Best Logo Designs Ideas for Your Food Industry

Last update: July 14, 2022

Whether buying groceries or just going out to get a meal, interaction with food is a daily activity in our lives. If you recall, the first factor that attracts us to any food brand is its logo! Ranging from advertisements to restaurants, food brands are promoted through their logos. The identity of every food company or brand stems from how reinforcing its logo is. So if you want to attract hungry customers to your brand, make sure you design a quirky logo to catch their attention.

Simply put, a food logo is a way to connect with the target audience. The more relatable a logo design is, the more visibility your brand gets. So if you have fresh food logo designing ideas, there are more chances that your audience will recognize you distinctly.

Your logo reflects your product. So make sure your food logo design sends a clear message about what you sell!


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1. Which Type of Food Logo Designs Are Impactful?

Direct Logo Design

Direct logo designs reflect what your company does. With this design, you can display your expertise or the product you are selling. If your expertise lies with just a single famous product and not a very diverse product, then direct logo design is what you must be looking at!

Tradition-based logo design

As the name implies, any generational restaurant calls for a tradition-based logo design. Especially if your company has a rich heritage, being passed down from your grandparents, your product is famous for its tradition. The vintage touch to your logo is what matters to the customers rather than its intricacies.

Tradition-based logos speak volumes about memories, trust, and familiarity. So continuing the legacy is what is reflected by your vintage logo!

Vibrant and Bold logo design

Vibrant and bold logos reflect the brand’s confidence. Such logos make a statement that the product is fun and quirky. The millennial audience is quite fascinated with such designs. So if you have any such bold food design logo ideas, you are on the right track!

Honest logo design

Today we live in a health-conscious society. People are very aware of what kind of food they consume. So, it is natural that customers will expect to comprehend from the logo itself everything about the product. Any logo that is like an open book will promote confidence and faith in your customers.

Less is more

People nowadays believe in minimalism. A little of everything goes a long way. Especially when it comes to food brands, modern logos have a little touch of color, text, and image. It reflects elegance and legitimacy and is easily comprehended.

Restaurant Logos

One of the most difficult decisions while starting a restaurant is designing a food design logo. First, make sure you have a fresh string of food logo design ideas before settling on one. Thorough deliberation is important because logos are like first impressions; you do not want to spoil them!

2. Major Components of Effective Food Logo Designs

  • Correct color selection: Colors are important. Too bright or too dull seemingly fail to attract customers. On the other hand, an optimally bright and bold color can be delicious for your audience. In fact, color plays a key part in stimulating hunger and developing a positive attitude towards the product. Whether you want your brand to be fun or elegant depends a lot on what color palette you use.
  • Images and negative space: The objective of any food logo is to make sure your product becomes more appealing and attractive. If your logo catches attention, customers will likely remember it shortly. One way to make them more appealing is by inserting black spaces cleverly. This entices value to the logo design.
  • Should look trustworthy: Developing trust and faith is crucial. To retain customers, they need to gain confidence in your product. The first step is to make them relate to your logo. If they are professional-looking enough, customers will likely gain trust in your food quality. They will not hesitate to put the food in their mouths once they find your brand credible.
  • Brand story and message: Every brand must look approachable. Distant and cold companies do not gain much. Especially when it comes to food, your brand logo must radiate warmth. So your logo must make your brand look more reflective of your message. Your brand story must be unique enough to appeal to customers.

Your logo is the point of communication that helps establish a distinct brand personality.

3. Are Online Logo Makers Useful For Food Logos?

As it is already established that logos are quite important. They represent your brand identity- almost quite the first point of contact. You would want it to be perfect, isn’t it? You do not want to compromise as an essential part of your business. There are several online tools available that allow you to develop logos free of cost. It does sound tempting to use one of those logo makers, but it is not recommended.

The reason is that they are unstable and not unique. Most of the generated designs are generic in nature and lack creativity. Therefore, the best way to develop an appealing food logo is by hiring a competent creative logo design company or agency. You can rely on their professionalism and get desired outcomes.

4. Top 5 Food Logos and Their Impact on The Brand


Well, there cannot be any conversation about the most renowned food logos without having the well-recognized golden arches. McDonald’s golden arches have been able to attract customers for decades. This food chain is present in about 119 countries. As of today, there are 34,480 McDonald’s all over the world.


Who doesn’t like to have a morning coffee or a mid-day coffee from a fancy cafe? Well, if you are one of them, then Starbucks is the place for you. They are one of the best-known cafes on the planet. Their logo is quite simple and clean. The design is modern, and the company was one of the very few to experiment with something minimal. Today, such designs have become very common and popular in use.


Can anyone survive without pizza? Well, just with the word pizza Domino’s logo is bound to pop up in our heads. That is their impact on the audience. With the red and blue hues, it is a well-known logo design. For years, customers have been attracted to this food chain. Today Domino’s is present in about 85 countries, and the business is still growing. They are whipping up new recipes to work their way up to success.

Pizza Hut

Talking about pizza, how can we forget about the famous Red roof? The red hat of pizza hut is famous worldwide. One of the most dominant restaurant chains present, Pizza Hut, has been able to have a positive impact with both their food and logos for years now!

Burger King

Eating from famous restaurants and food chains, Burger King definitely makes a list. The restaurant logo has a lot of red and yellow, also, with a little blue hue. They have a signature flame-grilled style for preparing each burger that adds to their uniqueness.

One of the similarities among all these food outlets is that they use a similar color palette. Red, yellow, and blues are common. Now, it is definitely not a coincidence. There is a good reason- a psychological strategy! These colors, especially yellow, stimulate appetite and attract attention. The warmth of red and yellow indices happiness and friendliness as well.

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5. Get Your Food Company Logo Designed at VOWELS

This article aimed to equip you with several information regarding food logo designs- its important components, etc. you can now implement all of it to curate a food logo on your own. Remember to start with fresh food logo design ideas. Use your creativity and avoid being generic. Logos are more important than you think! An unreliable one can end your product even before it gets the chance to set off.

To avoid such a disaster, you can move forward to design a food logo with VOWELS. The experts at our firm are competent enough to guide you at every step. We have all the necessary on-field experience and knowledge. With our resource pool, you can get better market plans and logos. So visit our online portal logo and contact us today!

Design your food logo with creativity, uniqueness, and the best style!

6. FAQs

Q. Is it possible to make different versions of a food logo?

Ans. Yes, it is. Regarding food products, having more than one version of the logo is useful. Also, it is easy to duplicate the existing original logo.

Q. Is it possible to make a transparent version of my food logo?

Ans. If you wish to have a transparent background, you can remove any background image. This applies when you curate a logo on your own. When prompted by the system, you can choose your preferred background type.

Q. What is the standard size for a logo?

Ans. The logo size can be anything as per your requirements or convenience. However, usually, it is recommended to have a 1:1 square canvas. It is because you can easily upload the square canvas size logos to get them printed as business access or profile images.

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