Vision 2030: National Rebranding of Saudi Arabia

A country is said to be doing National Re-Branding when its strategy is based on its vision. The Vision 2030, published by the Royal court and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in April 2016, is a perfect example of National Re-Branding. The vision was formed around three main subjects: a vibrant society, a strong economy, and a determined state.

One of the primary objectives of this project is to establish multiple industries and fields to demonstrate that the government is no longer reliant on a single revenue stream.

However, this revolution still requires time and has a long journey. The Saudi Arabian community must go through several rebranding techniques for promoting entrepreneurship, invention, and education to achieve the goal of a developed economy. High-end manufacturing, financial services, tourism, entertainment, and arts are a few of its leading objectives.

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1. Empowering Private Sector

Significant economic reforms are launched for helping the business sector to foster a thriving economy. Many accelerators and incubators programs are found, women are encouraged with more employment opportunities, and aspiring policies are implemented for shaping the future well.


2. The Vision Realization Programs (VRPs)

Following are the steps towards translating Vision 2030 into reality. Here are a few of the program examples that are working in full action:


  1. Financial Sector Development Program: To support the economy, expand income, and increase savings and investment.
  2. Health Sector Transformation Program: To create a compelling and integrated health system.
  3. Human Capability Development Program: Preparing Saudi Nationals for the job market. Educating them about their skillset and enhancing their capabilities for a global market.
  4. Quality of Life Program: To develop an ecosystem that encourages social activities, business growth, cultural progress, and happy living standards.

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3. Vision 2030 Projects

Following are 15 projects that will identify new economic sectors, create jobs, and promote economic growth in line with Vision 2030.


1. The Absorption Base Desalination Plant

Planning and Designing of desalination system to create a sustainable domestic water sector. It will restore the depleted water supplies and protects the environment—an objective of Vision 2030.

2. AlUla

Alula is a museum with monuments and intact tombs on sandstone outcrops. As directed by the Royal Commission for AlUla, the goal is to turn this unique place into a popular tourist destination on a global scale.


It is based on the 2030 Vision to showcase Saudia’s greatest strengths. It helps create a more sustainable economy for netizens and tourists to travel.

4. The Composite Aerostructure Factory

Establishment of aerospace and aviation fields in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. This automatic innovation will bring state-of-the-art and top-grade business to the region.

5. The King Salman Energy Park

An industrial ecosystem to encourage greener production in the country. An industrial city that will receive a certification in silver Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

6. The Lower Power Research Reactor Project

This project sets up the nuclear reactor industry in the Kingdom. It adapts expertise to work in nuclear power reactors and transfers its techniques to achieve Vision 2030 goals.

7. The Middle East Green Initiative

The Middle East Green Initiative shows Saudi Arabia’s devotion to international sustainability efforts. It will enable the region to help protect the planet by clearly defining an ambitious road for attaining worldwide targets.


Neom is the adventurous vision of a New Future. It encourages advancement, innovation and sustainability in the business. It is a business laboratory which will encourage entrepreneurs to experiment new ideas.

9. Qiddiya, a Public Investment Fund project

To take lead in the entertainment, sports, and arts sectors. It will be a game-changing place that will offer new, interactive, and innovative activities on a big scale.

10. Riyadh Art

To transform public spaces with artistic expressions that will enable more attraction from the public. It is to accelerate the city’s cultural heritage with tourism.

11. Riyadh Sports Boulevard project

It aims to support the community’s increased sports participation as part of Vision 2030.

12. Roshn

Backed by the Public Investment Fund, aims to meet Saudi Arabia’s growing demand for home ownership.

13. Sakaka Solar Power Plant

It is the first green power plant in the country. The Ministry of Energy runs the Sakaka Solar Power Plant Project in Al Jawf to increase the adoption of renewable energy in the country.

14. Saudi Genome Program

This project aims to collect data and build a genetic map of the country. It will help in developing advanced medical practices, creating cost-effective healthcare and improving quality of life.

15. Saudi Green Initiative

This project’s primary objective is to decrease Saudi Arabia’s dependence on non-renewable, carbon-producing energy sources and protect the environment, in line with Vision 2023. It emphasizes raising standards of living and supporting future generations.


4. Progress and Achievements

Since the establishment of the vision, we have seen many transformations in the country.


  • The number of tourist visitors has increased to 56000+ per month.
  • Road accidents have decreased by 55% in the last five years.
  • The healthcare system has improved dramatically. 90% of emergency patients are taken care of within 4 hours.
  • The average life expectancy has increased, and now the country is marked as the 3rd happiest in the Arab world.
  • Saudi Women are living their dreams with excellent opportunities provided by the government. As per World Bank Women, Business and Law Report, Saudi Arabia achieved 80 out of 100.
  • The country is saving its natural habitat and greenery with some amazing sustainable initiatives.

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5. Work with Vowels

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is a great place to begin when it comes to making branding reforms on an economic and social scale. By implementing these measures, Saudi Arabia can diversify its economy away from oil reserves and strengthen its public sector through trade, tourism, and innovation.

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Q. What is anticipated to occur in Saudi Arabia in 2030?

Ans. There will be more women in the workforce, global market competition, direct investment, and exports other than oil.

Q. What are the three key vision points of the Saudi 2030 vision?

Ans. It is a National-level branding focused on achieving the country’s vision of a growing economy with more job opportunities. Vision is built around three themes: an active society, a rising economy, and a striving nation.

Q. What is Country Branding, and why is it necessary?

Ans. It generally means a country’s strategy to achieve goals and to build a particular image around the globe. A country’s branding can significantly affect its domestic production and economic growth. Making a country’s reputation in the whole world is as essential as maintaining a positive corporate brand of a company in the market.



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