In-house vs Outsource Creative Agency : Which Is Better For You

Last update: January 10, 2023

Every business owner, CEO, and CMO faces the dilemma of choosing whether to work with a creative agency or hire an in-house marketing team. Confusion and indecisiveness are understandable, considering the strategic value or importance of this decision, will make to the brand. It’s essential to carefully evaluate the criteria for selecting a creative agency before making a decision.


The employment of internal and external teams is unquestionably a significant branding commitment. A comprehensive in-house creative team requires a large increase in cash for personnel, office space, and a time-consuming hiring procedure. On the other hand, an external agency may be one of the more affordable items in a marketing budget and a soft target during internal budget negotiations.

Then what should I do?

There is no correct response because each strategy has advantages and disadvantages. Your company’s best course of action will rely mostly on its future business goals.

We’ll take a critical look at in-house and creative agency work in this post to help you decide which suits you.

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1. Advantages Of An Internal Team

 Knowledge Of The Company’s Culture

The main benefit of having an internal branding team is its close association with the company’s mission, beliefs, and culture. It is difficult to replicate their enthusiasm for achieving the company’s objectives in employees who are not constantly involved with the business.

 Greater Brand Understanding

An internal team spends hours planning and strategizing the product’s future and daily lives with it. It follows that having a complex understanding and a strong obligation toward the firm is normal.

 Ownership and creative control

Hiring an in-house marketing team reduces the chance of a conflict of interest because they all have the same aim of efficiently growing and promoting the firm to the best of their ability.

2. Cons of Using an In-House Team

Hiring full-time workers with extensive expertise and skill sets may be costly and time-consuming. You may not be able to discover someone with the necessary marketing talents. Whatever the word “in-house” team seems like, it includes a wide range of jobs such as writing, editing, design, social media, SEO, advertising, and so on. It implies that you’d still be reliant on contractors and freelancers.

 Vision Through a Tunnel

A strong connection to the firm is one of the most valuable advantages of an in-house team, but it may also be a fatal constraint. By definition, in-house marketing teams are hyper-focused on your sector. While this is a good thing, it also means they are not aware of the ideas outside of your company. This narrow focus may prevent them from seeing the big picture, making your marketing strategies rigid and your branding stale.

3. The Advantages of Outsource Creative Agency

 New Point of View

One of the most significant benefits is the breadth of knowledge and skill that results from working with a branding agency. They provide a fresh perspective to your organization and can see problems or possibilities that an in-house team would overlook due to their familiarity with the business. In addition, they assemble a vibrant, skilled, and well-informed team of creatives.

 Offers Wide Range of Skills

A capable internal team is not made up of just one person. When hiring internally, you choose the skill set you are aware of. However, you’ll get access to those abilities through a creative agency. A typical agency will always have designers, writers, editors, web developers, brand managers,

etc., and their work will be more expertly done and well-coordinated than giving a new employee a brief or hiring freelancers.

It is a productive method to spend less time and money on services you might not require all the time.

 Financial Flexibility

The ability to manage your budget with flexibility is another important advantage of partnering with an agency. When circumstances are tough, a company’s fortunes can take a serious hit from an internal creative team, or budget cuts may necessitate harsh decisions to remove the people.

When working with an agency, scaling up or down an engagement is fairly simple. If you plan a major launch, you can set up agency work to support it. Once the event is over, you can lower your investment and use the saved funds elsewhere.

Additionally, you are not responsible for covering the costs of office space, training, hiring, individual salaries, etc.

4. Downsides of a Creative Agency

It Takes Time To Understand Your Brand

Unlike your in-house team, a creative agency may not have a detailed grasp of your brand and target audience, so they need time to learn the trends in your sector.

Though this issue might be remedied by extensive talks and the distribution of brand standards, you must be patient.

5. Work With Vowels

We recommend Startups for hiring an agency because they won’t have to worry about cutting the people and will have a better grip on their finances. However, when a business has achieved stability, try a hybrid approach. Create a strong in-house team and combine it with a capable, creative agency.

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1. Lanx Luxury Watches Identity


We conducted market research and assisted them in identifying their brand’s USP.

2. Kaho Japanese Restaurant


We made growth strategies to develop a value proposition for the brand. With our services, they were able to create a unique market persona to generate more leads.

6. FAQs

Q. What are the drawbacks of having an in-house agency?

Ans. In-house agencies can streamline everything but they may be unfamiliar with specialized tools. It may cause your organization to stay back in the competition. Instead of depending on an internal company department, marketing consultancies typically have great teams of experienced marketers.

Q. Why are agencies better than in-house?

Ans. An agency can swiftly grow to your needs. If you want to expand your paid advertising efforts during busy schedules or strengthen your social media presence, an agency would greatly help.

Q. Why are companies hiring small in-house creative teams and outsourcing entire marketing agencies?

Ans. Findings depicted that cost is enterprises’ most significant concern when opting for an agency or in-house employment. Hence, now the brand hires a team of 1-2 and asks them to handle marketing with an outsourced creative agency.

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