Motion Graphic Design: An Emerging Trend In The Digital World

The digital world is one of the fastest-growing platforms that connect the world with people, businesses, and international markets. As per the reports published by Cisco, a leading telecommunication company, 82% of all internet content will comprise videography in different forms by 2022. We can already see it coming true as many preeminent brands are using marketing videos to charm their customers! The fun fact here is that most of these videos are motion graphic design, but we often fail to recognise it. Yes, most viewers use the words “video” and “motion graphic” interchangeably. So, what is the actual difference? What is motion graphic design? How many types of graphic designs? Let us find out!


Is Motion Graphic Design A Video?

This question yields conflicting answers from people from in and out of the creative designing field! Some say motion graphic design is a video because the content is “moving”, just like in videos. But there is a thin line that makes these two similar concepts slightly different. Yes, motion graphic design is a video, but not a live-action video. It has animation overlays, a slideshow of pictures or animated texts, but it can never be solely a live-action video. It is just about giving movements to graphic design elements.

The Composition of Motion Graphic Design

The composition of a motion graphic design requires a graphic designer to follow specific steps in the correct order. The output of every motion design may be different, but the workflow should have consistency. From timing to typography and colour palettes, every detail must complement the other. Here are the steps explained briefly to give an idea of what the ultimate workflow of motion graphics must look like.

  • Understanding the motto and description of the video to deliver conclusive content.
  • Plan the scene direction and script the design by figuring out how many slides and live content can be included in the video.
  • Sketch a storyboard that displays the final idea of the motion graphics.
  • Prepare the artwork of every slide carefully to bring a flow of work.
  • Give the voiceover to the video and animation touch to get the perfect motion graphics.
  • Prototype the final design and make changes wherever and however necessary as per the client’s requirements.

Major Types of Motion Graphic Designs

Motion graphic designs express a motto and an idea as per the content. Designers must keep up with the tone of the designs according to the needs of the client. These differences bring three classifications to motion graphic design.

  • Explainer Motion Graphic: Explainer motion graphics are what brands mostly use to define a concept, service or product. It focuses on the features, qualities, and functions of the products on which a client needs the video. This approach focuses on every detail and technicality.
  • Emotive Motion Graphic: Emotive motion graphics are commonly used to deliver a social message or expression. It is in the flow of a story, and every slide in it connects well with the other. The success of these designs comes when viewers feel moved with emotion upon watching them.
  • Promotional Motion Graphic: As the name suggests, promotional motion graphics are useful in promoting a brand or product but with more persuasion. It must motivate a viewer to purchase the goods or services promoted in the video.

Key Factors Used In Motion Graphic Designs

There are some key factors used in motion graphic designs to bring an impact on the final output. Designers must possess these qualities to develop a design that is impactful and moving. Without these tools, the ultimate result might look vague and unbalanced.

  • Animation Ideas: Animation ideas used in motion graphics must be captivating, unique, and smooth. It should not look familiar to the ideas even when the tools used in the making are the same. Adding transitions and moving effects to an existing tool helps uplift the overall output. Without this creativity, making motion graphics can be a real challenge!
  • Lighting & Texturing Effects: Texturing effects modify the animation of motion graphics, and lighting develops the quality of the videos. These two effects must complement one another as well as the content of the design. Viewers must feel hooked to the effects, and every detail should be noticeable whilst the movement.
  • Creative Adaptability: The entire creation of motion graphics requires designing discipline and knowledge. The team working on every project of this genre must possess creative adaptability. They must know how to bring liveliness to the content just by putting imagery, video clips and textual slides in motion!
  • Perfect Timing: Perfect time can build or destroy the flow of a motion graphic video. Slides must have continuity and rhythm. Designers have to express all the required ideas within a fixed duration.

The Role of Animation In Motion Graphics

Graphic design is a vast subject and lays many submissions for us to choose from. But none of the disciplines requires the knowledge of animation as much as motion graphic designs. There has to be a natural flow of pictures merging with texts and patterns to bring about the perfect video. Choreographing complex movements within a video by taking one element at a time is not an easy task!

Sometimes, designers do not realise the inconsistency in the slides of a motion graphic video until it pans out completely! Therefore, brands must check the animation knowledge of their designing team before offering a project.

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Get Your Brand Marketing Into Motion!

Motion graphic design is taking over the internet and has become one of the most vital tools in brand marketing. Since these designs flow like a video, viewers can connect better with the content. But creativity plays a pivotal role here. Your branding videos must display a passion for your products and must appeal to the customers. Seize the desired output from our motion graphic designing team at VOWELS. Every professional indulges himself in this field to bring the best for our clients. Get in touch with our team with a vision and see it come true!