The Impact of Package Designing on Product’s Value

If you’re a creative business owner who recognizes the value of creative branding in package design then you are already one step ahead of the competition. Packaging is more than merely the exterior of your goods; it also presents a stronger product value in the market.



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1. Good Packaging Attracts Customers

Packaging affects how leads and customers perceive your brand. You can achieve your goal by utilising your package design that supports your brand.

Customers will pay greater interest to your brand if your products are packaged well. All Packaging Designing Agencies employs experts who work on the technicalities and try to enhance the designs with new ideas. They use graphics, colours, and design skilfully to draw the customer’s attention. Hence, they can capture the customers’ attention by applying several techniques like the point-of-purchase strategy.



2. Elements that make Product Packing distinctive from others

Designing packages for the target audience is not a simple task. Marketers must identify the ideas that make the package designs appealing to the audience. If your package design does not connect to your target customer, it is time for a change.

The following are the traits that make package designing attractive:


An aesthetically pleasing package design is one of the major elements to consider when changing your present packaging or introducing a new design. A premium packaging design catches the eye from a distance and directs it to the shelf.


Similar to visual value, the packaging must offer something distinctive which can manifest itself in its way. Unique structures are extremely effective at grabbing attention, especially when competitors use conventional square boxes.

In addition to structural adjustments, touch effects and texture modifications bring something special that customers want to interact with. This objective is achieved with soft-touch coatings, customised surfaces, embossing, or debossing.

Solid Structure

A smart packaging design must have both visual appeal and uniqueness, but it’s also critical that your plan be very useful and practical. Whether a solid set-up box or a structural folding cardboard box, it must communicate your brand’s message and specific value proposition to the audience. If your packaging design does not shine out on the racks or is not adaptable to a range of shop retail displays, it may result in lower-than-expected sales.

Colour Combination

The psychology of a colour combination is a matter of art and science. Even though it should represent the colour theme of brand identity, it should also be combined with a colour combination that is emotionally represented in a pleasant way.

Here we have shortlisted the most common colour combination for CPG packaging.

Candy: Ivory, Blue, Dark Gold and Orange

Canned Items: Light Grey and Dark Blue

Cookies and ice cream: Blue and Grey

Soda and Tea: Gold, Green and Black

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3. Work with Vowels Agency

The goods should come in high-quality packaging that is properly sealed. The package must have all the necessary information, such as the price, ingredients, manufacturing date, and instructions. At Vowels agency, we are experienced in packaging-related design work. Our skilled and qualified professionals will present you with some amazing ideas, and you can choose the best one for your product. We are offering our skilled package designing services in UAE and India. We can supply you with several ideas, solutions, and suggestions that fit your budget.

Checkout Our Happy Customers

1. Simply Kitchen

Simply Kitchen

Vowels Agency provided its Brand Updating & Packaging Guidelines services to Simply Kitchen, one of the cooking staple brands in GCG.

We made well-curated packaging guidelines that could depict the goals of the brand. We also made a compelling design system for product packaging.

2. Health Auric

Heath Auric - Tea Packaging

The Giant FMCG Brand was looking for a productive Packaging Design that could increase its sales. Hence, we offered an end-to-end brand strategy and amazing architectural package designs to help them achieve their goals.

Health Auric - Turmeric Powder Packaging

architectural package designs to help them achieve their goals.


4. FAQs

Q. What characteristics define an excellent product packaging design?

Ans. Unique design, colour combination, and aesthetic qualities make a package design distinctive. However, originality can present itself in various ways. Packaging must pull customers to the shelf, but your goods must keep their interest once they are there.

Q. What are the 5 crucial aspects of packaging structure for designing?

Ans. Your packaging’s structural design should take a variety of things into view. For example, it includes size, safety, stability, shelf space, and storage space. The significance of the appearance and selection of materials will also impact your success.

Q. What qualities are required of package designers?

Ans. Successful characteristics and abilities of a package designer:

  • A thorough understanding of various packaging materials, including tin, glass, plastic, and card.
  • Know how designs can convey a message about the environment, especially when disposing of the package.
  • Awareness of design-related software.
  • Must be imaginative and generate fresh concepts.
  • Abilities to solve issues.

Q. What kind of CPG Package Designing is ideal?

Ans. CPG packaging should be functional and can draw attention to itself. It must identify the Brand and its objective. Your packaging should evoke feelings and benefit the product and the audience.




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