A Complete Branding Guideline for Startups

Building a solid brand is the foundation step of any promising Startup. By using a proper Brand Style Guide, Startups can capture the audience’s attention and leave a positive impression.

Branding Guidelines for Startups

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1. Brand Guide for Startups

A Brand Guide is more than just building a logo or creating a package design. It contains a solid communication plan, brand identity, and a coherent tone for all platforms.

If done right, branding alone can make your product stand unique in the market. Hence, you can convert your potential lead into direct customers with the right goal-oriented strategy.

Even though developing a Brand Identity Guide might be more handwork. But we have compiled a complete branding solution guideline for all the Startups who want to prevail their brand successfully in the market.


2. Branding Solution Guidelines

Identify your Market and Customers

For successfully marketing any firm, context is crucial. Knowing a customer’s character is very important to influence the customer’s short and long-term purchasing decisions.

In other words, one should maintain track of its actual customers, understand the market position, and assess its goods compared to rivals.

Analyze the Potential Competition

Even the most exquisite Startups with big budgets can only succeed if they understand the market competition. Considering that many corporations have already begun playing the game, one will need to put in extra effort to get a spot.

Make your Brand Objectives, Mission, and Vision

One of the numerous factors contributing to the company’s ongoing success is following a brand book for all its campaigns.

It sums up any company’s motto, colour theme, brand language, and every other element needed to maintain an identity in the market. The brand’s mission, vision, and goals and guide inspire its teams to work toward accomplishing the goals.

Deliver Joy with your Brand

Sending a surprise gift along with an order, providing a free ticket to a popular event, providing complimentary product samples, printing coupon codes inside the packaging, or offering discounts on various online stores can bring an unexpected smile to a consumer’s face.

Careem App had a winning campaign run in the Middle East. Every rider received additional reward points through the Careem Rewards System after placing a food order or scheduling a ride. One could use these points to pay for future rides or donate them to a charity that helps refugees.

Build Your Own Personality

Like human beings, brands have distinct personalities. Consider the brand to be a person and give it a character. For instance, joy, kindness, confidence, sassy, caring, and softness are all traits we find in active brands.

This helps people to remember the brand for its distinctive personality. However, many companies still neglect this branding technique and eventually regret it later.

Spread your Message in the Market

The brand’s message delivery can be seen through the brand voice. A brand voice helps to communicate with customers on their level and makes it simpler for the audience to believe in the goods.

Brand Identity Guide for ParkLand

Parkland is a French cookware brand that wanted to get a Brand Identity Guide Book from Vowels. We provided them with branding solutions that fit their attractive and sustainable theme.


Personalization is Beneficial.

The excitement of customization is deep. Consumers demand “different items,” “designed or exclusive editions,” that suit their interests. These terms give them a sense of exclusivity and pride. They are willing to pay a high price because they feel privileged.

Example: ChatGTP, a Startup that just started a year ago, quickly gained a massive consumer because of its personalized AI method of making customised content, coding, or bundling apps for its consumers.

Get a Logo Style Guide from an Expert

Logos serve as a signature for a brand. It is essential to display the brand name and logo in the early stages. Customers need to become familiar with a company’s brand and product. When your startup has enough exposure, you can eventually switch to only utilizing the logo in its marketing campaigns.

Brand Naming, Logo Style Guide, and Packaging for FMCG Company

  • Amour Auric: We gave the Herbal healthcare FMCG brand a name with a complete logo and package guidelines. The brand sells shampoo, oil, cream, and hand-wash items based on natural elements. We incorporated earthy colors tones of Green, Brown, and Golden and a natural theme layout for the logo and creative material.

Amour Auric

3. Make your Own Brand Guide with a Branding Agency

Once you are done with all the branding research and have a clear idea of what the firm will be about, start focusing on the image. The image consists of the website design, the logo, and the color combination that you can use throughout the media. If you still haven’t got your ideal logo, seek help from branding agencies to get an ideal brand guide that matches your vision.

Work with Vowels

We are branding agency in UAE helping Startups, small-scale firms, and big corporations roll out their branding smoothly. We can create a brand book and style your visual creatively. We focus on the critical characteristics of the target customer, features that influence both his short- and long-term purchasing decisions, and create branding strategies accordingly. We can help if individuals need packaging for a new product release or want to repackage an existing product with compelling content.

It’s time to put all these branding solutions into practice. Work with Vowels and let us brand your Startup today!

4. FAQs

Q. How can Startups do simple branding?

Ans. Here are some tips for new businesses considering branding for the first time.

  1. Put the brand vision right away.
  2. Specify the factors that affect one’s brand.
  3. Consider the consumer you want to reach.
  4. Identify the brand’s strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Talk about your strengths in your branding material.
  6. Create a logo style guide, online profile and get started

Q. How can Vowels make my Branding Solution?

Ans. Even though designing a perfect branding plan might take some time, with the help of a branding consultant like Vowels, you can get it done in no time.

Initially, we assess your company’s objectives. Then we do market research to identify the relevant consumers’ demographics, desires, aspirations, and presumptions. After that, we create a Brand Style Guide that can help you grow and propel in the market.

Q. 360-degree branding strategy.

It is a complete strategic plan that helps a Startup identify its brands on all online or outdoor platforms. It helps consumers identify the brand with a unique creative theme, campaign designs, and visual layout.

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