Take a Closer Look at Branding Style of GCC, KSA and UAE

International brand recognition has nearly regained pre-pandemic levels, enabling businesses to expand their reach. Many Arab nations, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, are actively implementing Branding Principles at the national level to realize their new vision. Moreover, it proves beneficial for both public and commercial entities to align with the national branding agency initiatives, stay abreast of recent developments, and maintain a consistently optimistic outlook on the market.

This article aims to explore the integration of branding agency practices, similar to those adopted by the UAE and Saudi Arabia, into your business endeavors. It also emphasizes that a branding agency constitutes a long-term investment, aimed at diversifying your company’s growth, enhancing its values, establishing credibility, and improving customer recognition.

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1. Outstanding Branding Initiatives in Saudi Arabia and UAE

With a 7% increase in brand value reaching $768 billion, Saudi Arabia has moved to second place among the Arab nations. Saudi Vision 2030 is a strategic branding initiative to lessen Saudi Arabia’s reliance on oil, accelerate economic growth, and expand public service areas like health, education, infrastructure, and tourism.

On the other hand, United Arab Emirates has expanded to become a popular tourism and business destination on a global scale. The business sector of the UAE possesses plenty of prospects for emerging brands.

They have created distinctive branding policies for businesses and pursued creative ideas to improve those strategies. As a result, it has attracted many exceptional enterprises to the country and given us many branding principles from which your business may benefit.


2. Inspiring Branding Fundamentals Everyone Should Learn from GCC Brands

Creating a branding strategy is a long-term plan which will ultimately lead to customer recognition and brand preference. The brands in GCC market following fundamentals for Efficacious Branding:

Brand Guidelines: Sacred Book of Branding

A brand style guide is the best way to guarantee brand consistency and create branded assets. It includes details on everything that affects the appearance and feel of your business, including typography, color, logos, and photography. It explains how your brand should be presented

to the world. It is the design inspiration for all your content, including presentations, blog entries, office layouts, and business cards.

For example: Over the past few years, many of the leading tech businesses in the world have undergone rebranding and have invested scientifically in creating a comprehensive brand style guide for their Visual Identity.

Contact top branding Consultants in UAE and get a customized Brand Guidelines book made for your brand.

Express Royal Hotel Resort

Express Royale

Brand Guidelines and Brand Identity: We created a detailed public-facing document explaining how the brand represents its visual identity following rules. The guideline includes the official logo, font typography, color, tone, and mission vision statement.

Stay memorable with Appealing Logo Design

The UAE brands are continually growing in all spheres to dominate many industries. To truly stand out, you must do things distinctively and differently. Creating a logo by itself will aid in building a brand identity. Although a company’s logo may serve to symbolize it, designing a logo is only the very first step in developing a solid brand image.

Are you looking for an appealing logo to communicate the intended message to the audience? The marketing experts at Vowels can make it for you!

HMB Gold Trading LLC

HMB Gold

Logo Design & Guide: We developed a fresh logo design concept for the Dubai-based gold trading firm. In addition, we sent them a design manual and supplement that explained how to use the new logo in various contexts.

Create a Brand strategy that highlights your attributes.

The brands in the UAE are always aware of their demands and needs of their customers. They are continually researching and developing to create a better brand with a meaningful purpose. A good branding strategist can curate effective brand strategies that reflect the right personality. They start by developing a branding prototype. The expert adds brand personality and voice to strategize a story, creating communication between the consumer and the brand. Lastly, they position the brand with attractive visual identities.

Back To Nature

Back To Nature

Brand Strategy & Identity Strategy: An eco-friendly brand named “Back To Nature” sells composable kitchenware in Dubai. They wanted to position themselves in the market as a plastic alternative tableware item. Hence, we created their brand Identity based on sustainable and ecological ideology and successfully positioned it in the market via our creative visuals.

How to Make Branding Memorable?

Branding reflects the core of a business. Branding creates a persona in which consumers resonate with themselves. Hence, it is Branding that makes your products desirable and memorable. So, to keep your standard in the eyes of a consumer, you need to keep making an effort to your brand identity.

A logo, color scheme, and website are critical, creative components of a successful branding strategy, but they are frequently mistaken for a branding guideline. Branding Guidelines are centered on all the intangible factors that, over time, influence brand image, brand sentiment, and brand recognition.

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GCC has become a potential market for many businesses around the globe. The tough competition has raised the standards, and companies need to put more effort into shining out. Therefore, in such a competitive market, having a solid brand identity is essential if you want to remain in the consumer’s mind.

Vowels, branding agency UAE have been operating in the GCC market for a significant amount of time and are well aware of all the potential strategies that might aid in developing your brand there. Contact us now and have a detailed discussion with one of our experts.


3. FAQs

Q. What are the branding steps for a small business?

Ans. The seven fundamental branding stages for a small business are brand team building, business assessment, audience evaluation, brand placement, creative and communication development, execution, maintenance, and measurement.

Q. What are the three primary objectives of brand strategy?

Ans. The first three objectives of brand strategy ought to be:

  • Enhancing consumer loyalty,
  • Setting the product apart from the competition, etc.
  • Developing leadership in the market.

Q. How should a small company position itself?

Ans. This is the reason for that –

  1. Examine the competition and its target audience.
  2. Decide on your persona and focus.
  3. Decide on a company name.
  4. Compose the catchphrase.
  5. Decide on the brand’s appearance (colors and font).
  6. Create the company’s logo.
  7. Use these guidelines on all platforms.

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