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Last update: January 24, 2023

“Logos are the graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.” —Saul Bass


Any brand’s success depends on having a quality logo and a clear brand identity. It accomplishes the crucial duty of being memorable and making an impression while representing your business, highlighting your advantages, and reflecting your core beliefs. Despite the logo’s enormous responsibility as the brand’s face, it is unfortunate that no matter how excellent the design, it will eventually look old and outdated.

A logo’s primary function is to tell the correct story about the company. It should reflect your personality and give customers a distinct memory of your company.


However, as times change, so do design sensibilities and norms. When your company undergoes a substantial change, the tradition of the company changes and the branding that once uttered volumes might not be appropriate anymore. In such cases, Rebranding or branding redesigning should be standardized rather than questioned.

This article will examine how we can approach the redesign of the new logo, what is the best time to take this step, and how it can provide your company with a new perspective.

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1. When is the Most Appropriate Time to Redesign the Logo?

A Change in the Company’s Direction

A transition in your company’s future is an excellent opportunity to assess whether your logo still represents the things your firm develops. Penguin Random House is one of the most well-known illustrations of changing course. It has been replaced by the simple logo we see today.


Perhaps your brand has evolved, and your logo no longer represents your company. Perhaps you have merged with another company, and the goal is to incorporate both companies into a single brand entity.

Excelsis Business SolutionsHansa Global was changing its brand identity to Excelsis Business as a sustainable energy solution. Thus, we created a new identity and logo design with a theme and style that perfectly reflected their new goals.

redesign a logo - Hansa with Excelsis

Untimely Design

Over time, the practice of creating logos has evolved. Only those Brands that are vibrant but grounded in their beliefs succeed in today’s oversaturated market. Hence, your brand logo needs to adapt to these shifting standards if you want to stay in competition with design technology.

Zara is one example; the logo resembled a label at its introduction. It quickly became outdated, so the business updated its logo with an appealing symbol we see virtually daily.


Brand 200% Skin ConsciousnessThe logo was created as a global skincare products brand that appeals to people of all ages. We reshaped its logo as per the new marketing strategy and manifesto.

redesign 200% Company Logo

The Company Worked to Outgrow the Logo

When a business begins, it may not have a limitless supply of resources at its disposal, but as time passes, money comes in, management becomes clearer, and the business expands. The logo, hastily created to represent a single element, no longer accurately reflects the organization as it has grown.

Amazon is one of the best cases of a business outgrowing its logo. What began as an online book retailer now ships everything from furniture to fresh food? Additionally, it offers the most competitive shipping pricing in the entire world.

2E – 2Ergonomics Modern Furniture BrandWe mainly concentrated on changing the logo’s font, size, and form. As the brand name is very big and challenging for readers, we made the logo easier, more concise and simpler to read. Moreover, aligning with the theme of the brand’s contemporary office furniture, we made the colors bold and distinct.

2ergo Company Logo Desgn Strategy

2. Why Should You Do It?

An Improved Version of the Same Logo to attract your audience.

A logo that has been revised doesn’t lose its acquaintance but amends with the time for more connection. It gives the clients a sense of familiarity and to make it clear that while the design may have changed but the brand identification increases or changes for the betterment. Moreover, if the company’s basic principles haven’t been successful, the redesign should incorporate only a few features of the prior logo.

Using a New Logo for a New Strategy.

Unveiling a fresh logo with an upgraded perspective on business is the best thing to do. It will support the modification and generate interest per your new marketing strategy.

Rebranding or revamping a company is not the duty of the CEO; rather, it is done to stay relevant to the current world. Unveiling their logo and thinking their work is done is one of the common blunders’ companies make. They must spread it out to the audience and explain their new vision to analyze their reaction and act accordingly.

3. Work with Vowels

Redesigning a logo is a requirement rather than a phase. Even though it could seem hazardous, it’s crucial to evaluate your logo’s efficiency at each level of development if you want to stay relevant.

We advise you to conduct the study, identify your preferences, and scout out sources of inspiration to reduce your tension.

Alternatively, you can delegate the task to a re-branding agency like Vowels, which focuses on re-design and re-branding. It’s time to contact reputable branding companies like Vowels to revitalize your vision if you want to rebrand your company. Whether it be a logo redesign, website redesign, updated message, or a total brand makeover, Vowels can make it happen.

4. FAQs

Q. What is the alteration in a logo known as?

Ans. The alternation term in a logo is known as Rebranding. It is giving an existing brand a new name, symbol, or change in appearance or altering an organization’s corporate image.

Q. How come a company will alter its logo?

Ans. Smaller companies may think about a redesign if their initial brand message isn’t communicated to their clients with their current design. Seasoned or mature companies usually reshape their logo when their marketing approach completely changes or if they notice significantly shrinking sales or revenue.

Q. What are the unbreakable rules of making logos?

Ans. Here are the rules –

  • Do your research
  • Value your drawing pad.
  • Start in monochrome.
  • Maintain appropriateness.
  • Strive for simple recollection.
  • Strive to be unique.
  • Take into account the overall brand identity.
  • Avoid being overly literal.

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