Best Logo Design Ideas for Your Health Business

Healthcare has become a vast industry, with hundreds of companies paving their way into the market. From Ayurvedic to Allopathic, every pharmaceutical firm, laboratory and hospital is a part of this arena. Therefore, establishing a business in this enterprise can sure be a hectic task. One needs to take every step with well-executed plans, especially when it comes to branding.

Yes, the first part of growing a business is letting your customers know about the company or brand. For this phase to be successful, you need a logo for health care that gives your company a solo identity.

We seldom put thoughts into designing logos for a healthcare company. However, it is evident that health department logos are vital for businesses as any other part of it. Considering the market size of this industry, you must start looking for medical logo designs. We are here to help you with numerous tips, ideas and references that you can utilise to your benefit.

Read on to understand how the popular logo designing ideas can help uplift your company’s market presence and stature.


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1. What Kind of Health Logo Design Ideas Work?

Healthcare logo ideas are available in abundance only when you search out the right corners. Going through commonly accessible platforms will not serve your purpose. You have to keep your design exclusive of the commonality followed by most companies. For this, you need the market expertise and technical understanding of branding professionals and teams in Dubai. How can you start this process?

Well, here is a detailed guide for you to learn the healthcare logo design procedure carefully.

2. Primary Components of Health Department Logos

We need to figure out the components of health company logos, the ones that complement the nature of this industry.

  • Meaningful Icons: The icons, emblems or symbols you wish to use in the healthcare logo designs must have a meaning to them. It must express hospitality, care and hope to your target audience. You can consult a design expert to go through a vast range of meaningful symbols from ancient times to modern days. Explore your options carefully before coming to a decision.
  • Health Signs: There are many signs like crosses or shields, which we consider health signs. You can transform the standard icons into modern design-forward symbols. You will need the expertise of professionals to bring the desired transitions.
  • Bright Colours: One of the biggest mistakes you can do as a healthcare company owner is to opt for dull colours for the logo. Always go for different shades of bright and vibrant colours, including blue, green, pastels, etc.

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3. Ideas To Enhance Your Health Company Logos

Every logo design process is different as per the industry and customer demands. For healthcare department logos, a few fundamental, caring and optimistic tools are necessary.

  • Use icons like shields, sheds, umbrellas, etc., that represent protection and cover to your customers.
  • Use healing or warm colours in the logo. Colours like red, black, and grey do not match the concept of healthcare in literal terms.
  • Create meaningful symbols or icons while maintaining their relatability with the nature of your healthcare business.

4. The Top 5 Health Department Logos To Learn From

Have you ever looked up to the leading healthcare companies and their logos? If yes, you must go through a few detailed information about how they ended up publishing their logos. If you are yet to discover the top company logos, here are the top five names on this list.

CVS Health

CVS Health has chosen the most uncomplicated and expressive logos that a healthcare company can hope for! Yes, this drugstore chain has become widely popular by its logo identification. Most people refer to its logo as the CVS heart. The block-like modern design used to create the heart icon catches one’s eyes instantly. The firm also keeps it simple by using a Serif Font for the name.

So, if you are someone who prefers opting for simplicity over everything, you can utilise these designs for health logo of your own.

Lumii Health

Lumii Health is a modern Health-Tech company that has come up with a very unique and artistic logo. The logo depicts the shape of a beetle leaf with three dots that connect one another. It expresses connectivity all around the world. Also, keeping the colour of the logo aligned with the theme makes it more appealing. You can try this idealistic idea for your firm.


Pfizer brings a twist to its logo design just by depicting what it sells! Yes, the pill-shaped logo used by the company comes in an artistic twist. The helix-kind design used in this popular healthcare logo design features two different shades of blue, the ones used in the Typeframe of the company.

Novo Nordisk

If you want to associate the roots of your health logo designs with some ancient and meaningful, you can take inspiration from Novo Nordisk. The firm depicts an Egyptian Apis bull, a sacred animal worshipped as the god of fertility in ancient times. Since this pharmaceutical company prioritises fertility-related medication, the logo gets a whole new meaning to it, right?

BlueCross BlueShield

If there is any logo for health care that is as apparent as it spells, it is the BlueCross BlueShield Logo. Yes, this firm has tried to keep it amusingly simple by using two icons in the logo wherein each represents the name of the brand. So, the first icon is that of a blue cross, while the other depicts a blue shield.

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5. How To Design The Best Logo For Health Care?

Best results require equally competitive and justified efforts, don’t they? Well, you must also take the same approach. Find an experienced logo design agency with diverse client networking and market presence. Designing health company logos with professional expertise will save you time, effort and the worth of your investment. Share your perspective and understand the technicality of the process to develop a favourable design.

6. Design Your Health Company Logo With VOWELS

Designing a health company logo will become much easier for you if you utilise VOWELS expertise. Yes, you do not have to dwell upon different thoughts and ideas that do not deliver you the desired results. The creative team at VOWELS is well-versed with the requirements of a medical health logo. We will help you identify the prime elements of logo designing that will compliment your company story. Get in touch with our executives today via website enquiries or calls!

7. Your Questions

Q. How to create designs for a health logo?

Ans. The process of creating logo designs for healthcare companies is quite simple. It is a 3-step process. First, chalk out your ideas, brand story and desired representation. Second, consult a credible logo design agency or team with everything you have collected. Third, go through the design process with the experts to craft your logo.

Q. Are there any free health care logo portals for free?

Ans. Yes, numerous online portals and logo makers provide ogo designing services. Having said that, you need to understand that creating a unique and personalised logo on these platforms is like finding a needle in a haystack. Getting the best designs for health logo is quite challenging in this case! Yes, the easy accessibility of these logo makers makes the same design sets available to all.

Q. Can I create health organization logos by myself?

Ans. Yes, if you are aware of the nitty-gritty and technicality of graphic and logo design, you may be able to complete the job b yourself. If this is not the case for you, you must take the help of professionals or a reliable logo design agency to get some home health logo ideas. Do-It-Yourself portals deliver results only when you know how to use the tools efficiently. So, it is better to avoid the risk of creating a basic and common logo by taking the charge of it yourself.

Q. Where to get the best healthcare logo ideas?

Ans. Professional logo design agencies are the best sources of healthcare logo ideas. You might find numerous portals that promise to serve the most suitable logos for your company. However, the efficiency of these platforms is limited to how well you understand graphic design. So, you will be able to make the most of your investment if you hand over the task to experienced people.

Q. Is a logo design agency helpful in creating designs for a health logo?

Ans. A reliable logo design agency is the best help you can get for mental health logo ideas and other healthcare company branding needs. An agency houses all the experienced professionals, market knowledge and trends that can help you develop your designs flawlessly. You just have to share your ideas, and the designers will take care of the rest.

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