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Last update: September 4, 2023

A professionally designed website holds paramount importance in the Real Estate Industry. It fosters a shiny image of the brand and strategically targets and engages the online audience.


This post will discuss all the important points of having a real estate website and all the important features it should include. In addition, we’ll explain how to create a real estate website without acquiring any coding skills.

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1. The Importance of Web Design for Real Estate Agents

Enables Trust and Reliability

A website aids in building a reliable and trustable image of a real estate agent. You can elevate this trust by including client feedback and evaluations.

Easy Tour Booking and Listing Access for Customers

After developing the Website, it will be simple to display various listings. Additionally, it is simple for potential buyers to request details on each property and schedule a viewing.

Collect and Develop Leads

Websites can nurture leads and build customer relationships by guiding clients about buying, selling or renting properties.

Various Kinds of Real Estate Websites

Now that you know the benefits of developing a real estate website, let’s discuss the following three kinds of real estate websites.

  1. Individual Realtor Website: It is more like a portfolio and is useful if the realtor is a self-employed real estate agent. It enables realtors to demonstrate their qualities and knowledge.
  2. Real Estate Websites for Niches: Ideal for agents who focus on a certain kind of property, such as luxury properties, commercial properties, and homes.
  3. Real Estate Agency Website: Websites for an agency, team or brokerage will allow clients to open and close positions, making deals with the help of different realtors under one platform. Numerous options will be available, along with agent biographies and contact details.

2. How to Choose a Web Design Company for the Real Estate Business

  1. Suitable Skill Set: Always ensure that the chosen agency produces quality interactive features like flat finders, tours of properties, and 3D visual tour-type animation.
  2. Does it Go Above and Beyond?: The initial concepts for the website and the final product will always differ significantly. The development process necessitates extensive editing, brainstorming, and recreating of existing resources to create a quality result. Select a web development company that can swiftly adjust to the needs and is flexible enough to work on new features for the real estate website.
  3. Managing Time: Since many jobs will happen simultaneously, time management is crucial for any agency. Choose a company with experience in creating an organized content plan with doable deliverables to stay on track.
  4. UI/UX Mastery: An expert will keep things simple even attempting to develop complex structures. It can only happen if the designer is an expert in UI/UX experience.

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3. How to Create a Real Estate Website

A website should have a flexible web design, ensuring it appears great and works properly on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.

  • Obtain a domain name.
  • Select a hosting package.
  • Installing a website builder such as WordPress
  • Create and include features on your Website.
  • Add Listings and Deals
  • Add additional material and valuable services.
  • Add pictures and thorough descriptions
  • Schedule site visits and meeting
  • Add Searchable Real Estate Listings
  • Make it simple for customers to sort lists by features.
  • Add Data that your Users will Find Useful
  • Talk about any regulations, landlord rules, pet policies, or facilities to keep the audience updated.
  • Detailed Directions to Each Property
  • Provide a map or address so visitors can reach the
  • The property quickly after scheduling a visit

Sparkle Tower

Website Design and Development: Sparkle Tower Real Estate from UAE wanted a professional website design with motion features. Thus, we added the moving background to create more interaction. The aquatic color scheme gave a professional look. The theme was made with Envato and Larva’s assistants. Lastly, we added engaging video content to deliver the brand’s message.



Website Design and Development: Denmark, a real estate UAE brand, got our design and development services for their Website. We provided them with a Domain name, hosting services, with content management services. Our working procedure is simple, efficient and swift. Our color contrast of blue and white gave a solid look. We also added motion graphics in the background for better attraction.


4. How to Market your Real Estate Website

A website is a marketing tool in itself. However, we can also market it via:

Improve the Listings

The success of the real estate business depends greatly on listings. Hence, when developing real estate listings, include all the information that would attract buyers, such as high-quality property photos, video tours, price ranges, amenities, and other specifics.

Do Online Advertising

Another effective method for producing high-quality real estate leads is advertising. Ads can be purchased once the company has established a strong online presence. Conduct research on the audience before launching a campaign. Moreover, Social media networks also provide amazing ad-targeting options that lead to the Website.

For example, creating an advertisement based on customer reviews or, better adding a few testimonials.

Work With Vowels

Any contemporary real estate business, no matter how big or little, needs a website to survive. With Vowels, you can have a professional website under expert guidelines. Our highly qualified software engineers and designers are working diligently to create the ideal websites for our clients.

5. FAQs

Q. Which platforms are employed for building websites?

Ans. Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress is a well-liked website creation platform. However, an agency can also build it with HTML, JavaScript or CSS.

Q. What do you demand of me before we begin this project?

Ans. We request briefings, images, videos, customer feedback, etc. If our client doesn’t have photos to offer, we can also use stock photos at no additional charge.

Q. Will the website work on mobile devices?

Ans. Yes, Google’s search results alter if you search on a mobile device instead of a desktop. Thus, we ensure that our real estate websites are mobile-friendly. In other words, whether it’s a tablet or a phone, the menu, text, links, scrolling, and other visual designs adjust to the size of the screen.


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