  • Focus on creating a symbol, icon or emblem using abstract shapes or designs as we discussed above.
  • You can utilise some hi-tech designs or representations in your logo to depict faster connectivity and connection. For instance, some companies use mobile towers or Wi-Fi symbols in their logo.
  • The use of metrics is also very common in a logo for digital marketing. You can give it a try by aligning it with your brand story.

4. Popular Marketing Logo Design Inspirations: The Top 5!

In today’s competitive market setup, we always look up to the top companies that are leading the way in the industry, right? Well, you can do the same for creating a logo for advertising company. Here are a few examples we have shortlisted for you to examine and understand the thought process behind developing appealing marketing logos.

Penta Marketing

When it comes to using abstract art in a logo, Penta Marketing keeps it a level up in the design game! Yes, the company logo uses five different coloured triangles that form a circular shape. So, the word “Penta” is reflected quite obviously in the logo without giving it a rugged or complex look.


WebFX is one of the leading marketing firms in the world. It uses a Typeface frame in its logo, giving it a stand-out look and highlight. The simple yet attractive logo used by this company highlights its USP, which is effects. You can undoubtedly take some design inspiration from this creative digital marketing logo.

Ace of Digital

Are you fond of abstract symbols that deliver a strong mindset and meaning? If yes, you must take some inspiration from the Ace of Digital Logo. The company has put some vibrant colours together in triangular and rectangular shapes that form the shape of an ace card. All these colours make the symbol pretty attractive, while the familiar shape keeps the overall look very subtle. This kind of unique idea is worth trying, isn’t it?

Bear Fox Marketing

The creative digital marketing logo design used by Bear Fox Marketing is unique, intellectual and stylish in every way. The logo symbolises an animal mascot that stands as a mixture of both bear and fox. The upper body of the emblem resembles a bear, while the lower body is that of a fox. You can also use this idea to depict your company name in a generalised symbol.

Clever Digital

Clever digital uses a smart graphic metaphor as its symbol in the company logo. It brings a fun element to it while defining the essence of the company. The logo depicts an egg with spectacles on it. The letter “L” in the name of the company is represented using an exclamation sign. These fun and trendy elements are highly helpful in attracting customers’ attention.

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5. Where to Find The Best Marketing Logo Designs?

There is no one-stop shop for logo designs that will specifically serve your purpose better than a reliable logo design agency. Yes, you do not need predesigned platforms but experienced people by your side to help you get through the process. Since the purpose of creating a marketing logo design is to express the brand story and essence of your company, you need personalised services. Get an experienced logo design firm like VOWELS at your service!

Join Hands With VOWELS to Make Your Marketing Logo

You must have understood the concept of marketing logo designs. However, the implementation process is quite different from what we know as the theory of designing. With the VOWELS team by your side, you can take a sigh of relief. Our experienced team with years of knowledge in the business will guide you throughout the process. All we need is to know your ideas and perspective. Share your imagination with our logo designers to help them craft the best digital marketing company logo for you.

6. Some Common FAQs

Q. How to create a symbol or icon for a marketing logo?

Ans. Logo designing is an ocean of ideas, graphics, philosophies and connections that finding a symbol or icon suitable for your brand story is a challenging task. A logo for marketing company must have a personalised touch for it. If you work with an experienced logo designing team, creating a logo will become very easy.

Q. Are online logo makers useful for marketing logos?

Ans. If you do not want to create a basic and common logo, online free logo makers will not be helpful for you. These platforms usually provide basic templates that you can customise as per your needs. However, the easy and convenient accessibility of these portals to every company across the world stands out as an issue. Therefore, you should always look out for logo design agencies that offer personalised and advanced marketing logo design services.

Q. Can a digital marketing logo be the same as offline marketing logos?

Ans. Yes, most companies use the same logo for both online and offline marketing services, given two different logos for the same firm can create confusion. However, you must create a marketing company logo that works best for both these disciplines. You do not want to add too many colours or graphics to a logo which will also go on the print media. Be careful and well-informed about your choices.

Q. How to make a creative digital marketing logo for free?

Ans. Free online services for creating a digital marketing agency logo are available on various online platforms. However, the efficiency of these platforms is limited. You will only be able to make maximum use of it if you have prior knowledge about logo creation. So, it is better to make a productive investment by hiring a logo design agency for this service rather than looking out for free facilities that do not justify your requirements.

Q. Are internet marketing logo designs costly?

Ans. The cost of logo designing services depends upon the logo design agency you choose for the job. So, if you analyse the market options clearly, you will not have to invest a vast amount of money. Therefore, you should opt for reliable agencies that offer standard services at market-friendly prices. VOWELS is one such company that has maintained its position in the market for this reason. You can get in touch with their customer service team for more details.

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